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  1. SPOILER**** Maybe!?! Did anybody else notice the "Electronic Ticking" sound in the trailer at the 1:26 mark, and "Roswell New Mexico 1947" printed on the side of a metal box; by the way the glasses is atracted to ti I'd Say a magnetic effect is to blame. ... Roswell??... the US Army?? Could Indy be going after an Alien?? I mean by the "aztec warriors" I might think that the crystal skull is the remains of an alien that contacted the aztecs a century or two ago. This is only my imagination. I haven't read anything yet. Just my opinion.... Just think about it.
  2. O.K. - I'm on the west coast feed. Sooo, how far into the show does the performance start, or at what time? It starts at 9, so 9:27??
  3. Well, the San Diego concert was "sold out" as well, but I was able to pick up one more tiket that I needed an hour before the show in the "stand by" line. And in LA I've also picked up last minute tikets for JW concerts. It's not a shure thing, but I've had great luck.
  4. Indeed w wonderful evening. This was my 10th live concert of the Maestro, and by far the closest to home (literally, a 30 minute drive). And it was great to see JW lively as ever!! Did anybody attend the pre-show dinner?? It was mentioned that birthday cake was to be served, with JW in attendance!!! Imagine: to dine with the maestro... if only I had $500 (cost of the dinner ticket) just lying around to spend on dinner. I hope it does not take another 20 years for JW to return to SD. BTW: Did anybody attend the previous night for the amazing "Five sacred trees" concert?
  5. The May 13th performance of Swing, Swing, Swing, KIKED @$$. One of the highlites of all the JW concerts Ive ever seen. And "Theme fron Sugarland Express on a Flute, My GOD. Wonderfull!!!
  6. In the US you can find that version only at the Wal*mart. Some sort of exclusive. Just like the Walk the line DVD / CD combo pack.
  7. I didn't like Del Toro at all in Traffic. I think for those who don't speak Spanish it might look like a good performance, but for those who speak Spanish it sounded more like a drunken mexican than anything. Oh com on, that’s a insult to all us drunken Mexicans everywhere. Del Toro’s Spanish in Traffic was HORRIBLE! The acting was O.K. … but my GOD. Don’t they have dialect coaches in Hollywood?? I live in Tijuana (place where Del Toro’s character workes) and nobody talks that way!! NOBODY!! His accent is pure Spaniard. I saw the movie in a theater here, and as you know, the subject matter of the film is dramatic, but as soon as the first words came out of Del Toro’s mouth, the whole theater audience (my self included) started to laugh. His English is much better, just listen to him in Snatch. So if anything he sounded more like a drunken Spaniard
  8. This one grabbed me the moment I saw it on Hollywood Blvd. I had to buy it!
  9. My condolences. I dont like doing this, but it is my way to pay tribute to any composer, singer, songwiter that passes: I will now start playing every Jerry Goldsmith album that I own. "The Sand Storm" - The Mummy
  10. I'm not sure, but I think I've just been insulted. Neil Well these ?autograph hounds? were professionals, as my bas told me afterwards, this is there job, to go around to premiers and social events where celebrities gather and go after as many signatures possible. I mean these guys were organized!! They worked in 3?s: one was a ?Look out? who watched the door for anyone to emerge, as soon as someone did, he shouted out a name and number to a second person who had a ?file cabinet like? brief case full of a pictures, this person would pull out a picture and hand it to the third person: the one who was at the front of the crowed with the best chance to get the first autograph, pen in hand. On this occasion when we firs stumbled on to the crowed, I politely went up to them and ask ?what was going on??. And a total of 6 of them totally ignored me. The seventh person said simply as he organizes his portfolio ?Some people are having dinner?. I had to figure out who was there by observing the posters & photos in their hand and by the fact that earlier that day was the movie premier. I added 2 and 2 together, and figured it out on my own. And I could spot the real fans that were there (of the 15 or 20 of us there I?d say about 4 were real fans) by their enthusiasm and by their pure enjoyment of the event. To illustrate how organized these guys are, Steven Van Zandt from Springsteen's E Street Band was also at the premier of PoA, and was invited to the after party, they had a plastic face from an electric guitar for him to sign. And after they got the signature they were salivating about how much they were going to get on E-Bay. Of course if I would have had a poster of PoA and a pen I would of asked for an autograph from the cast (and boy did I have a chance :cry: ) but I would have cherished it, and it would hang on the wall above my bed till the end of my days. As I mentioned in the first post, Alan Rickman was very funny and a good sport, because as he made his rounds through the ?hounds? he exclaimed in his calm and perfect British accent: ?Oh, let?s see, this one [his autograph] is dedicated to E-Bay? and this one is for Yahoo, ? who is this one for?? Ah yes, Google?? Of course everyone laughed because they knew it was true. So if you collect autographs just for your own collection and to show off to your friends don?t take my ?least favorite human beings? to heart, but if your like the guys I just described?. Well it?s your job, and you are ONE of my least favorite human beings.
