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  1. I'd still rather have Dracula. But I am NOT complaining in any shape, manner, or form, I'm looking forward to getting it.
  2. I care! I just haven't been around to say so. I haven't gotten into any of Schafer's post-LucasArts projects, but he and Ron Gilbert doing a classic adventure is a very tantalyzing prospect. And it nicely fills in the gap that's been left by the current slow demise of Telltale. They hit their peak with season 3 of Sam & Max and Tales of Monkey Island, and have been going slowly downhill ever since. Back to the Future was a good fun story and worthy of the franchise in that regard, but lacking as an actual game. Trying to "mainstream" their projects too much methinks.
  3. I laughed my ass off when Moffatt put on Twitter minutes after the series 2 finale aired that series 3 had been commissioned at the same time as series 2, despite all denials to the contrary. Well played sir!
  4. I'm expecting several heart attacks over this. People have been clamoring for this for a long time. Hook used to be one of my favorites but I don't think nearly as much of it as I used to. Still, i'm very happy to see it getting released and will gladly pick a copy up. I was hoping MV would string this one out a bit more.
  5. Or Cumberbatch is the Master and Starfleet needs the Doctor's help to stop him. I've said since series 1 of Sherlock that if Moffatt ever brings the Master back it has to be Cumberbatch.
  6. I always thought Lucas was just going with the easiest thing he could think of to make Anakin a Really Big Deal.
  7. Dunno if the first part or two has been posted before, but part 3 of "What's in Spock's Scanner" has been put up. Glorious and hilarious. All three parts can be found here: http://trekmovie.com/2012/02/10/viral-video-whats-in-spocks-scanner-part-3/
  8. His guest turn on a Doctor Who in the mid-80s is sensational. You can almost see the set walls shaking every time he yells.
  9. "Official" threads are still a relitively new phenomenon, back in "the day" we didn't really bother with them. As I said in his birthday thread I've been going through my whole Goldsmith collection and have been loving it. Discovered new love for some scores I never thought much of before, reaffirmed it for others. Might post some thoughts when I get done.
  10. Wonderful stuff, that Romulan Ale. And thanks to the war alliance it's legal.
  11. Self destruction is such an ugly thing to witness. I hope she's in a better place. RIP
  12. Womp it is then. I suppose that's what I should have said to him when I met him and shook his hand.
  13. Blessed can do subtle. He might have left it behind after I, Claudius though. And even then...."IS THERE ANYONE IN ROME WHO HAS NOT SLEPT WITH MY DAUGHTER?!"
  14. Cool, I'll look those up. One other thing on XIII-2 KM, don't expect to be challenged. XIII was the hardest FF I've ever played, but 2 tones it down a lot. I got fewer game over screens the whole main story than either of the hardest story fights in XIII (2nd Bartandalus fight, when leaving Pulse, and the first stage of Orphan) individually. Didn't do any extraneous leveling or farming either.
  15. PS3. Not many RPG options. Next in line for me will be a bunch of old King's Quest games, 4 through 8, that I picked up on sale at GOG.com. Never liked the Sierra adventures as much as the Lucasarts style ones (too many random deaths around every corner, and they're a bit stuffy and full of themselves, little humor) but it was worth the price to take a chance on them. And I've always like the Zelda-style action/adventure King's Quest 8 and my old CD copy won't run on modern Windows. Next big release is Mass Effect 3, but I need to do some computer upgrades before I can play it. Still need to get a copy of Arkham City too. XIII-2 is loaded with sidequests, but unlike XIII you can do a lot of them as you choose. I just wanted to get through the story first before diving into them. There's multiple alternate "paradox" endings too like the Chrono series.
  16. Finished up the main story on Final Fantasy XIII-2. Overall not quite as good as the first one but still a damn solid game. Much shorter too. Great ending. Bring on Final Fantasy XIII-3, I'll be in line release day again. Now to postgame sidequests....
  17. I see people are still obsessing way too much over when/if Hook will be released. Patience, we'll get it eventually.
  18. Totally delusional. The changes are one thing, it's the insistence to constantly rewrite history to make it look like what he thinks now is what he always thought. But as Woj said at this point it's hardly worth getting worked up over anymore.
  19. A very happy birthday to a true legend. I've actually been listening through my entire Goldsmith collection starting a few weeks ago and have been enjoying it immensely.
  20. If that doesn't qualify Steef for Grand Inquisitor I don't know what does.
  21. I have returned! Let the intervining time be little more than an empty memory.
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