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  1. The board should be programmed that any time Horner is mentioned it says Spent-Up Lazy Bum instead. Very fitting.
  2. Spots and teasers have been OK, not great. I have high hopes just because this is Joss, but I'm worried he's been boxed into making a "studio movie". The 3D conversion hasn't helped those fears.
  3. Well being fair it is easy to order CDs from the UK, you don't have to worry about a region specific player for them. The fact that all of us in the US have already seen Series 2 is a whole other matter.
  4. What's an Annie? I suppose it adds variety to the trophy shelf.
  5. King Solomon's Mine- Goldsmith I really, really need to listen to this more often.
  6. I've absolutely loved this show. Shame we'll probably have to wait until the springish airing on PBS before the Blu release on this side of the pond. I'm on the fence about picking up the CD release.
  7. They did that a couple of years ago I think. Unless it's a new popification mix.
  8. Attending a rehearsal of John Williams conducting the Ft. Worth Smphony on one of his very few visits to Texas. It was actually better than if we had gone to the concert as we were able to listen to him interact with the orchestra to fine tune the performance. Lots of gems from him. And then Mark and I fighting our way down to get an autograph afterward, and laughing afterward that I was the only one able to speak in The Man's presence! The whole story is in an old thread somewhere amongst the clutter.
  9. These aren't so much complaints as wishes: That he scored Superman II, which by necessity would mean that Richard Donner got to complete his vision of the film. Win/win. The Donner Cut is a mere ghost of what could have been but still much, much better than Lester's theatrical. It's the Great Williams Score we never got. That he had gotten to do a Star Trek, preferably with the original cast. But at the same time I wouldn't give any of those scores up. Not even IV, which I've gained a new appreciation for since its complete release. That he had taken on more "outside the box" projects like Images in the middle or latter part of his career.
  10. So this is what I missed while I was away. Right.....
  11. Hitch's alter ego has been on Facebook. No clue about Joe.
  12. If you're looking from Final Fantasy you should check out the Love Theme from Final Fantasy IV. There's some great live orchestral concert presentations of it out there. How can this thread go so long without anyone mentioning the Love Theme from Superman? Shame on you people.
  13. I need to give a VERY belated thank you to our good buddy Blume here. A looooooooooooooooooooooooong time ago I asked for some headphone advice, and he gave some very good suggestions. One was the Sony MDR-V6, and about a year ago I grabbed them while they were on sale at Amazon. I've been thrilled with them ever since, a very good pair of cans indeed.
  14. Ha, kinda. I've stayed on top of the official releases just fine (partially thanks to Mark, who's doing just fine by the way in case anyone was wondering), but haven't been in the loop on the more..."underground" stuff. I did grab a complete Zelda: Skyward Sword game rip a couple of weeks ago.
  15. I can't think of anything good new so the Doctor is always a good safe fallback.
  16. Going in with almost zero knowledge of Tintin, I mostly enjoyed the movie. It drug in a few parts but overall was fun. The action scenes were absolute absurdist nonsense, but being an animated film they could get away with it. Andy Serkis steals the show as Haddock. The motion capture was work was very impressive too. Really blurred the line between animation and live action. And I have to point out one thing I was really impressed with: the transitions. Again taking advantage of it being an animated film, Spielberg cooks up some amazingly unique visuals to move things along from scene to scene. It got to the point that I was anticipating the ends of scenes just to see what transition he had up next.
  17. Tintin by a mile. It has something Indy 4 is sorely lacking in: life. Zest. Zeal. I thought, was afraid, that Indy 4 sounded old and tired due to Williams feeling that way. Now I'm thinking it's just because Indy is.
  18. Film: 4. Score: 4.5. My favorite of the year on both counts.
  19. Is there still stuff coming out? Man, I haven't touched any of my prequel edits since about 2007.
  20. I have trip #2 to Walt Disney World tentitively scheduled for January '13, depending on Mayan doom prediction accuracy of course. I don't know if I had posted here of my trip to Universal Orlando and their Harry Potter section in January '11. The Potter world was very, very impressive. Got plenty of pics on my Facebook.
  21. I got a Samsung Galaxy Ace this past summer and have been very happy with it. I agree with some previous comments about memory issues though, both RAM and the internal hard drive. Neither seem adequate. I've had to pick and choose on a lot of apps that don't have support to be moved to the SD card, and even then their cached data will take up phone storage.
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