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  1. Sorry but I think you all misunderstood me when I told that I choose across the stars and i'm talking as a musicologist. I didn't mean that my opinion is more valid than yours but, because I'm a musicologist, I may not be objective in my choice. Maybe I would choose another If I were just a listener. But when I hear music I listen to structure, melody, harmony, counterpoint, orchestration etc, and I think that Across the stars is better qualified from others, in all those parameters.
  2. Definitely Across the stars. And I'm talking as a musicologist too!
  3. -Schindler's List theme -E.T (Adventures on Earth [the whole thing]) -Across the stars (Attack of the clones) -Seven years in Thibet (reprise) -Star Wars Main Theme -The Imperial March -Hook (prologue) -Indiana jones and the temple of the doom (temple of doom theme) -Duel of fates (Phantom menace) -Home alone (theme)
  4. Does anyone know if there are any doctoral dissertations or master's theses on John Williams? I'm searching the internet for 2 months and I have found only one:"Musical content and thematic process in the Star Wars concert suites of John Williams" by Bill Joseph Poche in the Sandiego state University.
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