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  1. well, for its time, it's good. What you'd expect from 50s sci-fi.
  2. have you seen the original? it's coming from Criterion. It's fun to compare the two.
  3. It's your chance now to buy Cinderella Liberty ($11.95) and Stanley and Iris ($6.95) with iso scores by John Williams.
  4. Just bought something from Screenarchives (incl. La-laland's Home Alone). Hope it doesn't take that long to come here! edit: Does anyobody know what would be the difference between a regular flute and an electric flute? I see in the opening Main title cue (and generally in flute solo passages in other tracks), they use an electric flute. By the way, remembering the scene, I prefer the original Leaving Home. The film version sounded too happy to me, even when I didn't know there was an original alternate version.
  5. I don't know if you know this. This is a remake of The Big Clock (1948). I've enjoyed both.
  6. No. this thread does not include the original trilogy. edit: Ah, ok. You saw that.
  7. I was just thinking...Do we have a poll about "original vs prequel vs sequel trilogy" score you prefer or shall I start one?
  8. Well, if I write a cue, the first cue I'll write won't say "RxPx something alternate". That's how i see it. I don't know if I'm wrong. Alternate, revised etc. come in mind in second versions of cues...
  9. According to the sheet music the "alternate" in the title is referring to the film version. So, I would guess that the dark version came first.
  10. Twilight Time movies says this in an email I got about a sale: So, maybe the same situation applies here. Yeah, it seems this is darker than the film version which uses the main guitar theme. I don't know if this is a regular thing, but is it my idea that Williams usually prefers his original version in the main programme than the revised film version in these expanded releases?
  11. This isn't whining, but in my opinion, some of the tracks should say "contain previous unreleased material" and not "previously unreleased". The specific track (Telephone Call) has only its beginning unreleased (some 30 seconds), and then it plays exactly like the ost track (From Farm to Factory). Unless by "previous unreleased" we're refering to the recording.
  12. "Releasing the doe"? I don't remember any doe in the film. The cue title in the written score is "releasing the door". One of the two is wrong. But which is it? Hmmmm....
  13. Since 3 days? Why? Don't you like it? This is one of my favourite movies, that i watched a lot as a kid.
  14. For anyone that missed the news in the filmography on Bluray thread, the film is also coming this year (July) on Bluray in USA: https://www.blu-ray.com/movies/The-River-Blu-ray/61874/
  15. According to an edit I had done in the past of the complete score, the complete film score is approx. 32 minutes. So, yes, it seems it will be one disc.
  16. I was way behind in my Williams purchases, so I just bought from music box records: Disaster Movie Box Monsignor (expanded) Saving Private Ryan (Expanded) Schindler's List (expanded) Minority Report (expanded) Far & Away (expanded) for a total of 258 euros!
  17. I do not have any problem with old poor recordings. I prefer the originals to tell the truth.
  18. You haven't? You should. Actually i think every jwfanner owes it to him/herself to watch the movies for which these scores were specifically composed for.
  19. They say it's because on the side (if you see the big image), it doesn't have the bluray logo but it just says blu-ray disc. Other Paramount blurays are being released that day and they are all BD-Rs according to bluray.com.
  20. Angela's Ashes is being released in USA in one month, but in what looks like a BD-R, not a pressed disc, so beware! https://www.amazon.com/Angelas-Ashes-Blu-ray/dp/B087H7CNN2
  21. I guess this lengthy article which discusses the themes of the score, belongs in this thread. (Sorry, I don't know if it was posted elsewhere already). http://jameshorner-filmmusic.com/legends-of-the-fall-expanded-edition-our-exclusive-review/
  22. It's a shame this thread is not active.. Anyway... Arrow has a sale, so I bought this: (the Arrow Bluray is the best version of the film worldwide)
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