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  1. Maybe Amurri is the italian lyricist? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Antonio_Amurri edit: Oh, yes, he is:
  2. The upcoming Black Sunday bluray will include a bonus interview on John WIlliams' score: “FOURTH DOWN: COMPOSING BLACK SUNDAY” – An all-new interview with film music historian Daniel Schweiger about the John Williams score. (2020) https://viavision.com.au/shop/black-sunday-1977
  3. I'm mostly looking forward to hearing Eleni Karaindrou's score, who according to imdb, is attached to Terrence Mallick's latest film about the life of Christ, The way of the wind. For anyone who doesn't know her, Karaindrou is a Greek composer, who is mostly known for scoring Theo Angelopoulos' films.
  4. The Cotton Club (1984) (original theatrical cut). I liked it. I loved the atmosphere of it. I think this could be underrated. It's been considered disjointed but i didn't have a problem with that. has anyone seen the encore edition? is it better?
  5. I listened to large portions of all the pieces. First of all, congratulations to all the contestants. But, I honestly can't vote, even if the voters were hidden. I once turned down a judge position in a film score competition, for the very same reason. I'm sorry...
  6. (never mind. I replied in the other relevant thread)
  7. Has anyone seen the Klaus (2019) animation film? I hear it is very good (it's also no. 175 in best films of all time at imdb), but some people say the modern songs ruin the experience sometimes and I'm very sensitive as far as music is concerned in films. https://www.imdb.com/title/tt4729430/
  8. Have you tried the message boards of FIlm Score Monthly? I have sold some things there, though not cds. They were blurays and sheet music (Williams Signature Editions).
  9. I don't know but I don't regard Williams' adaptations as genuine original Williams scores.
  10. If I understand correctly there won't be a Bluray + 2cd (with the bonus tracks) edition to buy?
  11. if only they released the original trilogy on bluray!
  12. Sorry? Was the question addressed to me? I don't sing. I have the book because I was the pianist of a local choir in my hometown in the past, and we did christmas concerts. I think also Carol of the bells comes from the same book.
  13. Nope. The arrangement comes from this book: https://www.amazon.com/Christmas-Song-Theodore-Preuss/dp/145842118X I know because, I have it. (Although, in the 2nd time the couplet comes it's one voice, not 4* as in the Home alone version). *edit: 3
  14. Yes, you're right! I had seen screenshots of this some time ago, and didn't like it at all! Yes, it's this film: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/How_Do_You_Live%3F_(film)
  15. here's the whole movie (from 14' and on albeit with commentators) and here there are samples from the bootleg soundtrack (which is acrually a dvdrip): https://www.amazon.co.uk/Daddy-Original-Soundtrack-John-Williams/dp/B00HRCCK0M
  16. I haven't bought the Vienna Bluray/cd because I generally don't like concerts/compilations of music. I don't like pot-pourrits of music because once I'm in a mood of something, I don't like changing it.
  17. I voted without seeing who voted for what, and it seems our tastes coincided! Yeah, Images because it's a weird score and I'd like to have it in complete form, and Memoirs of a Geisha because I love the main theme and i think we're missing a lot here. My second vote for the 90s-10s would go to Nixon.
  18. Oh, I didn't remember that. This is a pity. But, you never know. I hope it's not another Jayne Eyre case here...
  19. Undoubtedly this is the highlight of the score featuring the 2 main themes:
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