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  1. That's the set (but with a different cover). But still no track titles... Has anyone invented their own?
  2. Hey guys! Just listening to my new 2-CD set (49 tracks!) of the complete Black Sunday score, and loving it! It's like 2 hours of deleted music you've never heard from Star Wars and Jaws! Does anyone else have this set? And if so, does anyone have any official (or otherwise) track listings? I have just ordered the DVD as I've never seen this film, but it would be great to know what this interesting music is scoring.
  3. OK so I know British celebrities haven't been too well behaved recently, but I read the following in the paper today, which, I'm afraid, comes under the category of "only in America!" (sorry!). Apparently, Tom Hanks was caught walking his dog in a dog-restricted park recently, and fined $50. Obviously Mr Hanks, being a bit strapped for cash at the moment, got away with only paying $25, and making up the rest by giving out CMIYC soundtracks to members of the courtroom!!! Does Mr Williams know his music is being used as a substitute for criminal justice?!?! Apparently John Leslie is stocking up on Straw Dogs soundtracks for his forthcoming trial...
  4. I used to be musical director for big pantomimes in the UK, and I would always use JW! We did Snow White in 1994 and we finished Act 1 with a UV fantasy scene to the music of the Jawa scene in Star Wars. So many people commented on how fantastic the music was!
  5. I'm with you there Mark. The whole cinema I was in burst into laughter at that point in the music, and being an avid JW fan I was disappointed and embarrassed. What was he thinking?!
  6. I've never had to pay customs on anything from Varese Club. In fact the only single item I had to pay on was the deluxe ET DVD.
  7. As a HUGE A.I. fan I was lucky enough to pick up a whole bunch of score goodies - the original 2CD Oscar promo, a brochure about why JW should be considered for the award (I didn't need convincing!), a covering letter to Academy members submitting the CDs, with an apology stating that the original single CD promo that went out had some technical faults, so was to be replaced by the double set. Not only that, but the 'faulty' CD was also included (although it seems to work - quite similar to the official release but with a few extra tracks). The official artwork for the promo is a white cover with the Warner Bros and A.I. logo on the front, together with 'For Your Consideration - Best Original Score' as well as the name of the film and composer. It remains my most treasured gem in my collection! (Although I'm still looking for that elusive expanded Cowboys cd!).
  8. EMPIRE STRIKES BACK!!!!! Best finale and end credits ever!!
  9. No comparison I'm afraid - although I love The Reivers, as was stated earlier in the thread, Cowboys is Cowboys! Nothing pre-Jaws comes close to it I'm afraid! And tpigeon, yes I reckon you have heard the Reivers theme before, but only if you're a fan of crap British sitcoms, in this instance the theme from Last of the Summer Wine... Now I know that Reivers came first, but maybe someone British would like to dispute the similarity between the Nixon theme and Emmerdale....!
  10. My Ultimate set came through the post today, and I can confirm that it is definitely worth the extra cash (including the £10 customs charge I had to pay!). As for the DVD shelf space dilemma, take the actual DVD package out of the seluxe box, and it's the same height and depth as an ordinary DVD, just a bit wider! Universal...bring it on!!!
  11. I bought a 2CD set of E.T. from a woman on Ebay. Admittedly it's a CDR, but she's packaged it well, it was cheap, and I've seen them on Ebay quite often. The 36 tracks run as follows:- CD1:- 01. Main Title 02. Far from Home/E.T. Alone 03. Elliot Explores the Cornfield 04. Bait for E.T. 05. Waiting for E.T. 06. E.T. Explores Elliot's Bedroom 07. The Beginning of a Friendship 08. Toys 09. "I'm Keeping Him" 10. E.T.'s Powers 11. Stuffed Animals 12. E.T. and Elliot Get Drunk 13. Frogs 14. Elliott's First Kiss 15. At Home 16. The Magic of Halloween 17. Sending The Signal 18. Abandoned and Pursued (alternate of E.T. Alone) 19. E.T. and Me (concert arrangement) 20. E.T.'s Halloween (alternate of The Magic Of Halloween) 21. Searching for E.T. (alternate) 22. E.T. Is Dying (alternate of E.T. and Elliot Seperate) CD2:- 01. Searching For E.T. (film version) 02. Invading Elliot's House 03. E.T. and Elliot Seperate 04. Losing E.T. 05. E.T. Is Alive! 06. Escape/Chase/Saying Goodbye (film version/alternate) 07. End Credits (film version) 08. Saying Goodbye (alternate) 09. Flying (concert suite) 10. Over The Moon (concert suite) 11. End Credits (alternate) 12. Adventures on Earth (alternate of Escape/Chase) 13. Flying Theme (alternate) 14. Over The Moon (alternate) I cannot tell you all enough how fantastic this set is! I reccomend it to anyone that sees this on Ebay. Surely this has to be absolutely complete (barring any input from Mr Jackson...!)
  12. I've got number 277 of the Monsignor/Missouri Breaks bootleg, paid $35 for it, and love it!! I still hope they eventually get round to releasing Monsignor officially though - it's a great score!
  13. The song is terrible. End of conversation.
  14. Under the 'New Releases' section of the current Music from the Movies magazine, it advertises a new edition of 'Spacecamp' released under the Supertracks label on October 10th. Does anyone know anything about it or how to get it? I've not heard anything else.
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