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  1. Haha
    John Crichton got a reaction from Kasey Kockroach in Will John Williams be remembered mainstream in 2100?   
    Yes. Our children and children's children will be posting, discussing Williams, and bitching about Star Wars on JWFan v.58.4.
  2. Like
    John Crichton got a reaction from bollemanneke in La-La Land announces Home Alone (Complete)   
    Does anyone need a suicide prevention hotline to deal with the lack of Hook?
  3. Like
    John Crichton got a reaction from SafeUnderHill in Your Top 5 movies you wish JW had scored!   
    That turned out just fine, thanks.
    Superman II
    Superman Returns
    Harry Potter GoF and on
    Lost in Space would have been cool
    And I've always said that I'd love to have heard a Williams Star Trek score, but I wouldn't give up any that we have for it.
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