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  1. 12-tone rows in Knight bus (bars 3-8*) (although you don't hear 2 of them in that spot in the film. better use the ost track).


    *they are repeated later in the track with the same rhythm on top


    well, these sound like out of the blue just to create a musical chaos, rather than having a formal (or otherwise) meaning in the cue.

  2. 15 hours ago, Richard said:

    Yes. Any "religious", is "spiritual" music, would sound hypocritical, within the context of the film, rather like (some would argue) the organisation that it portrays.

    On the contrary, I think there is religous music in the score.

    The whole Audience with the Holy Father track, and especially a motif that i identified as the religious theme.

    top voice at 0.36-0.48 and flute at 1.10-1.23.

    And that opening motif of the theme emerges some more times in the track.


    Also we have the instrumental version of the Gloria in Santoni's Confession: 1.24-....



  3. 10 minutes ago, bollemanneke said:

    Not to cause trouble, but I'm going to say it anyway. I really, really don't understand why people are loving this new track so much. As a JW concert arrangement, it's just bad. Reading between the lines of other topics, I distinctly get the impression that most people are determined to love it because it's written by JW, not because it's anything special. That's sad. Someone claimed it was the best he had written since Hedwig's Theme. There's a limit.

    It's jwfan!

    Everything new is the best music Williams has ever written!


    And yes, I would agree with you as I said earlier, that the Williams name helps a lot in loving a piece.



    Speaking for myself:

    I think the theme itself, the one at 1.41-1.57 with that harmony, is the best action theme in the tonal language Williams has written since...Duel of fates I think.

    (as you see I specified it very much: action and tonal - so that leaves out of the comparison music from eg. Geisha, Munich, Lincoln, or the atonal action pieces of WOTW etc.)


  4. 12 minutes ago, Breadstick Basilisk said:

    Maybe a music-theory-trained member could help me figure this out/let me know what their opinion of this is? @Falstaft @Sharky


    In "Marauders Arrive", the rhythmic pattern that begins at 0:24:




    I would say the first note it's definitely NOT a pick up note.

    I hear it as 5/4 with the 5 first notes: eighth - quarter - quarter -dotted quater-quarter


    (but it could be  your first option too: 5/8 with the notes grouped rhythmically as 3+2)

  5. we haven't talked about this score and its themes much.

    I was trying to identify more themes than the 3 (monsignor waltz, gloria, italy scherzo)..

    Maybe a religous theme in the "Audience with the Holy father" (the one starting with parallel harmony), but still it's not very clear.


    (edit: starting at 1:36'')

  6. The piece has grown on me and I was humming it all the way while i was out now.

    I think it's better than anything written for The Last Jedi.


    Syntactically speaking, this is one of the rare instances in the whole Williams ouvre where both themes are stated with the same/varied thematic idea 4 times in a row, like the Irish theme from Far and Away I had mentioned in my chapter in Contemporary FIlm Music:



    Some other examples are the Book thief theme and Sayuri's theme.



  7. 1 hour ago, rough cut said:

    . But it sounds like a diluted version of Zimmer’s pirate theme, and that’s a long way from Star Wars.

    Listening to the soundtrack I think this is due to the Powell (coming from Zimmer) style, that encompasses the theme. (orchestration, texture etc.).

    The original setting of the theme in the Adventures of Han sounds 100% Williams i think.


    I just wish action film music could get away from the percussion loops. I know it's easier and it's quick, but it doesn't sound sophisticated to me..

  8. Ok, so, the track is quite good.

    The thing for me is this:

    The inevitability of the themes Williams has spoken of in the past, seems in all these latest scores  - to me - as forced and struggled.

    But as many would step in to say, the man is 86 years old.

    It's miraculous he can still write like this.

    I just expressed my opinion as if the name and age didn't come in the middle.

  9. 5 hours ago, kaseykockroach said:

    I should photoshop the image to say "Han Solo Theme by Michael Giacchino" and then see how people really feel about the tune. ;)

    This is something I have thought and I have mentioned many times.

    I mean, how the name Williams affects someone's opinion and our opinions are not entirely objective to the music.

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