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  1. I love Blue Shades! I played the bass drum (exciting, I know...) on that piece my freshman year. Besides playing percussion in my college's Symphonic Band, I played in the pit for Man of La Mancha. That was a fun show!
  2. Ooh, concert band music! We're playing Armenian Dances in this semester's concert. I'm on the xylophone for most of it. The 5/8 part is weird and sadly, some of our players just don't feel it. The rest of the piece reminds me of circus music! I love Eric Whitacre's Ghost Train. I can't imagine writing a piece like that, or performing it. He does some amazing things with the concert band. And I would love to do Hanson's Chorale and Alleluia. I should mention that to our director....
  3. Wow, that was great! I love these transitions between themes! It'd be cool to see this performed.
  4. This is one of my favorite John Williams tracks. SS was the first soundtrack I ever owned, and it's what introduced me to John Williams. I was blown away by the orchestration in this piece, and I'm still blown away today. The harp and glockenspiel add a lot to the section around 2:55-3:00. I also love the rumbling low brass and how it sounds like they're rattling the snares in 3:44. I too hope this is the music chosen at Islands of Adventure. You'll be able to walk from Jurassic Park to Hogsmeade and hear continuous Williams!
  5. I love these kinds of threads! I've never noticed these "tone rows" before.
  6. The Scherzo is my favorite cue. I remember somehow finding a piano reduction of it back in high school and was completely blown away!
  7. I had only just discovered that site when it was shut down.
  8. Sounds like a great concert! I don't think I'm familiar with the Celebration Fanfare. Is it on a CD?
  9. Wow, there's so many cool things going on in this thread! Right now, I'm busy preparing for my Junior Composition Recital. It's a 30 minute recital. The program will be: Psalm 117 for SATB choir and organ - a short anthem for a very short Psalm. Rhapsody for Alto Saxophone and Piano - a piece from my freshman year that's kind of Catch Me If You Can inspired. String Quintet (movements I. and II.) - this piece was butchered by lousy performers last year, so this is a second chance. Rondo for Flute and Piano - what better way to fill up the required 30 minute time slot than to recycle the A theme three times?
  10. Wow, that's great! I like the juxtaposition at the beginning!
  11. I had no idea a youth orchestra could sound like that! Does anyone know the specific age range for SBYO?
  12. I created an iTunes playlist for all my Christmas music. I have the Bach and Rutter Magnificats, Handel's Messiah, Winter from Vivaldi's Four Seasons, and Hodie by Vaughan-Williams. Add to that The Polar Express and a little bit of Narnia, along with Christmas at Hogwarts. A Charlie Brown Christmas is on the list too. Christmas just doesn't feel right without that CD. I also have a recording of that horrible guy butchering O Holy Night lol. I need to get Home Alone 1 and 2. It's on my Christmas wishlist this year, which means I won't get to enjoy it until the 25th.
  13. I really wish this were on the CD! I love the how the flute accompanies their descent on Buckbeak. Oh well.
  14. Thanks for posting that tuba concerto! I hadn't heard it until now. Has this piece been released on CD?
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