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  1. The last time I saw this many polls, I was in Warsaw.
  2. But no one expects the Spanish Inquisition.
  3. Star Trek VI's use of the inversion of the opening of Firebird. As to Horner-- think of him as being a green composer. With all that he's reused and recycled, I think it's an apt title.
  4. I went with ST:TMP is a great score, but SW is better. Without Star Wars, Star Trek: The Motion Picture would not have been made. Add to that the social impact (and not just on the small scale: when my nephew was two it was the Rebel Fanfare he was humming, not the Klingon Battle). I am a trekkie and I love the score to ST:TMP. BTW: Glad to see you weren't sent to Rura Penthe, Quint. (And why is it "banned" rather than "suspended"? Banned implies permanence to me.)
  5. I haven't voted yet, but I wanna make sure that I vote for the correct Hans Zimmer. Which one composed the score for Angels & Demons? When I listened to the first track of the score, I realized that I was re-orchestrating it in my head. And it was the first time I was hearing the piece-- that's a bad sign and as such, I can't vote for that Hans Zimmer. So, until I figure out which one that was, I will abstain from casting my ballot.
  6. Do the region two versions come with special features (i.e. commentaries)?
  7. I may have gotten the last copy of 2001- I ordered it last night along with some of their more recent releases. I highly recommend that you pick up the Goldsmith re-recording. One of the biggest "what if's" in movie history. Back in 1990 (or early '91) I had the chance to talk to Ray Bradbury and he said he loved Horner's music for SWTWC and was quite insistent about Horner's need to write an opera. I wonder if he still feels that way...
  8. Too many false hopes over the years to make me think that BTTF is finally getting released. Horner's version of Something Wicked This Way Comes would fit the description, if "megawattage" wasn't considered an unsubtle hint. Okay, somebody post a reply with the note that Horner's score has been commercially released. Still, there's more than one score by a big name composer that hasn't been released yet. Are there any Goldsmith scores from the 80's that haven't been issued? Just remember how underwhelmed most of us were when Intrada released WarGames? Don't hold your breath for BTTF, but do keep an extra $20 in your pocket, just in case...
  9. I listened to ST:TMP just last week and thought that it would be the textbook example of how to incorporate non-standard instruments into an orchestra. It's lush, beautiful, and sublime, but... back when Superman Returns came out, I saw a commercial for it and when I heard strains of Williams' music, I got goosebumps. What can I say, Superman was the first score that connected with me. I remember holding up a couple of microphones next to the speaker on the TV to record the Main Theme off of an HBO airing back in '80, or so. And, yes, the cassette recording sounded like utter crap, but I listened to it repeatedly anyway.
  10. Uh... Sense and Sensibility (Emma T.'s version) EDIT: When I posted this, the post above me was blank. Now there's a picture of a cat. Who's been putting a little something extra in my Dr. Pepper?
  11. Star Wars - Last summer and it was the version released on laser disc (transferred to DVD by a friend of mine) Jaws - While I have seen sections of this on TV over the years, I don't think I've ever watched the whole movie in one sitting E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial - When it first came out on DVD Schindler's List - The first showing on opening day in 1993; I haven't felt the need to be put through that kind of emotional ringer since. It was a packed house and when it was over we left it complete silence.
  12. I heard about Caprica getting a 20 episode order from Bear McCreary's website-- he announced he's been signed to score it.
  13. 4 Not only a good score, but when I first heard it in the theater, I went directly to a CD shop and picked up his Sax Concerto (which I highly recommend). Sure, there have been times that I went directly from the theater to the CD shop to pick up the score of the movie I'd just seen, but this was the only time I went and specifically got something else by the composer of the film score I just saw. I wish his Symphony would get a better recording, too.
  14. Okay. Listening to his commentaries on the 4.0 DVDs, I wasn't surprised that Ellen was the fifth.
  15. I got to thinking-- Saul, shall we say, got confused when talking to Six in the cell and thought she was Ellen. Any chance he's gotten confused again? You know, but in a different way? Just a possibility. Thought I would put it out there and see what other people think.
  16. Based on your clues, Hitch, I guess that 4 is The Man Who Knew Too Much (Original Version) and that 6 is Independence Day.
  17. Yes, that's exactly what I'm worried about... For those of us in the States, I'd recommend C-SPAN as being the least likely to have chatter over the performance. (Typing this will hopefully remind me to set up my DVR to record Tuesday's festivities.) actually,why don't you set it now.. I'm at work and can't do it from here.
  18. Yes, that's exactly what I'm worried about... :spiny: For those of us in the States, I'd recommend C-SPAN as being the least likely to have chatter over the performance. (Typing this will hopefully remind me to set up my DVR to record Tuesday's festivities.)
  19. Jane Eyre M*A*S*H Tora! Tora! Tora! And, yes, I have the gray hairs that go with my age. Considering how many movies listed I remember seeing in the theater, or played at the movie theater that I worked at in high school and college, yeah, I'm feeling my age. But it is nice to know that there are several here who can call me "kid."
  20. Show me a dangerous moron! [insert name of your least favorite politician here.]
  21. Yes, but what is in those missing eighteen minutes might be the most damning evidence...
  22. The Oscars are a weird popularity contest. I once had the chance to talk to a voter about it and the person said that they voted for best score that year by deciding to award the film an Oscar for something, but this person didn't feel that the movie deserved one of the "big Oscars" (Film, Director) that it was up for. Please, don't ever use the Oscars as a way to measure a composer. Remember, when it comes to Oscars, it's Menken 6 and Goldsmith 1. I wouldn't mind if Williams got nominated this year, but with the reception that that movie received, I doubt it'll happen. And, if it does get nominated, don't expect it to get many votes-- you never know how many votes might be thinking, Is this a movie that deserves an Oscar?
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