  11. Hey, it could have been worst: I could have also gone to Boston and met John Williams; I mean it's wasn?t that far.
  12. Yes, he is, and you can tell that he is enjoying every moment of his new found international notoriety . This in not an actual photo of the event, but it will have to do, until I get the real ones?.
  13. On the eve of the release of HP:PoA in theaters, I wanted to share my brush recently with the Harry Potter World. As you know this past month, in New York City, was the world premier of PoA. It so happens I was in the city that day, and knew about the big brouhaha that was going to take place at Radio City Music Hall in beautiful Rockefeller Center (my favorite place in all NYC). But since I was not there alone (I was there with my boss on business) we went Sunday site seeing, in particular, the top of the Empire State Building. 3pm came and gone, and before I knew it, it was nightfall. I convinced my boss to walk back to RCMH to see if anything was left of the grand event. Sadly all that remained was the guardrails set up to separate the public from where the red carpet had been. With no place in particular to go I suggested that we stroll towards the Queensboro Bridge (the one that Spiderman has the final confrontation with the Green Goblin in the movie) and take some night pictures of the bridge. As we walked east on 59th St. we past Guastavino's, a real nice restaurant located underneath the bridge, we came upon a very small crowd outside the entrance; and a bunch of limousines and Lincoln Navigators parked in the street. Turns out that the cast and crew were having a quiet after premier dinner/gathering. And we had stumbled on to the event. About 15 people (most of whom were my least favorite human beings: autograph hounds, but I?ll get in to that in a different thread) were awaiting the exit of the stars, so I joined in. Within 5 minutes out came Alfonzo Cuaron (Director). As he made the rounds giving his autograph I decided to make my move; I signaled my boss to take pictures (for proof) and proceeded to exclaim ?Mexican national pride? comments in Spanish, hoping to catch Mr. Cuaron?s attention (a fellow Mexican national). And thankfully he responded enthusiastically. Dressed in a black tuxedo, an unbuttoned white shirt and a pair of black Puma tennis shoes (my mom would call his look an ?Unmade bed?) he came closer and shook my hand. The only thing I could think of to ask was: ??¿y qué tal trabajar con el Maestro John Williams?? (How was it to work with Master JW?) To which he responded with a ?thumbs up?: ?¡A TODA MADRE!? (it?s hard to translate to an exact phrase, but roughly means: ?It was awesome?) As he walked away, I shouted ? ¿Y por qué no trabajó con Patric Doyle?? (And why didn?t you work with PD?) A dumb question, I know, but hey, I wasn?t prepared to interview the guy. He obviously was impressed with a different line of questions from a fan, turned around and answered: ?Pues lo que pasa es que JW era parte del paquete de lo que es el mundo previamente establecido de Harry Potter. Pero fue una experiencia a toda madre? (Well, the thing is that JW is part of the full, previously packaged, world of HP. But it was an awesome experience [to work with him].) After that he turned to the crowd and said that he had to go home early because his baby daughter was tired and had to go to bed. And so he left in his limo. About 15 minutes later one by one the cast began to leave, and drop by to autograph the memorabilia that would soon find its way to E-Bay. The list included Daniel Radcliffe (very friendly), Emma Watson (the only one who didn?t stop to autograph), Robbie Coltrane (limping, and walking on a cane), Alan Rickman (very funny and a good sport), Bonnie Wright (a little tired), and Rupert Grint (nice enough to pose for pictures with the ?fans? [i got one with him!]) I haven?t had time to process the photos, but I hope to have at least on up by next week. I just wanted to share the comment by Cuaron.
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