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  1. While I definitely enjoy Creepshow a hell of a lot more, C2 is very enjoyable. I wish there were more than 3 stories and I didn't quite care for the animated sections. Wish those were live action. That always bothered me. The Raft is exceptional. My favorite though has always been The Hitchhiker. I am hesitantly looking forward to Nicotero's TV reboot, but am not hopeful. Creepshow 3 is pure garbage.
  2. I've been going back to Good Old Games and re-playing the old point and click adventure games of my youth (Space Quest, Kings Quest, Leisure Suit Larry, Police Quest, Hero's Quest, Gabriel Knight...etc....) all the old Sierra games. Was playing Spiderman, but lost interest. Played RDR2, never had any interest, it was a splurge purchase with the hopes that I would love it. I don't. Haven't played more than an hour. Want to try Kingdom Hearts 3 This Monster Boy game seems interesting. I miss Hearts of Darkness. That was a fun game.
  3. Don't forget Veronica Cartwright. Besides when she couldn't control herself from vomiting cherry pits, this was my favorite role of hers.
  4. Apparently, even my old ass eyes are starting to not function properly.
  5. Johnnyecks


    Absolutely. The tones are nice and rich. Not tinny or muted.
  6. Smartphones? Don't see it on there.
  7. FINALLY finished Haunting of Hill House SPOILERS I was sold right from the moment it started. I thought it did a great job with the flashbacks, and the scares were great. Mike Flanigan is quickly going up the ladder of one of my favorite horror directors. He gets the scares just right. I have actually watch the series twice, the first time I didn't pay much attention to what was going on in the dead space of the foreground/background besides the actors and and the action taking place but it is his brilliance to put some of the ghosts in absolute plain site, but purposefully difficult to see. This was the first one I saw and it made my blood run cold.... And how this show got the mood just right. For a horror show, it hit the emotional buttons of mine. I found my self openly weeping at moments in it. Especially the episode "The Break Neck Lady". And I can't put enough praise on the episode "Two Storms" that pulled a "Lumet" and including very very little cuts, long takes. Love those. Also been going back and re-watching: I just love this series so much. So deliciously dark and twisted! I am in the small group of people that loved Bandersnatch. Although I didn't really care for it at first, when it got to the meta moment of you letting Stefan know that you were watching from Netflix and that he was not in control... was brilliant in my opinon. I adore Black Mirror so much. Although not every episode is great. My standouts are The Entire History of You Be Right Back White Bear White Christmas (prob my fav one) Nosedive San Junipero USS Callister (what a sociopath he was) Hang the DJ (a beauitful episode) and Black Museum However what I have been watching/binging a lot lately of Inside No. 9 This is another anthology TV show much like Black Mirror, Twilight Zone, etc.... The gimmick is that each episode takes place in the confines of 'something' that includes the number 9 in it. So, an address 9 blahblah St, Apt 9, Train car #9, etc.... Each episode stars the same two people (shown above) in different roles. They touch on every genre. Some episodes are really funny, some are incredibly sad, some are super spooky, and some are scary. Every episode comes with two twists. One that can kinda be guessed, but then there is one that comes out of nowhere. While not every episode is golden, there are some that are so wonderfully done that I have seen them several times. Stand out episodes with this are: Sardines A Quiet Night In Tom and Gerri La Couchette 12 Days of Christine Cold Comfort Devil of Christmas The Bill Riddle of the Sphinx Diddle DIddle Dumpling Tempting Fate To Have and to Hold and the ABSOLUTE INGENIUS Halloween special which had the UK up in arms and the twitterverse exploding. Dead Line All are avail on Netflix, except in the US where Inside No. 9 is not avail (It is avail on Amazon Prime with a Britbox Subscription) or those who use Netflix on the computer and have a VPN, it is avail if you are in a UK server.
  8. Johnnyecks


    So these are the ones I went for: A bit on the pricey side, but I was living rent-free for awhile so I was able to afford these. The bass response is awesome, the simulated surround could be better but it suits my needs nicely. When gaming, the microphone is clear, not boomy. My only issue was with the wired set and the mixer. The connection was awful and the wire kept slipping out. I returned those and went with the wireless ones. It fits all my needs that I needed it to. However, if you are going to use it for gaming on a console, you have to choose which one you will use because the mix for the Xbox pair will not work with PS4 and vice versa. You can, however, buy a separate base for the other console to fix that problem ($100). The base plugs into an optical out (I have one in the computer and one in the TV). When I want to use them for the PC, I plug it into that. If I want to use it for movies or TV, I plug it into the TV. The surround works wonders and the bass response is nice enough. The charge lasts quite long, I have gone all day watching movies for 10+ hours and only towards the end of that needed to charge them. At that moment, you can just plug in a micro-usb wire into the headset and the nother end into a USB outlet and they will charge while being used.
  9. Oh I would LOVE that! When you can actually be free from distractions and constantly updating app notifications and immediate response required text messages... you can go on a drive without hearing a multitude of pings and rings or even, gasp, drive in silence. When I was younger I badly wanted to have a cell phone, also badly wanted to grow up and learn to drive. The fear and panic that gets instilled in one's self if they leave their house without their phone. How will they get to their destination without GPS? What if there is traffic or an accident? How will they go on with their day if they don't get an alert saying that their calendar event is about to start in 30 mins? How did we live without them? Easily. We just DID. They are a convenient inconvenience.
  10. Saw several movies over the weekend. Die Tur (The Door) Terrible poster, but a ridiculously fun movie. Interesting twist on a time-bending formula. Noises Off The theater company I am working with is putting this show on, opens Friday, and watching tech and rehearsals made me want to go back and watch this comical farce. What a cast! Caine, Burnett, Hagerty, Henner, Ritter, Reeve!!! Produced by Kathleen Kennedy and Frank Marshall! This play-within-a-play is a riot. The play is better, and this drags on a bit and looses some steam in the third act, but a really funny funny movie Deathtrap Because one story about a playwriter that stars Christopher Reeve and Michael Caine isn't enough, there's another! Brilliantly casted, and wonderfully scripted twisting thriller directed by Lumet. The cinematography in this is masterful, as is with most of Lumet's films. Long sweeping takes with very, very, little cuts. I love this deviously wicked movie.
  11. Holy hell! 20 years! Time really does fly. I joined, as far as my hazy memory serves me, back in 1999 after seeing the new trailer to Phantom Menace. Before here, I was mostly active on FSM and random ICQ chat groups. I remember way back then trading a certain Danny Elfman promo, that took HOURS to send so it was sent track by track by track. Oh how innocent those days were. And how different life is now both in the music world, internet, and my own personal life. Sometimes I long to go back to those simpler, easier times.
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