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  1. Right; I saw that, indeed. Rather than "not [...] a single line", I should have said "not [...] a single topic wholly devoted to the Festival".
  2. Thanks, Thor! I had not seen those new bits of information; seeing all I'll be missing is a torture.
  3. Hello, Thor! Not just Sleepy Hollow, but anything fantastic/horror/SF, it seems: http://sleepyhollowfilmfest.com/ Co-creator & sponsor La-La Land has been advertising it in their e-mails since last July (just a few days before I was rushed to the emergency ward, hospitalized for the rest of the week, and was told I couldn't take the plane for months; that's when and where I actually read the e-mail). I'm surprised I have not found a single line about it on the various message boards (here, Intrada, Film Score Monthly).
  4. Hello! I have not been able to come here regularly in a long while, not even to lurk much, which I miss. Is anyone attending the Sleepy Hollow International Film Festival? I cannot, one major reason being that, due to a severe health trouble this summer, I cannot take the plane for months. The site doesn't feature a store section; in case some items are sold on site (T-shirts, for instance), I'd love to get something; "The Legend of Sleepy Hollow" has played an important part in my professional life; there might also be "Phantom of the Paradise" items. Not only would I pay f
  5. SPOILERS AHEAD of course; (I believe it has already been agreed here such warnings were only necessary for anything beyond the latest episode-- in the books or "next episode" bits, but just in case...) In the end, while the title implied a significant part of the episode would focus on "The Red Woman", her scenes were only brief bookends to the episode, with a surprise at the end (a ghastly one too, especially the way the scene was going). They teased the possibility of Jon's resurrection by The Red Woman. Arya must now become Dare-she-devil.
  6. Hello everyone! The July 14 fireworks concluded with the last minutes from Williams' E.T.; here is a video from the broadcast: http://dl.free.fr/vC71sVQ1Y
  7. Wrong. She actually did the nude scene herself. It caused a bit of a stir when they were filming, because they were doing it on sacred grounds and they had to pay a handsome sum to keep it all secret. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-2782295/Game-Thrones-bosses-burn-200-000-trying-Lena-Headey-s-naked-body-wraps.html And I found the scene satisfyingly effective. It's a huge moment in the book, and any less screentime just would not have done it justice. GoT usually aces big setpieces like this and this is no exception. I could have done without the scheming revenge moment with the
  8. Before catching up on your posts... I was quite dumbfounded, slack-jawed and speechless (but no one to spak to, anyway) for a few moments after the last 2 minutes of the season finale. Wow. What an end to the season and to a good guy! Stunning. Gee. I very much doubt it. You too? I still don't think so, though resurrecting someone could be a surprise now we're used to losing nice people for good. However, I think her vision of Bolton burning was correct, but it was not supposed to happen right then and she made the mistake of believing it was a vision of the near future rather than of, say,
  9. The sacrifice was horrible, as expected. What will Davos do, indeed? I didn't expect that attack in the arena, and this provided Jorah with an opportunity for redemption in Daenerys' eyes; I hope she'll return quickly with the other dragons to save Tyrion and company. I'm glad we're glad of that noblemant she had decided to marry for political reasons. Dorne: what's with the viper sister? It felt like there was something missing. In one scene she was the arrogant bitch she is, she defied her brother-king, turned her back on him when he warned her, then she was almost in tears, kneeling before
  10. I have heard bits of it and liked what I heard a lot. I was rather disappointed with Jupiter Ascending, however, because of the lack of a strong theme and good mélodies or motifs throughout; nothing engaging.
  11. Thanks for all the explanations! Remember that Stannis' daughter had the same disease he has, and she survived. It is? I didn't remember that-- nor how come it is limited to her face, even though Stanis discussed it with her a couple of épisodes ago. Also, the exiles that contaminated him do seem to live long enough to have their own society. Still, it sucks. Poor Jorah. So few episodes have been shown over such a long period of time, watching it all in a short time certainly is a different experience; that's what I did last year, catching up on the first three seasons before watching season
  12. If you want to see more: http://www.jwfan.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=19762&page=115#entry1031746 He's not dead yet. Thanks for the link; splendid stuff. As for Jorah, there does not seem to be much hope for him; does he intend to die fighting in front of his beloved Khaleesi? He can't convince her of giving him a second chance by fighting gladiators. One more thing I forgot in my previous messages, which the review linked to mentions: the zombie kids were creepy-- and that's what helped them kill the hot new female warrior.
  13. Great drawing; thanks! Two things I forgot: firstly, I was also afraid Jon wouldn't make it-- especially after Sam told Gilly he always returns;-- secondly, it sucks that Jorah got infected with that terrible disease, and a terrible way to kill off a great character. And a question: since several directors work at the same time in various locations around the world, who is the one director listed in the opening credits? Do they pick the one with the most footage in the episode? Is there for each episode a supervising director that oversees the production and editing? As for the score for the b
  14. (I'll read your comments after writing this) What a fantastic episode! Especially the second part-- the battle! Several great scenes; I loved the one with Tyron & Daenerys. I Wonder what poor Jorah intends to accomplish, fighting again in the pits. The battle was great, though some times you could not quite see what was going on. Splendid design & effects on many of the creatures. Finally we seem more than a skirmish, and the threat increases. At the end, I thought the leader was going to froze the water in order to pursue the boats, or that they would all just walk in and under the wa
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