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  1. That was superb, both technically and dramatically. Hell of a great premise to start a potential game off with right there if they chose to. Hopefully they can take this tech and make a great game out of it. Which Heavy Rain certainly was. Great graphics mean nothing if the game plays like crap.
  2. I'm sure there's some people that they already are... I've never been much of a grail list person, just enjoying releases as they come. Certainly I want the rest of the Star Treks, and they will be coming. Dracula is my #1 Williams, but I sure want more of the big blockbuster scores to come out too. Robin Hood: Prince of Theives is another one I'd love to see.
  3. I'll tell you after I hear the scores.
  4. Knowing the way things usually go I expect mine on Monday. Though earlier would of course be nice. Looking forward to seeing that straight run of II-VI on my CD shelf.
  5. Already been done with the Valeyard. Trial of a Time Lord.
  6. The current crew running Trek is too smart to try to redo Khan, I'm fully confident they won't go there. The Gary Mitchell idea is an interesting one, that's a more obscure (less know by the general public) one and I could see it being fleshed out nicely. Speaking of Khan, I've long said that a really cool opening for the next Trek movie (when I was also hoping that it would be a Klingon movie) would be a Klingon ship in space, maybe a battle with a Federation ship, and a huge piece of space debris gets in the way and gets blasted to pieces. One of the pieces flys by the camera and we see just barely on the charred remains of this small piece of hull: SS Botany Bay.
  7. Best film; Raiders. The first three are all really close. Temple of Doom is possibly the ultimate in "whimsical darkness", and what Last Crusade lacks in originailty it makes up for in pure fun. And Sean Connery. Worst film: KotCS. After seeing Tintin I don't think Spielberg's heart was in it. Best score: The first three are so close that it's almost irrelevant to find reasons to call one better than the others. I voted Temple of Doom, though that can change depending on mood. Worst score: KotCS. After hearing Tintin I KNOW Williams' heart wasn't in it. I'll get the Blus eventually, not right away.
  8. I've said for a while that he was The Guy should Moff decide to bring the character back. But you're right, and the fact that it is predictible actually hurts the credibility of the rumor a bit without hard evidence. But we shall see.
  9. Right now I wouldn't call it any more than dreamy speculation, but the rumor is making the rounds that...
  10. Cumberbatch has a large role in Tinker, Tailor too. But right now he's easily most well known for Sherlock.
  11. Nothing I'm interested in. Already bought Star Trek VI, saving the rest of my money for Hook.
  12. It'd actually be cool if a theoretical complete release still had the SFX collection on the second disc, if there's enough music (alternates) to justify two discs. McCarthy is a master orchestrator. Like Joel McNeely, I'm struck much more by his orchestrations than his melodies.
  13. Yes yes yes. Generations is near the bottom of the barrel of Star Trek film scores, but being near the bottom of a series that has no bad scores is nothing to be ashamed of.
  14. CBS is doing whatever they can to not be sued by Moffat's production company while still going ahead it seems. Sue Vertue (Mrs. Steven Moffat, the producer and head of the company) had made it clear their will be lawsuits if CBS's show drifts too close to Sherlock. Now they can say, "Look! We made Watson a woman!".
  15. The hell people? It's Oscar night and the chatroom is EMPTY? What's the matter with everyone? Not that I'm bothering to watch them but it'd be fun to spend the night talking nonsense like we always do.
  16. Wrapping up Galaga Legions DX. Playing area 9 in time trial mode is INSANE.
  17. I'm thinking 5000-10000, Mark says 3500-5000. So 5000 is probably a good bet. The only bad thing about LaLa is they've never done an unlimited film score release (think their McCreary Galacticas are unlimited but not sure), so they'll be some cap on it. And it will go quickly.
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