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  1. I mostly agree with this. Not a fan of "MUST HAVE" -- some people might not care for either one, but to say that both are essential would be okay in my book. For WIlliams: how long of a list would the "essentials" be? And what would be left off? Empire over Star Wars?
  2. Streetcar has since been released. EDIT: Well that pasting didn’t appear to work. Omni sent out an e-mail on Jun 09 announcing its plans. And those plans include TWOK.
  3. Yeah, a new version of Lifeforce could work. 3rd CD would original album. We’ll see. Only 28 days, or so, to wait.
  4. Careful. If one doesn’t believe that a deity exists, “him” is grammatically correct. Or, it could be a simple typo. As we are not allowed to discuss things of a religious nature (thank you, Mods!), guess we’ll never know. Considering how many times I’ve seen a lot as one word and supposedly educated people not knowing how to use an apostrophe, I know where I would be putting my money if I were to bet on it. P.S. That thank you was not sarcastic. Back in the 90s I went to a wedding when my date and a mutual friend got into an argument about [political topic]. It got so bad that I exasperatedly asked if they would please discuss something less controversial like the JFK assassination.
  5. I’m more curious as to how the CDs are sorted. Not alphabetically, not by film release or CD release date. Maybe it’s random and I’m trying find order.
  6. My bad. The You Tube clip is no longer available. Sound Cloud clip is, as you pointed out, just dandy.
  7. And, it’s “Bruckhorn”! If you don’t mind, I’m going to go listen to this release while following along the conductor’s score… Should I pause playback 20 seconds when I get to Bavmorda Slaps Kael”? Might switch to the clip Jay posted earlier in this thread. Decisions, decisions. Update: the clip Jay posted is no longer available. All together now: “Aw, mannn!”
  8. From the last line I inferred that you, who doesn’t see the need to procure this release, are relatively sane, thinks that people who purchase it are relatively insane. I think that questioning people’s sanity due to buying a CD is belittling. How does it measure their ability to interact in the communal reality? Anyway, I would like to apologize to my fellow JWFan followers for my part in derailing this topic. I like this new release. I think I can hear spittle rattling in the French Horn valves. And I can’t wait until Omni Music releases the conductor’s score for this. (Will it include the cue that wasn’t recorded?)
  9. Streetcar Named Desire is now available. https://omnimusicpublishing.com/product/alex-norths-a-streetcar-named-desire-full-orchestral-score/?mc_cid=2e1fa24bd0&mc_eid=9e467e7ef2
  10. You wrote it yourself, “upgrade”. And people considered remastering and additional versions of tracks enough of an upgrade to purchase it. Why belittle them?
  11. Gee, and I thought this was an announcement of its release. if I was able to do it right, attached is cover art for the Siddall releases. It includes Legends as well the next two planned releases: Alien and Gremlins. Taken from an e-mail from Chris Siddall, himself.
  12. Yes. Shipping costs are why I’m waiting for Legends of the Fall to be released before ordering Conan.
  13. And, your impressions? The liner notes: did they choose a good font, or is that another nit that some of us here will bitch about incessantly?
  14. The available material may not include that insert. The full set of maters is missing and presumed lost to the ages.
  15. You and your near eidetic memory. You're my hero. Some mornings I have trouble finding my phone.
  16. Considering that Omni has included alternates and even cues that weren't recorded in other releases, no. Jay: so you have the Omni score for WIllow, but can't read music. Do I have that correct?
  17. Music - there can be only one: Highlander After all these years, I ain't holding my breath for it. Too many damn lawyers and too complex publishing rights involved. Sheet Music - complete full orchestral scores to Kamen's Concerto for Saxophone and Concerto for Electric Guitar, Rock Band, and Orchestra. Re-recording: David Raksin's The Redeemer. When I heard it the first time, I went home and composed all night. I wanted to write something like it. I'd love to hear a clear, crisp recording. The others I'd love to pickup, I figure will be released in time or the composer has stated an aversion to having it released.
  18. The original release of Willow had its problems, too. As in it was too long for first generation CD players to play without skipping near the end. I had a friend who had his copy skip, so he returned it and got another copy. It skipped, and he returned that copy. The third one he finally tried on another CD player (mine). He got a new CD player so he could play it properly. A couple of years later, I started working at a radio station and found out that the problem was industry wide. I never did ask how long it took the radio station to figure out the problem was with the players.
  19. I’ll believe it’s Willow when I see it. well, hear it.
  20. E-mail sent out from Omni: Great news Omni customers, If you live outside the US, Schott Music is now offering Tangled and How To Train Your Dragon from their website. Please click on the links below to order. You will find that the shipping costs are considerably cheaper ordering from them. Keep an eye out for How To Train Your Dragon 2 in the next couple of weeks. Omni is hard at work on some new books: A Streetcar Named Desire, Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan, and Dracula (’92). Omni will re-release Total Recall v2.0 over the summer. Check out Tangled and How To Train Your Dragon on the Schott Music website. --- END QUOTED MATERIAL --- Some good news for our European friends. Alex North fans getting a little love. I wonder what the reasons are for v2.0 of Total Recall... And all together now: KHAN!
  21. How about Horner’s reliance on that darn pan flute! A couple of times, okay, but he just kept jamming it down our ears. More than once, I turned off a CD thinking, “Dude, get a new favorite spice! Not everything sounds better with it.”
  22. Bat Out of Hell has been described as Wagnerian Rock and Roll. It’s what got me to listen to it the first time. And I’ve been a fan ever since. Useless trivia: Roy Bittan (piano) and Max Weinberg (drums) from the E Street Band contributed their talents to Bat Out of Hell.
  23. The printed score is the live-to-projection version. Changes were made to facilitate performances by “local orchestras”. For instance, also in Empire, at one point the original score calls for Wagner Tubas. Big city orchestras are more likely to have French Horn players who have their own Wagner Tubas, smaller orchestras are less likely. So the LTP score changed the Wagner Tubas part to French Horns.
  24. They’re now taking orders. https://neumation-music.com/products/krull-in-full-score (Hopefully, I pasted the link correctly.) Target shipping date: late December.
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