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  1. Thank you everybody! I has been a while since I last posted, but I see that there is still a huge enthusiasm around The fact that Rey's Theme is the more elaborate of all the new themes makes me think that in the conversations with JJ Abrams (btw, if he's truly around this board, he is welcome to confirm this hehehe) this was probably one of the "only" things that were sure in the story outline. Or it wouldn't make sense to have such an elaborate theme (even in an infant version, as Anakin's theme in the prequels) than the rest of the new themes, wouldn't it? Also, Kylo Ren is slightl
  2. Hi! A long time since I haven't posted anything, but and, after a few listens to the Soundtrack, my ear was itching...so I thought I could summon the Nerd in me and have some fun while analyzing some stuff that caught my ear... And...I think John Williams might have been giving more answers than "meets the ear"... at least when it comes to Rey's origin. What do you guys think? Attention, possible spoilers for Episode VIII!
  3. Hi, there's a very good midi forum her: http://vi-control.net/forum/profile.php?mo...nup&ruid=75 You can find a ton of useful information Good luck
  4. Well, so I thought at the beggining, but I contacted the guy and he is working at universal, not to mention he's a really nice guy...he's just trying to convince his boss that there's enough people willing to buy a complete score. So long he's got something like 100+ answers, and he obviously would need a bit more
  5. I just received this email... I thought it could be interesting 8O "I'm beginning the process of getting a score published, however, there needs to be enough interest. Would you please pass the word around, and have your friends email me as to what interest there would be to have a published score to Back To The Future. Universal won't budge unless there is hard evidence as to the number of people who would be interested in a fully bound edition of the entire score available for purchase to the film score community." So, if you're interested you can send your requests to tjrodier@yahoo.com.
  6. I just happen to live in Madrid... near Chamartin
  7. I can't hear the clips I tried everything, updating to QT7 and all... is there a solution for PC users? Thks
  8. Oh, I didn't know that... I will remove it then... (just found that atrocity...)
  9. Yukkk I just found this... apparently Lucas has tried to buy all the master copies and destroy them... This appears to be only a remix, the whole thing seems to be much worse... EDIT: Removed link as it appears to be unreleased stuff... you've been lucky
  10. I just read it that the thread is closed now... it's really a pitty that all the hard work and editing has gone into this... Jack don't blame you for some spoiled brats who do nothing but insult each other... the work you have done is excellent and a lot of people here appreciate it a lot... All the best, Iván
  11. :? Maybe, though it seems way out of place to me, I don't know... Thks :spiny:
  12. no, dropouts, clipping, digital errors, some noises that don't sound like an instrument... :spiny:
  13. 29 views and no one knows? :spiny:
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