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  1. I didn't intend to sound mean, I do feel for the family even though I'm not surprised by the way this turned out. I just think there are much more important things for the news channels to cover as much as they're covering this.
  2. Thanks. My Patriot cue sheet only has the cues that are on the OST, I didn't bother with anything else, and I sure don't have a thermawatchamadoodle DVD extract . Still, I'll put my cue sheet up and we can compare mine and Crusher's if nothing else. I'll have it up by tomorrow afternoon in a new topic. Too late (or is it early?) to dig it out now. John--lurching toward the bed.
  3. I have mainly official soundtracks of his best scores, not all of them. For some, like Hook and Last Crusade, I've been able to find the complete scores on the net. I'd like to get more, but money is scarce... LOL! "Are you the brain specialist?!" Nothing like Monty Python Gumbys!
  4. Hey, I know you're busy getting the new site up and running, but is there any way to access the Harry Potter cue sheet that was on the old site? I got the DVD today and was interested in comparing. Thanks. John--who has a film edit cue sheet for The Patriot OST if anyone is interested...who also knows he's one of three Williams fans who actually liked The Patriot score :tongue2:.
  5. "The only missing person case to draw more media attention than Chandra Levy." John--watching the news and wishing they would talk about something important.
  6. I've only been posting a week or so, but I've been visiting off and on for a couple of years, and I have to say that this is by far the most polite and civil message board I've ever seen, even when there is a massive disagreement. You guys are great!
  7. I hope that when they get together to do Ep. III JW will rescore the big battle in AOTC, I think he almost has to. Hopefully he will also score the scenes that have tracked TPM music that are before the battle, he probably never wrote anything for them.
  8. John Crichton


    Love the score, my favorite non-SW, but the movie was only decent at best. Dustin Hoffman's performance is the best reason to watch.
  9. Star Wars: ANH SE when it came out in 1997. My first non-SW was Superman in May of 2000 (I remeber the date cause it was right after I finshed my freshman year in college). It's been all downhill since .
  10. Tracks 6 and 8 have a horrible background hiss, and 2 has it a little bit.
  11. Yes! I noticed that the first time I saw the movie, and it was on the first Friday it was out so it couldn't have been a bad print. I remeber wondering why all the clones looked like Typho when I knew going into the movie they were going to be Jango. This is a mystery...or some of us are just seeing things. :?
  12. The Podrace did have something to do with the story, it's how Anakin won his freedom. If he hadn't won that race, he'd still be a slave.
  13. **SPOILERS** Ian McDirmand (spelling?) plays both characters AOTC and TPM, and he played the Emperor in ROJ. Palpatine and Sidious ARE the same person. He uses both guises to manouver himself into power. So the Senate is ruled by the Dark Lord of the Sith. All will be revealed in Ep. III. Hope that helped. The one destroyed in TPM was the apprentince, Darth Maul (pretty sure this question was asked sarcastically, but answering it anyway ). I didn't notice Anakin's shadow, but I think that the way his robe is designed whenever you see him from behind it looks a lot like Vader.
  14. Across the Stars. When I first heard it, I thought it was musical perfection. I almost teared up.
  15. NAME: John Lamm LOCATION: San Angelo, TX AGE: 28 SEX: male PROFESSION/EDUCATION: BA Political Science, and currently gainfully employed as a wireless 411 operator. Looking into teaching certification. FAVORITE JOHN WILLIAMS SCORE(S): All Star Wars, Superman, Indy Trilogy, Harry Potters 1 & 3, Hook FAVORITE NON-JOHN WILLIAMS SCORE(S): Many Star Treks (TMP, II, V, Generations, FC, and Nemesis), Independence Day, Willow, Lord of the Rings FotR and RotK, the Final Fantasy video game series FAVORITE FILM(S): The Star Wars Saga, Lord of the Rings, Patton, Python and the Holy Grail (though I'm more of a TV show than movie guy nowadays) FAVORITE DIRECTOR(S): Joss Whedon (writing and directing) SPECIAL INTEREST(S): Politics, baseball, golf, NASCAR, video games, reading (the Harry Potter series, Tolkien, current events/politics). VISITING THIS BOARD SINCE: Early 2000. Joined May 2002, posting regularly since about April 2004.
  16. I don't know, I'm a VERY political person (see my post on the "get to know you" thread) but that sort of thing really doesn't belong here, that's why it's banned. If Ricard or Andreas wanted to create a separate board where we could discuss anything, within reason, then that would be a better spot.
  17. I'll bite... I'm 23, currently living in Nashua, NH, but originally from El Paso, TX. I'm a political science major at Plymouth State College, where I have one year left. There I host a sports talk show on the college radio station, and next year I will be president of another student organization. Over this summer I will be interning with a US Congressional campaign. I also coach the co-ed softball team for the store I work at. JW wise, I was introduced to him through Star Wars, and still consider all the SW movies his best work. I have only been listening to non-SW stuff for about 2 years, so my collection is still pretty small, and my favorite non-SW score is Hook. Last Crusade, Superman, and Harry Potter are also favs of mine. And I LOVE AOTC, I've seen it three times in less than a week (how bad is that)!
  18. I'm a SW sucker, so I would definatley buy it, then burn it onto new CDs without the TPM cues. Sony thinks they put protection on the AOTC CD we have now? I've already burned a film edit of it with the info from Takis' article! John-- thinking he may have just said too much...
  19. Just to clarify, I am on board with the theory that the final battle was left unscored because of the TPM hack job. Lucas couldn't guarantee that it wouldn't happen again, so Williams refused to do any music for it. Maybe that LSO guy was referring to Jango's Escape/Asteroid Field/Coruscant Chase when he was talking about the best action music, they were definatley kick @$$ cues.
  20. Hey, loooong time lurker (like since the TPM:UE days), first time poster. Great job on the new site! I just got a new idea on this whole edits issue. When I was seeing the film again today, I realized that there are really no scenes that are unscored. The Jedi Council scene and the Arena are the only ones I can think of, and the Arena music was tracked out. There are always some scenes that are left unscored, so I really think that most of the scenes where there is tracked music from TPM were originally intended to be unscored, and Lucas decided to go back and put music in late in the game. And, looking at the number crunching done by The Man John Takis, he says that we have a good 120 min. of original music. Maybe Williams, or even the LSO's, contract said that he could only compose a certain amount of music. Just a crazy thought. But I really think that most of the scenes with TPM music tracked in were intended to be unscored, until Lucas changed his mind at the last second.
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