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  1. 15 minutes ago, Jay said:





    It is "missing" in the sense that it was on the old Varese CD but not this CD.  But it is not missing in the sense that it should never have been there either.  That track is not an alternate main title to this film.



    Great news!

    So, I should keep my old cd and not sell it?

    what is that "alternate main title" anyway? (i hope it is explained in the liner notes of this release)

    And do we know of anything else, an album edit perhaps, that could be only in the first cd?

  2. if I limit myself to just one composer, I come up with this (I haven't listened to much soundtracks of this century)

    -A.I. - Williams

    -Lord of the Rings (i am not sure which film) - Shore

    -A Single Man - Korzeniowski

    -The Passion of Christ-Debney

    -The Hours-Glass

    -Final Fantasy - Goldenthal

    -Howl's moving Castle - Hisaishi

    -Atonement - Marianelli

    -The Village-Howard

    -There will be blood-Greenwood



  3. 8 hours ago, Sweeping Strings said:

    The original's fun enough, not to be taken too seriously ... style over substance, but that's to be expected from a 90s Schumacher movie. And a positively stellar cast in comparison.  

    I had seen this in my teens and I remember it had made a huge impression to me. I don't know how it would hold up now for me personally.

    But I'd like to watch it again because I found the theme being original.

  4. I have a question:

    I've analysed the Love theme from The Terminal by Williams.

    In there i've found some double dominants and irregular solutions of them,

    Now, i see that a V/VI-IV makes sense (according to the harmony book of Aldwell it's like III-IV).


    Does a V/III-IV or V/III-II make sense?


    Also, does anyone know where I can find a complete list of ROman numeral analysis>

    like this but more complete:


    I remember having seen it somewhere in a book, but can't seem to find it now...

  5. 35 minutes ago, The Lost Folio said:


    I own all the folios, but I am sadly missing about a dozen of the early solo sheets. I tried to contact libraries in London, New York and Dublin to request reproductions, but they will not share due to copyrights. I know that some people on the FSM forum had them because they shared the covers years ago, but I have never been able to get any info from them. Perhaps someone on this forum will see this and share with us the rare/early pieces to make this a complete and definitive website! Although I say I'm not sharing/selling any music, I would happily make an exception (at least in private) for the old, out-of-print, and unknown stuff like The Secret Ways.

    I do have Black Sunday if you want it.

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