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  1. E.T. Favourite film and score of all time.
  2. Pity Spencer wasn't nominated for best score. I loved that one.
  3. The colors! The music! The story! Gorgeous film that made me play on repeat a couple of scenes... If you love musicals (well, it's all sung) do yourself a favor and watch this.
  4. Ugh, disappointment. I don't consider any Williams adaptation as a Williams score, so I'm not thrilled about this. Hope 2022 brings us something else...
  5. Is this considered to be a big title? I thought LLL's BF titles were big and much sought after...
  6. I really hope there is a Williams in this last batch, because I have to make another order with Music Box Records so as to send me the replacement disc for Eiger Sanction.
  7. Saturday Night Fever Classic! I'd like to watch the sequel too, but I see it gets poor ratings..
  8. Spencer by Jonny Greenwood. Wow! Very sophisticated! I Love it!
  9. Well, if you don't like it, you don't like it. Have you listened to/do you like other Preisner soundtracks? Maybe he isn't your cup of tea.
  10. Do you think this will go OOP in one month? I'm waiting for Black Friday announcements, in case I want something from that batch (hoping for a Williams), to make my order.
  11. I have played on a date some pieces from Jazz Beginnings, and the 2 source cues from The Post. So, Williams for me.
  12. Yes. It must be this one: https://www.filmmusicsite.com/en/soundtracks.cgi?id=75390
  13. Great news! My favourite Goldsmith score. A masterpiece!
  14. How do we know if we have a fixed pressing or not? is there any different number on the cd?
  15. It is. Hans ZImmer is known to participate in that forum.
  16. Has this been posted anywhere here? If not, here you are: https://vi-control.net/community/threads/hans-zimmers-dune.98276/page-7#post-4916132
  17. It's already available in their shop. Though it has some country restrictions. https://omnimusicpublishing.com/product/jerry-goldsmith-poltergeist-full-orchestral-score/
  18. Did you watch the film @aescalle? Are you happy with your purchase?
  19. According to the beaver review this is Region A, so I guess not.
  20. Here is a review of the bluray: http://www.dvdbeaver.com/film10/blu-ray_review_160/story_of_a_woman_blu-ray.htm
  21. I'm sure you will be able to get them from Amazon.
  22. Yeah, I know, I contacted Intrada and they said that Music Box sends replacements directly to their customers. The problem is I don't want to make another order from Music Box right now, just to get the replacement.
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