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    Olivier reacted to #SnowyVernalSpringsEternal in GAME OF THRONES   
    You misread me. I said it DIDN'T come out of no where.
    He has been betrayed by so many people he (sorta) trusted this season, even his own family.
    I read that the motivations in the book are different, but dragging that up would not have seem very relevant.
    The Brienne versus Hound fight is frightening, because it's a fight between two characters you do have a vested interest in, and it's clear one of them will die. Far more emotional resonance then Oberyn vs The Mountain. This fight was also a lot more savage.
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    Olivier reacted to Jay in GAME OF THRONES   
    Oh yea, I too wondered during the episode if Sansa and Petry had concocted that plan together in between the push and the trial. However, as the scene went on, it was clear Petyr had no idea what Sansa was gonna do.... at least I think. I suppose you could interpret his facial expressions in different ways. I said out loud "hide your smirk dude!" At the end of the scene when Sansa was being hugged by the female council chick.
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    Olivier reacted to Jay in GAME OF THRONES   
    I am planning on reading the graphic novel adaptation of the first book when all 24 issues are out (only the first 19 are out currently)
    As for that teaser poster you mentioned, where did you see that? Doesn't sound familiar to me.
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    What's Fox Mulder doing in there?

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    Olivier reacted to Pieter Boelen in Music Inspired by The Life and Times of Scrooge   
    I have listened to this a bit over the past few days. It is certainly a varied album, with several culturally specific elements.
    Also a fair few enjoyable melodies. Some songs as well. It is probably more "pop-inspired" than actual orchestral soundtracks.
    But for the most part not in a Hans Zimmer way, except for the "Duel" music. But even that is quite a fun listen.
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    Olivier reacted to Incanus in Music Inspired by The Life and Times of Scrooge   
    Even though Tuomas Holopainen is a fellow Finn I can't say I am much excited after listening to the samples at Amazon.fr. As far as soundtracks go this sounds rather amateurish (especially the orchestral parts) but then again I am not a huge fan of Nightwish's music either and this has plenty of similarities to Holopainen's previous work with his band. But I guess one should not judge it as a soundtrack per se but rather a concept album inspired by the graphic novel. Don Rosa's work is truly exceptional in the genre of Donald Duck comics (more Scrooge McDuck) and no wonder it has inspired people throughout the world, Holopainen included.
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    Olivier got a reaction from Pieter Boelen in Music Inspired by The Life and Times of Scrooge   
    A friend told me about it some weeks ago (yes, I forgot to tell you; sorry) , and the album is coming out this week:
    Song video:
    It sounds nice (especially what can be heard midway of the trailer).
    There's a deluxe edition (the on I'll get) featuring an instrumental-only version.
    According to this page, there seems to also be a Deluxe Edition with Poster package-- oh wait: it's no longer available
    amazon.co.uk ASIN: B00I38JJ26 (Deluxe)
    amazon.fr ASIN B00I38JJ26 (Deluxe)
    amazon.com ASIN: B00I38JJ2Q (1CD version)
    Label's site: NuclearBlast
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