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  1. As did I. For years I worked for a manufacturer and one of the things I kept telling the folks in the sales department is overestimate how long it will take to deliver the goods. When we were early, customers were pleased; when we were late, customers were [other word for upset]. Pleased customers are easier to deal with.
  2. Something to look forward to durring the first part of Tax Season. Definately looking forward to it. However, what's the source of the TV schedule? Any word on the rumored stand-alone movies?
  3. Well, that or he'd see how many people he could freak out by talking about his younger days when he hooked up with Mick Jagger and David Bowie one night. Or that time he helped Keith Richards snort some of his father's ashes. Maybe that he considers Wilt Chamberlain's 10,000 as a typical holiday weekend. Then he'd laugh at the fallout, remind us that we are his biyatches and hos, and tell us to call him J-Dubs before going back to spoiling his grandchildren.
  4. Gee, is this something we can start a pool over? Kinda like ones where people can bet on the time and weight of a baby being born... (Just trying to do my part to add to the inanity and the post cost on this thread.)
  5. A guess on number one: that's John Mahony in The Broken Hearts Club.
  6. Just because it isn't in your urban dictionary, doesn't mean it isn't English. "Exclusive" is just a marketing buzzword that I pay no attention to. If you want to have some fun, check out the footage of George Carlin talking about them buzzwords. His "servicing the customer" was a little too spot on, which made it all the funnier.
  7. Aren't those the lyrics to "Imagine"? I am of two minds about this. Many years ago, a friend stopped by when I was watching a movie and when a character said "I can't live without this," or something to that effect, my friend commented on how well it foreshadowed the character's suicide. I was upset for a few minutes, but forgave him due to the movie being five years old. (Still hold a grudge against him for recommending Cocktail, though.) I have heard tidbits about Harry Potter 6 and 7, but haven't read them yet. I've tried to avoid the spoilers, but if I was really concerned about keeping up the suspense, shouldn't I have read them already? I've read the first five, twice. But, when it comes to mysteries, I say keep your mouth shut. I don't want to read the solution of an Agatha Christie book in a book by Terrance Dicks. Don't want to be told what "Rosebud" means, that the narrator was the killer, or that the Maltese Falcon was really a pigeon.
  8. Nothing at all. There's a reason Baskin Robbins has 31 flavors-- not everyone's taste is the same.
  9. When I had my left wrist operated on, I had to write with my right and my boss said that a couple of my co-workers handwriting was worse than me writing wrong-handed. On occasion I work a crossword puzzle right-handed while eating with my left. