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  1. A Streetcar named desire (Alex North), from the Jerry Goldsmith re-recording. Masterpiece! This needs a complete release.* We see mediocre scores getting 2 and 3 disc releases, and this is only the highlights. *especially to follow with the upcoming full score from Omni music publishing
  2. i LOVE Sommersby! I haven't listened to the other scores, except for Big Fish inside the film, and I don't remember anything of it.
  3. oh, wow, i didn't know there's a 4 disc release. Would you suggest to listen to the ost first (4th cd) or the complete film score (first 2 cds)?
  4. I haven't listened to Robin Hood outside of the film to tell you the truth, and that was a long long time ago...
  5. I love the film and the score by Isham is haunting, albeit sound designy at times... Unfortunately it hasn't been released except these 2 suites here.
  6. where did you see that info? It says: Bonus discs include both the Theatrical and 1991 cuts of THE GODFATHER PART III
  7. The complete isolated score is around 47 minutes, but just browsing through it, it mostly plays as source cues.
  8. How much is missing from Cinderella Liberty? Anyway, hoping for Nixon.
  9. Why do we need these? Aren't the previous editions complete?
  10. I wonder if we can get "fixed" booklets with a future order...
  11. Yeah, I understood you the first time. The "i've just finished it" sentence was a reply to your comment. The next sentence was my general assessment of the music, irrelevant to your comment. I guess I should have been more clear.
  12. I'm more of a "Sound of music" guy. I love all the songs in that one!
  13. I've just finished it. I'm afraid it didn't do anything musically to me...
  14. I've just watched 2/3 of the film. If I wasn't a John Williams completist I woudn't have purchased this. I love musicals but, well, this wasn't really my thing...
  15. I love the score (and the film) but hadn't purchased this expansion. Your comments made me pull the trigger (along with LEGEND and FIDDLER ON THE ROOF from MUSIC BOX RECORDS). Thanks
  16. no, it's not an early 90s score but late 90s (1999).
  17. Hadn't thought of these. I hope it's one of them.
  18. Do we know if the Jerry Goldsmith re-recording of A Streetcar named desire is the complete score? https://www.soundtrackcollector.com/title/6853/Streetcar+Named+Desire%2C+A
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