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  1. Looking at the tracklist and comparing it to the boot copy I have, it looks pretty damn complete. Nothing of any significance looks to be missing.
  2. Anyone else not even bother to read the page and just went straight to the order button?
  3. Will everyone please stop punishing LLL's servers! I have an order to make.
  4. No, there's also some stuff from the episode 2 Bad Wolf Bay/crash of the Byzantium location shoot. I don't know if the snow scenes were on location or in studio, but I doubt they were in Spain.
  5. Not a fully official one put on by the BBC or production team, no. All the others were always privately organized and funded.
  6. And more news from the first ever Official Convention that's taking place this weekend. Episode 5, with the Weeping Angels and the Ponds' departure, will take place and be shot (partially) in New York. Oh, and there's this: Non-phonecam version available on Monday.
  7. I've never sat through a whole Twilight movie or cracked open one of the books, but I can't see how you can possibly compare The Hunger Games to it in more than the most superficial ways. Substantively they're nothing alike. (That's not directed solely at you KK, I know there's lots of people doing it)
  8. What, zombie JNT? And how in the world can you possibly say Moffatt has been dumbing the show down, especially compared to JNT's era? Troll comment if I've ever seen one.
  9. The Moff has good taste for the ladies. Other news that came out the other day: - There will be 5 episodes in the fall, the Christmas special, then 8 episodes next year. I'm thinking early in the year and then the start of series 8 and the 50th anniversary celebrations will be perfectly in line for November 2013. - Amy and Rory will be written out in episode 5. The Weeping Angels will be in this episode. - The Daleks will also feature at some point in the fall run. - All episodes will be single and more stand alone, no two parters, but Moffatt has also set there will stlll be a running arc thread going through them. Probably just not as involved as last year's.
  10. Went with some friends to catch a Hunger Games matinee this afternoon. I was curious with all the hype and the very positive reviews, and I have to say I was pretty impressed. It was well cast and performed. Having never read the books I thought the world was laid out very well, and once the action shifts to the Games itself it doesn't hold much back. I'm on board to check out the next one. The only thing that bothered me: way way WAY too much unneeded shakycam, particularly in the first part of the movie.
  11. Steef: 44434 posts. Plus 140. Never forget! Here lies Mark Olivarez, and his CD collection. KM's will have microedits, ie random letters removed, just to annoy him.
  12. Steef's right. It's awfully timey-wimey complicated, but it's not an alternate time line for the Master, but for the Time Lords there are two distinct continuities; pre and post-Time War, or classic series and new series.
  13. The TSA deserves everything it got. Brilliant ep.
  14. I picked up Tintin on Blu today, looking forward to watching it again.
  15. Guess I should keep my boot after all then, at least until we know for sure what's on and what's not. Take Me Out To the Ballgame is no big loss though.
  16. Rose is a full rounded character. Classic Who is littered with mediocre cardboard companions that are just there to scream and ask questions (though there are of course plenty of great companions there too), fortunately we've never had one in the new series yet. Martha was the closest.
  17. Wrong! He thought Tintin was a bad film. Yeah, he was dead wrong on that one.
  18. John Carter got the Neil S. Bulk Seal of Approval, always a good sign. I'll probably go see it sometime next weekend.
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