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  1. 9 hours ago, Luke Skywalker said:

    And f*finally ordered it alongside minority report. My wallet is bleeding with those shipping fees.


    I just noticed superman and superman 2-3 are out of print already, that was quick.

    You had me scared for a bit.

    I see Superman is just out of stock. Not out of print. 

  2. 2 hours ago, Holko said:

    I certainly felt like the end of Farewell was meh in the film after listening to the FYC for a week and the OST for 2 days. Something about the mixing or I dunno. Could have just been the cinema?


    I also thought the same thing.

    Before i saw the film I thought that the big new theme would be used for a wide landscape scene or something..

  3. I just hope he scores a non-Indiana Jones/Spielberg movie.

    Just a little film - preferrably of a contemporary setting - out of nowhere, with a chamber orchestra.

    Another dream of mine would be if he scored Malick's upcoming Christ movie. Imagine the music possibilities of that one...!


  4. The Tree of Life


    Although I love Malick (especially The Thin Red line), I cannot "get into" this or feel it, still on my 3rd viewing.

    But, it's very beautiful to look at (perhaps his most beautiful film).

    I have purchased the Criterion edition which includes an extended cut (50 more minutes). Perhaps I should watch that one too, in case it doesn't feel so disjointed.


    edit: By the way, I don't think I heard one single note of the Desplat score in the film.

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