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  1. He still has it!!! More to follow later, but I just wanted to answer the one question that always get asked lately. J Dubbs was youthful and vigorous and had a really good time tonight. He and Yo Yo Ma were on point. There was no intermission so he conducted non stop for about 90 minutes. The program was awesome as per usual. And on that note I am going to bed. Early flight tomorrow...
  2. Maybe, just maybe, Song for World Peace will be the expanded version performed with the Chicago Symphony. Holding breath now! Turning blue...
  3. I didn't get the impression that there was much new material, more so that it was just a one-stop shop for the catalog along with a nice coffee table book.
  4. Yes, but that's only $8.77 per disc. What a bargain... I can't see how anybody other than the most die-hard Yo-Yo Ma fans would be interested in legitimately buying the set. The die-hard JWFanners here are interested, of course, in obtaining the Williams collaborations in the set, and power to those with the ~$800 to burn. Good Point. I think 90 of us should get together and chip in $8.77 to purchase the set and we can all own 1 disc. I know which one I want =)
  5. I just saw the 15 minutes that James Cameron "handpicked" The 3D was awesome and that is all I have to say about Avatar. I hope the film succeeds in so much that we can get more 3D features in the future for the cinema and home. Now "Inglourious Basterds" WOW!
  6. P.S. and by the way... Its currently $789.00 USD! as pre-ordered from Amazon.com I think I just threw up in my mouth a little bit.
  7. Let's not forget the great script by David Mamet.
  8. Is it worth the $50+ USD price on Amazon and Ebay? I love the main theme. On a side note, I held off purchasing The Accidental Tourist and was able to grab the re-release. Do you think we will ever see such a thing with 'The Edge' ? Your thoughts...
  9. I just remembered. Sitting at my table was a man who came from Paris (I believe). My wife and I were in the just to the left of JW right up against the stage. Are you a member of this board?
  10. Should the Concert Works section of the site be amended to state that "2009 - Air and Simple Gifts" is available as an itunes single? Or is it considered unreleased until pressed to CD?
  11. It starts out as ET and Me from the film or "Toys" from 0:27-2:38 as heard on the OST from what I remember. (the girl sitting next to me drops her camera on the floor and its bothersome) Harp does its bit then the violins come in with the "ET and ME theme" expanded and more elegant. Then its passes to the violas and celli while the harp accompanies. The harp is featured again with clarinet accompaniment. Flute takes the theme over with harp accompaniment. Soft ending. Now its been awhile since I have seen the film so I am not sure how much is new from that seen. Oh and John Williams seemed to have much more energy tonight than yesterday. He and Stanley Donen were a trip without a suitcase too!!
  12. I can understand that sentiment... and that's fine too But why do we have "Spoiler Alerts" for movie threads? Or is it alright to say that Vader is Lukes father?
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