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  1. Does anyone know what music samples did Newman use in "American beauty" and where can I find them(or something similar to them)? (In the score cd there are those accompanying the melancholic piano theme in "mental boy" and "Angela undress)
  2. There are also some rare handwritten cues there (tennis game from witches of eastwick, 2 cues form Spacecamp etc.). Wouldn't be great if someone copied them?
  3. What do you think are the most realistic strings samples? I also use EWQL Gold Xp Pro, but still I'm not satisfied with the strings. I used long ago soundfonts, and a DXS_SuperOrchestraStrings was far more realistic but only for slow passages.
  4. Here's my profile in myspace where you can listen to some compositions of mine: Visit My Page
  5. I updated the page with one new piece " the Last Dragon of camelot (Main titles)". It's the music I made for an abandoned computer animation short.
  6. I uploaded an older piece of mine called "Anekplirwsis" (Unfulfillment), for cello & piano!
  7. Thank you very much for your kind words. Yes. that's right. We recorded a live violin and the rest are soundfonts I found over the net. Now I work with samples which are far better. I have a full cd with my compositions, But I'll upload from time to time pieces in the link above.
  8. Hello. Since I have put this in other more appropriate forums, I thought I try my luck here as well. I'm a composer from Greece and I'm looking for young aspiring directors to collaborate and write the music for their film, short, animation etc. You can see a brief resume and listen to a sample of my music here: http://www.musicwave.gr/el/members/member_...&id=2442&show=p Thank you!
  9. As I've said I used a tempo slowing software that reduces the tempo down to 10% So I'm certain for bars 2, 4, 6 of my transcription. I also used the version heard in Home Alone 2 which was with 2 flutes and it made it easier to figure out the notes. As for bars 1, 3, 5, (besides that I hear it this way in the slowed down tempo) I have found a midi file by Frank Lehman and when I open it with sibelius it's transcribed the same : A F A Bb A-A F A Bb A. Also the left hand (in my version) goes with the main melody of the tremoli violins: D A D F- D A D F- D (violins melody in bold)
  10. Play it in the way you say (with 3 A in a row in the right hand) and hear the difference. In keyboard instruments such as celesta (or piano) it doesn't sound nice.It's all in the phrasing. It's the same like the cavalry finale from Rossini's William Tell Overture. it's not the same playing GGG GGG GGCDE with the same finger in G all the way and playing it 321 321 changing finger positions . The second is a lot better and has the sound it should have.
  11. I don't think so. The villains' theme is clearly the one that is heard at 2.05 of track 7 of home alone soundtrack and elsewhere. And I wouldn't say this celesta part is a theme but it's supportive to the melody that the strings hold: D-F-D-F-D
  12. I always loved the celesta part in Home Alone theme and I was wondering how it would be in sheet music. here's a trancription I made after a lot of effort using a tempo slowing software. Does anyone have another version? I also have posted a topic in the trading area about looking for the Home Alone piano folio to see eventually if this is it!
  13. Does anyone know who were the final winners in the composers competition? i was among the finalists but nothing has been announced yet and i'm a little anxious!
  14. Does anyone have a complete cue list for "Always" with the matching cd tracks? Thanks!
  15. Does anyone have the article "Sounds of the empire" by Doug Adams, from FSM, vol.4, no5. June 1999? I searched the net but only found a Japanese translation of it! It includes notated musical examples and midi files. http://home.earthlink.net/~akuga/aug_page1.html
  16. I have transcribed the chorus piece from A.I. ("Stored memories"). What have you transcribed exactly? I'm interested in trading.
  17. I thought this might be interesting to you: http://www.raabcollection.com/detail.aspx?...cat=191&man=338 8O
  18. I'm trying to attach a transcription I've made long ago (1st part of Stored Memories from A.I.) but I can't. These are 2 jpegs that I try to upload as file attachments and there's a problem.
  19. Does anybody know what happened to the site themes.jw-music.net which had notated themes of Williams?
  20. Does anyone have any information about Williams' musical Peter Pan, and which themes exactly were reused in Hook? Were they originally songs?
  21. I have once read here in 2 reviews about The Phantom Menace that Anakin's theme contains 12-tone passages. I have the Hal Leonard edition and I'm trying to find them but in vain! Can anyone help me? :?
  22. Star Wars III: Padme dies, Darth Vader rises in the sounds of the superb funeral choral music that was used in episode I for Qui-Gon's funeral.
  23. I wish Williams would do a whole cartoon movie. I'd love to see how it would sound!!!
  24. Which march exactly??? This is very interesting!
  25. I have the VHS, i have the single-disk DVD and I'll certainly buy the 4-disk set. am I crazy or what?
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