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  1. They could be regarded as such, but I don't think I would get away with it. The majority of the examples doesn't come from published material but from unpublished one....
  2. I don't think there is a chance. I'd like to publish it as a book in English, but there are so many written examples (and studios involved), that getting the rights would be a nightmare.
  3. Thank you! As I said, it will be in Greek. it's: The film music of John Williams (1975-2018):Melody, harmony, formal archetypes and thematic unity. It's 248 pages, incl. bibliography.
  4. I have finally finished my dissertation (since January) and I'm now in a state where I am waiting for my defense. Now with the coronavirus, everything is closed (including universities), so it seems I'm gonna wait for a while..
  5. Yeah, me too. I have the Criterion bluray. I prefer it over The Three Colors trilogy. * * * Fail-Safe (1964) "American planes are sent to deliver a nuclear attack on Moscow, but it's a mistake due to an electrical malfunction. Can all-out war be averted?" In the beginning I was bored a bit but thought to give it a chance till the end since it's so highly regarded. The second hour was quite suspenseful with the action taking place in only 2-3 rooms. Highly recommended! Wow!!!! I honestly have it in line to watch it tonight! Talk about coincidence!
  6. Ok, i listened now to the 2 different versions (not from this expansion so i cannot comment on that), and you're right. It's not a different composition but it's not an alternate take either. it's different orchestration! When we say alternate take, i assume the section is exactly the same, just a different recording.
  7. I haven't listened yet to the expansion but i remember it was a totally different composition. I'll check the sheet music too. there is an insert there that replaces some bars.
  8. Ah really? Didn't know about that. Thanks. I am almost sure this has an alternate section. are you sure they are just different takes?
  9. Does any European usually order from music box records? I'm thinking of ordering this from there, along with 4-5 other Williams expansions, to avoid customs.
  10. yeah, i also love some very long films, but I meant that given its subject i wasn't sure I could watch a film of such length. So, it turns out i avoided this film like the plague for years, and.......I was right. It did absolutely nothing to me. i was bored to death, also i slept for half an hour during the 3rd hour (). I wonder if i should watch Ran or Yojimbo or something but I'm afraid the results will be the same. (I had watched Kurosawa's High and Low and remember liking that very much)
  11. Has anyone seen Seven Samurai (1954)? I'm about to watch it since it's considered a milestone of world cinema, but I don't generally like samurai films and.... 3,5 hours???
  12. The minister of health just announced the closing of all schools and universities nationwide for 14 days in Greece, as a precaution measure!
  13. Although I'm not very keen on Williams' concert works (I prefer his film music), I would love a Jazz Piano concerto.
  14. I vote for Nixon. Hope it's paired with the other 2 Stone films for a box-set.
  15. Is there anyone that loves the film too? Or is it only me? I think it's one of the last films that reminds of the old classic Hollywood and I love it for this.
  16. JFK seems to have been unofficially "announced" ages ago. The only reason I can think of for its delay is to pair it with Born on the 4th of July and Nixon.
  17. I'm several expansions and Williams osts behind ..
  18. In the first book there is a whole chapter dedicated to the violin concerto with musical analysis of its themes, if this is something that interests you: Tom Schneller, Out of Darkness: John Williams’s Violin Concerto
  19. I also thought the same thing. Before i saw the film I thought that the big new theme would be used for a wide landscape scene or something..
  20. Not that I know of. This was just an isolated incident of a single unreleased track.
  21. There is an alternate for this cue which appeared in an unofficial compilation. https://www.filmscoremonthly.com/board/posts.cfm?threadID=1099&forumID=1&archive=1
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