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  1. I'm stuck with this melody in my head for a couple of days now. Unfortunately I saw it didn't have any narrative role in the film:
  2. Funny I was reminded of the exact same fanfare listening to the speeder chase theme:
  3. Well, if they included the original trilogy, it would be big news noone would like to hide.
  4. All in all, I don't think there is any great unreleased music. Although I bet people will say, i miss this statement here, and that statement there.. But i don't feel that way.
  5. Also, please verify someone, does the anthem of evil appear in the film (besides the end credits)? I didn't hear it anywhere... I'd say they are 2 different themes. The trio theme is the theme from the new themes that appears most times I think. So definitely not a b section.
  6. it's just that the Rise of skywalker track combines 2 themes.that's why i asked. The other theme is the trio theme. it plays with music but I'm not sure if it's anywhere. The sound FX were heavy.
  7. you mean the theme at the end of farewell? I think i heard it twice. No unreleased statement..
  8. Ok, just got back from the film.. is it my imagination or there wasn't the speeder chase cue in the film? I thought I heard the motif though once, but that was it!! If that's the case, no wonder it was not in the FYC.
  9. PENELOPE is coming in Bluray by Warner Archive. Weird choice as the film is not very good... https://www.blu-ray.com/news/?id=26167
  10. I wouldn't mind at all if we didn't have the classic end credits music and we had Reunion in its place...
  11. You really believe he would leave the best material out of the ost and FYC?
  12. OMG, you have $250 worth earphones? Sorry for the off topic. Go on everyone.
  13. Will you listen to this a straight second time? I'm just listening to highlights..
  14. So, unless anthem of evil theme appears anywhere in the film, it's like a "music inspired from TROS" thing.
  15. oh, really? I do. An incidental theme, but still a theme... In that regard, I guess you don't consider the theme from Anthem of evil a theme too..
  16. well, there is the speeder chase theme, so that's 6. and the anthem of evil theme.
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