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  1. https://www.imdb.com/title/tt10937004 I would have loved if he had scored any traditional hand-drawn animation film. I prefer them vastly to computer generated ones.
  2. Of course it would be ideal if he scored both but I'd like to know, what any jwfan-ner would prefer...
  3. I've lately wondered about this. Has jwfan forum had enough of blockbuster music by Williams, or they want more?
  4. The life of Christ in a musical traditional animation film would be glorious! How come noone has thought of it? A film like The Prince of Egypt.
  5. -Contemporary non-fantasy action? (something like Die hard, Lethal Weapon, Commando etc.) -Peplum?
  6. Basic Instinct comes in 4k! https://www.zavvi.com/blu-ray/basic-instinct-zavvi-exclusive-4k-ultra-hd-steelbook-includes-blu-ray/13031609.html
  7. I'm in the middle of Emma (1996), and I cannot believe how it won oscar for best music score over Menken's masteriece (The hunchback of Notre Dame)!
  8. I just managed to watch the lesson 1 preview! It seems really interesting @Ludwig. I haven't ever enrolled in an online course. How is it done? Do i get a download link of your videos and I save it to my computer to watch whenever I like and how many times I like? Sorry if it's a silly question.
  9. Have you seen Stark Fear too? I haven't seen that one. All the others, yes! edit: Oh, haven't seen Mr Chips too..
  10. If that means he won't score the Spielberg film, I'm really unexcited by this news!
  11. I have a question: I don't know anything about Spielberg's life. Is it that interesting that an interesting movie can be made out of it?
  12. Well, I don't see how this got 7.8 at imdb, but it was good nonetheless. Just not that good.
  13. Has anyone tried Audiobro's Modern Scoring Strings? How different it is in sound from LASS?
  14. Meh.... The score must have been good though, but it was buried under the SFX.
  15. Enjoyable B-movie and an original purely electronic score by Jerry Goldsmith.
  16. I was meaning to ask you Datameister. Do you have an expression controller, and if not, do you remap the CC11 to your modwheel? If that's a yes to the 2nd question how do you control vibrato then? I'm trying to figure this out.
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