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  1. I'm more than happy with LA Scoring Strings, so I won't be getting these (not that I have the money for it right now anyway)
  2. I only have "Symphonic Shades", but I can tell you that if you like the whole big orchestra with choir, you'll certainly like it. They are orchestrated to have a sound that reminds me of the good scores of the 80's, and some, imo, have a distinct Goldsmith vibe. I listen to the old chips tunes as well, and it's quite fun to first listen to old chiptune of X-Out, and afterwards listen to it with full orchestra and choir.
  3. Interesting - I didn't know he was 41 already. His tunes would always get stuck in my head when I played old games on my C64 or Amiga - most notably Turrican, R-Type and Giana Sisters. I guess I was lucky to get "Symphonic Shades" as it says the CDs were ripped away. It is a very enjoyable listening experience.
  4. wow O_O - fantastic work! must've taken a long time to record and mix all that. btw, you say it's all done from sheetmusic - but a lot of what I hear isn't available anywhere - where'd you get those ESB sheets fx?
  5. Dvorak or Mussorgsky I think could have written some interesting scores.
  6. Ok, I'll post it, though please note, that Marcus had a couple of good ideas for changes that I haven't had the time to implement yet: http://www.box.net/shared/7qms309b40 btw, AI what sounds do you use?
  7. Personally I found it difficult to choose, since they're very different imho - But I've decided to vote for Marcus' piece(s). I even went and orchestrated his Russian March, but I'm a bit reluctant to post it since it didn't turn out quite as good as I had hoped
  8. Even though there's already an audio version of Marcus' themes, I thought I'd still post the one I made of his Russian March - also per request: http://www.box.net/shared/khjjiycmgf There's probably some mistakes here and there, but I hope it's not too distracting.
  9. Even though I'm not much of a presence on these boards, I do frequently visit here and - guess that makes me a lurker Anywho, I've just listened to these pieces and quite enjoyed them, and I saw some of you have others do mp3s out of the midis for you - I'd like to do the same for any who'd like me to. here's an example of how it'd sound: http://www.box.net/shared/da9vv0tub9 it's not fooling anyone, but it's better than that Microsoft GS Synth.
  10. What about 'The Accidental Tourist'? Am I the only one who think it's beautiful?
  11. well, if there's any place to ask I figure it'll have to be here on JWFan - so, where do you buy your signature scores? I'm especially interested in knowing where you people from Europe buy them, as that is where I'm from, and I'm a little tired of having to wait a long time for them to arrive and pay duty and what have you...
  12. I don't understand what you people are talking about LINK DELETED BY MODERATOR because it's perfectly possible for the orchestra to have played it like that - I also don't find that scene humorous, and noone laughed or anything any of the 4 times I saw it in the theatre. Maybe I'm just an emotional sucker
  13. Personally I LOVE rerecordings, it's always fun to hear a different orchestra and conducter's take certain pieces. I epsecially enjoy RSNO's performances, and that includes Superman rerecordong, which I actually think is superior to the original - their performance of 'the planet Krypton' blew me out my socks. It seems a lot people here doesn't seem to like silva's releases, I must say though, that they did a fine job on the LOTR 2 cd set, if, for nothing else, to to hear the final part of 'return of the king' with someone who can actually sing, instead of Viggo Mortensen :/
  14. I seldom listen SE soundtracks, I only dig them out when when there is a specific cue I want to listen to that isn't on the anthology set, e.g. "Mynock Cave" from esb - I've always loved that for some reason. Also, is it my imagination or is the soundquality better on the anthology set? the stereo field also seems remakably different, especially on the ESB recordings.
  15. Amen to that - I actually prefer his earlier scores, imo he seems to just be stuck on autopilot after his success with Titanic.
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