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  1. I just noticed that if you take the first 2 phrases of Rey's theme and put them under the first 2 phrases of the force theme to sound simultaneously they perfectly fit. I don't remember, is there any instance in TFA or TLJ of such contrapuntal statements where the 2 themes sound simultaneously?
  2. If it's an expansion I'd love a Nixon expansion, or else I would LOVE a Johnny Williams unreleased score!
  3. I'm not sure about this film as I don't know it so well, but I usually prefer the theatrical cut, as there's a reason for cutting some scenes in the first place.
  4. The Paper Chase from TT is cancelled! It's coming from another label, but we don't know which. (so, no iso score option unfortunately) https://forum.blu-ray.com/showthread.php?t=314694 In other news, Nixon theatrical cut is released for the first time on Bluray by Kino, on May 21st, in a 3 disc set that will contain both cuts https://www.hometheaterforum.com/community/posts/4704561/
  5. Apart from the new sound, this doesn't include anything that isn't in the blue box, right?
  6. Kino announced they have Heartbeeps! (unknown date of release) https://forum.blu-ray.com/showpost.php?p=16073458&postcount=28188
  7. Twilight Time announced The paper chase (1973) for April, with probably an isolated score included. https://www.hometheaterforum.com/community/threads/htf-exclusive-twilight-time-april-2019-release-announcements.360807/
  8. Well, it's not an actual book, that will be published that is, but it's my PhD dissertation on Williams' style, which is strictly musicological. I had planned it as a 4 chapter (beyond the introductory chapter) dissertation, but it seems it will be 3 in the end. (I've almost abandoned the idea of a melody chapter because it wasn't turning out as I'd like it to be) I have written more than 1,5 chapters till now (around 150 pages) and at this rate I hope to have finished it by the end of the year, because I have already been very very late. it will be unfortunately in Greek. When I finish it and it is accepted, i was planning to upload it here, just for looking at the numerous musical examples and diagrams, so that someone could get an idea of it.
  9. You can try here: http://www.jwfan.com/?page_id=129
  10. https://artsbeat.blogs.nytimes.com/2011/08/19/john-williams-lets-his-muses-carry-him-along/ https://www.chronicle.com/article/Conversations-With-John/4906
  11. not in particular order The Adventures of Tintin Jazz Autographs Catch me if you can A.I. theme (vocal version) hedwig's theme
  12. I've been living in another city for a while now and haven't been following the discussion on the Harry Potter release. So, the sessions for the first 2 films have become obsolete with this release? everything is there?
  13. about ALWAYS: Total Music Time: 37 minutes, 26 seconds Percentage scored: 30% #1. Pete and Dorinda Walk Home (0:32) Music Begins as Dorinda and Pete walk home by the airfield ends as the two lay together by the fire. #2. Precious Talk (0:20) Begins as Pete opens the refrigerator door for a snack and ends as Pete sits down with Dorinda by the fire. #3. Saying Good-bye (2:46) Begins as Pete is on the phone and ends as Pete tries to yell that he loves her over the roar of his engines. #4. Hap (7:01) Begins as Al looks out his window to see Pete's plane and ends as Pete turns around to find the person who he will help. #5. Catching up with Al (0:20) Begins as Pete walks into Al's office and begins Ted walks into Al's office behind Pete. #6. Landing in Flat Rock (0:54) Begins as Al and Dorinda approach the strip at Flat Rock for landing and ends as Ted takes off. #7. Abandoned Airfield (2:36) Music enters as Ted creeps into an abandoned shelter and ends as Ted lands at Flat Rock. #8. Follow Me (1:08) Begins as Rachel sees Ted landing and ends as the Follow Me tractor plows into Dorinda's porch. #9. Strange Presence (3:14) Begins as Pete senses that Dorinda is near and ends as Ted introduces himself to Dorinda. #10. Saving Frank (1:06) Begins as Dorinda wonders how Ted can do what he is doing and ends as Dorinda screeches to a halt in front of her house. #11. Breaking the wishbone (1:38) Begins as Dorinda tells a story about Pete and ends as Ted brags about how he'll land an A-26 with no fuel. #12. Shopping in her Sleep (1:47) Begins as Dorinda recites her shopping list in her sleep as before and ends as Dorinda tells Pete goodnight. #13. Talking With Hap Again (2:06) Begins as Pete finds himself waking up in the woods again and ends as Hap reminds Pete that he has to give in order to gain his freedom. #14. Handling the Rescue (4:50) Begins as Ted realizes that he should handle the rescue from their base and ends as Dorinda cruises to the drop zone. #15. Pete Tells Dorinda Everything (7:08) Begins as Dorinda enjoys the peace of flying at night and ends as Pete walks down the runway into the night. http://www.filmscoremonthly.com/features/skelton.asp
  14. I think there might be something missing. Both the workforce tracks (the ost and the film version too from what I remember) start with the theme in horns. But there is an original version of the workforce cue that doesn't start with this. it's the 2m1-3m1 (orig) from the sessions. I don't see where this could be in the cd. edit: never mind. As i see in the sheets this original cue is glued with another one in the film version probably. edit2: actually it's a bit of a mess. There is an original 2m1/3m1of 152 bars. (=2m1/3m1 original from sessions) Then there is a new start and segue to bar 85 of original version. (=2m1/3m1 new from sessions) then 3m1B from sessions is comprised from the original 2m1/3m1 and 3m1B insert like this: 3m1B bars 1-21 2m1/3m1 bars 25-30, 15-23 3m1B 37New bar 2m1/3m1 bars 31-52 unknown bar 2m1/3m1 bars 1-8 3m1B bars 69-213 So, we might still be missing the original 2m1-3m1 in the cd. I am not sure.
  15. I'm sure we can. But we shouldn't have to. Anyway, don't want to sound like whining, just that this release isn't what I hoped it would be. Every serious jwfan and film music lover already has the OST.
  16. I checked the OST in case there were any crossfades between cues and unfortunately there is one in Give me your names at 2.14''. I think the cue starting there is the returning women.
  17. I bet listening to this will make me sad that not all the music made it to the film...
  18. I honestly thought they would release Superman instead of this now.
  19. of course. It has some nice tangos in there too. The thing is I don't understand why Williams has 2 different measures. In Home alone they included the source music. What would it hurt if they put it here too, in the end of the presentation? It isn't like it would ruin the listening experience.
  20. oh, so you never had problems with customs ordering from them? I may buy then directly from them. I'll try it with a smaller sum.
  21. I don't know, I think people overestimate how quickly this box will sell.. I bet a year will pass and it won't have sold out. How quickly did the Superman box sell out?
  22. Yes, a bit underwhelming. (no film chronological order either) I guess the sessions aren't obsolete. Does anyone know what the piece Reflections might be from the sessions? Maybe it's the piano theme with the extension?
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