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  1. I'm very furious!

    I ordered this from Screenarchives along with Robocop 2 Bluray.

    They didn't find eventually the Bluray, and without consulting with me first, they sent just the cd (after refunding me for the bluray).


    Now I have to pay customs (15 euros + 23% of the price of the shipped cd), while I could have gotten it for half the price at musicboxrecords in Europe!


    But I ordered from them, mainly for the bluray which I couldn't find anywhere. Probably it's OOP.


  2. 24 minutes ago, Chewy said:

    Yeah it's been mentioned already. LLL normally sends the fixed spine with the boxset, separated (though I didn't get it in my MusicBox Records order).

    Oh, I see. Yes, I got this boxset through MusicBox Records too...


    * * *


    Finished the Earthquake and The Poseidon Adventure.

    Does anyone share the opinion that Williams in these scores was bolder than later action scores? Mostly texture and orchestration-wise...

  3. 4 hours ago, igger6 said:

    Unrelatedly, I want to nominate "Leaving Home (Film Version)" as the closest the Maestro ever came to '80s hip-hop percussion.  For all we know, those drums might actually be the sound of Johnny beatboxing...

    We aren't sure that he wrote them himself.

    In the sheet music it says "ad lib" in the electric drums part.

    So he could easily just leave it to the drummer.

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