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  1. I'm so sorry to hear about your situation.

    Is there a psychiatrist you can see for free?

    about abilify: I'm taking it too, i know about the side effects, i was awful for a month or so but then they stopped.


    I think with proper medication and someone to talk to, you'll be back on your feet soon.

    Hang in there!


    PS. Does your family REALLY don't want anything to do with you?

    I find this hard to believe, especially for a mother..

  2. Is anyone here very familiar with the score?

    I've read in a book that Darth Vader's theme resembles a theme from this score for the chief of natives or something?


    "Bereits 1980 gestaltete er nach diesem Modell das „Darth Vader-Thema“ für The Empire Strikes Back von George Lucas. Musikalische Vorbilder hierzu lassen sich wiederum in Max Steiners Score zu King Kong finden, wo das Motiv in nahezu identischer Form auftaucht und dort dem Häuptling der Eingeborenen zugeordnet wird."

  3. Hello everyone.

    I'm posting here the main titles for CORNERED! (2009), a horror film with Steve Guttenberg and James Duval.

    Nothing fancy, just a sound-design-y, atonal score. (my first attempt at that).

    The sequence is dialogue driven since we were listening to various newscasters announcing the news about a serial killer.

    (and that's why the music is simple and - I believe - serviceable)



  4. I don't have a TV but I recently bought a 4K 43'' monitor for my pc:




    Unfortunately my graphics card isn't 4K so I'm in 1080p resolution right now and it's a bit crappy for tackling with fonts and word/excel and such stuff, but for my blurays it's great.

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