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  1. And I guess the answer is Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back (edit to add ESB) I know it's a lame one compared to the previous ones but I should be studying!!!
  2. Disney's all sugar concept was good for the time it was invented, and for almost 3 decades years it worked ok. It was very simple, but incredibly succesful at the same time: use an old tale, change so it's not too scary (Grimm's specially) and add a few nice songs. When Disney died it took the studio 20 years to get back to making classics (they abandonded the old formula, and the original stories formula didn't work). They rethought the idea in the late 80's, and what they come up with was good enough for me, and I consider them to be classics , maybe in a different way that the old ones. I'm
  3. I could consider Beauty and the Beast to be the best animated film ever. Perfect? Hard to say, since nothing is perfect.
  4. Yup, I agree with those last opinions. The fact that Ottman reused Williams themes just means he's not insane. Superman is too much an icon to change it. Doyle, as Peio appointed, is a serious composer. He just tried to make his own Potter.
  5. I always thought Burton was never interested in the Batman character. If the first Batman could have perfectly been titled Joker, naming the second one Batman Returns was just a lie. He almost didn't return, and he wasn't that much in the first place! I love both the movie and the score.
  6. So Williams writes Geisha nd Munich and doesn't get nominated as composer... and Geisha didn't even get nominated? Come on!
  7. Bah, only Spanish famous people. And not really as famous as Ender's ones. The only kind of big is my suspicion of being near Salma Hayek in a movie theater here in Madrid. Having a very expensive car expecting her at the theater's gates so that she could rush out and learning later in the day that she was in Madrid only makes the suspicion bigger, but nothing else.
  8. The fallen angel statue in the Retiro Park (Madrid)
  9. My answer is no to most of the questions
  10. Where did you get them, local store in Zaragoza or some green triangle department store 8O ? I'm still able to find scores here in Madrid. Luckily Fnac hasn't reduced the space in the last months (it wasn't that big anyway) and one of my favorite El Corte Ingles for scores (the one in the Preciados-Sol corner, for those interested) has moved the scores section from the general music floor to classical music floor (-1), but it's still pretty big. Unluckily it's so damn expensive!
  11. I've gone through the DVD and the only pianist I've found is the lady on the left, who doesn't look exactly like Johnny:
  12. Chris Tucker is in Jackie Brown with Samuel L Jackson, who stars in the Star Wars prequels. Next: Connie Nielsen I love this game but I gotta go to bed. And pi: then great comment!
  13. Jeff Daniels was in The Hours with Nicole Kidman, who had been previously in Far and Away. NEXT: Edit: Shit, you beat me!
  14. Boris Karloff and Christopher Lee were together in Corridors of Blood. Chris Lee was Count Dooku in the Star Wars prequels. Next: Eva Longoria
  15. Because it always seems to overbearing and not to mention shallow. To me American patriotism seems like the moronic spectacle the Dutch put on for the World Cup or Euro Cup. But in this case it's going on 365 days a year instead of 4 weeks or so every 2 years. Exactly
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