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  1. Even The Williams must take time away to recharge find new inspiration.
  2. I saw that Daniel Radcliffe story as well. It's the definition of a pointless story for the sake of trying to make a story.
  3. Typical. Just like the Time Lords did. No one ever hear of the government that governs best governs least?
  4. Rifftrax Live!: Plan 9 from Outer Space. This past summer I went with some friends to the last Rifftrax Live show, Jack the Giant Killer, and had an absolutely wonderful time. Since then the same group and I bought and watched the Riffs for Santa and the Ice Cream Bunny, and the Christmas Shorts show. All have been fantastic. Looking forward to this!
  5. As still reigning (as far as I know) President of JWFan I feel it only right to recuse myself from any religious office and any endorsements of the same. Unless we're not concerned about church/state seperation.
  6. Or the Playboy Mansion. All that red velvet.
  7. I think Zimmer's trying to compensate for something.
  8. 80 years and, as proved this last year despite fears (even my own) still going strong. A very happy birthday indeed.
  9. That was already there years ago, Alex Kingston gives a superb performance It definitely is I agree, but you understand her point of view much more after series 6. It just allows you to see it with a different perspective, it did for me at least.
  10. MV sure is loving playing with everyone on the Hook thing. I approve. Apes is slightly tempting. Never been a huge Elfman fan but I've been getting more and more into Batman recently.
  11. "DO IT!" Even though it's, y'know, been done already. John- pleasantly surprised that his Photobucket account was still there after a year of neglect
  12. McGann deserves a turn. And he had a whole new costume made for his Doctor by the folks at Big Finish I think. Another random thought: I rewatched all of the new series after series 6 came out on blu, and watching the Silence in the Library story after learning everything about River allows you to see that story in a whole new light, from River's perspective. You can really understand her pain and anguish that the day that she had been dreading for so long, when the Doctor would see her as a complete stranger.
  13. It's the Quest theme Wojo, not a friendship theme. The liners on V did wonders for helping me sort those themes out.
  14. I should also throw in my hope for an ideal 50th anniversary season: rather than throwing them all together in a special, each living former Doctor should get his own full episode. With companion(s).
  15. As I said on FB, I have no love for the Giants, but seeing Brady and Bellicheck lose makes me happy.
  16. I go back and forth between these two all the time on which I like better. They're so close, it's totally mood dependent. No vote from me.
  17. Hm, yes?....Kidney dialasys? My God what is this, the dark ages?...Oh yes, series 6! Suppose I should put a few thoughts on it down now. Warning: there may be ramblings ahead... First off looking over the last couple of pages of this thread I'm really surprised at the negativity. I for one loved the year and thought it would go down well here too. Of course my love of heavily serialized storytelling on TV is well known (Deep Space 9, Farscape, all off Joss Whedon's shows, modern Battlestar Galactica), so I was happy to see my all time favorite show continue to trend in this direction more than ever. The first half of the series was admittedly very up and down. The Impossible Astronaut story was superb, a great way to kick things off. My only quibble about it would be that it was a bit too ambitious from a meta story standpoint, with the Silence creatures secretly controlling humanity. Not only is it an idea that was used multiple times in classic Who, I don't think the long term implications were all that well thought out. But that shouldn't detract from enjoyment. The Curse of the Black Spot was easily the weakest ep of the Moffatt era (between this and the equally dreary Lazarus Experiement, Steve Thompson should be banned from the writer's room). The Ganger 2 parter, while not particularly bad, was not particularly good either. There's no way it should have been two parts too, it was WAYYYYYYYYYYYY too stretched out, like a crappy Pertwee 6 parter. That more than anything else killed it. In between that, there's The Doctor's Wife....bliss. Sheer bliss. A great story, and more than enough classic series continuity porn to make me one happy person. My first thought after watching this: when Moffatt decided it's time to hang up the TARDIS key, it should be passed straight to Neil Gaiman. A Good Man Goes to War was immensely satisfying. The revelation of River being the Ponds' daughter was overhyped, but it that shouldn't detract from the quality of the storytelling. I can imagine Moffatt waiting for years to get that "don't give me those blank looks" line in with the Cybermen and laughing with glee at finding the right spot for it. And it also features the single scariest monster ever created by Steven Moffat. Forget about Weeping Angels or Silent creatures....the universe will never, ever be ready for a lactating Sontaran. After the roller coaster of the first half, I thought the second half was uniformily excellent. Let's Kill Hitler (what a title, by the way. Love it.) did throw me for a bit of a loop on first viewing, I wasn't expecting that much to be revealed so quickly. It settled much better with me on repeat watchings. The Tesselecter crew deserve a spinoff, great bunch. The captain just oozed quiet British, Starfleetish dignity. Night Terrors was the weakest of this run, but still decent. The Girl Who Waited was a great vehicle for Amy and Rory, and really gave those actors the chance to show their chops. The God Complex had me rivited on first viewing, great stuff. And I called before the ep that the creature would be some kind of Nimon reference! Closing Time was harmless fun, a chance for the Doctor to have some fun with a friend before the end. Though it did show once again that coming up with satisfying plot solutions has never been Gareth Roberts' strong suit (he's a comedy guy). And finally, The Wedding of River Song was, for my money, the single most satisfying ep of the Moffat era to date. Pitch perfect. Kind of funny at the start, it feels more like the start of an RTD finale: modern London, contemporary news anchors, Simon Callow as Dickens cameo. It's obvious that Moffat's already prepping for the end of Matt Smith's time, the fields of Trenzelor and the Fall of the Eleventh stuff. And the end. The Question. Hoo boy. I was floored, astounded at the genius and audacity of it all. It's brilliant, so in your face and yet something I would have never, ever thought of. Inspired. This year's Christmas special? Harmless fun. The highlight was the Doctor's tour of the house. Matt Smith's Doctor is such a kid. Great ending with Amy and Rory too, and the "happy crying" payoff. Overall not as good as A Christmas Carol though, that one was a bit deeper. And had Michael Gambon.
  18. Maybe I've been staying away from the board for too long, but I for one can't find anything to complain about with the specialty label CDs I buy. They're all doing a fantastic job giving us all this wonderful music that we all thought we'd never get.
  19. Just see the 2D version if you're afraid of a subpar 3D movie. The Avengers has Whedon's fingerprints all over it. The only thing missing is a Nathan Fillion or Tom Lenk cameo. You're missing my point. I will go see it in 2D unless I'm with my friends that like to see 3D. My concern is that the studio and/or Marvel might be holding Joss back from being Joss. But it's just a feeling, could be totally wrong. Either way I'm more excited about finally getting to see The Cabin in the Woods. Every movie needs more Nathan Fillion. Coolest actor alive.
  20. Is it? I thought it wasn't until March. Or May. One of those that start with M.
  21. Very true. And I think Joss had a pretty big hand with Captain America. The script reeks of him, especially the one liners and the "fondue" bit. Hope Avengers follows suit.
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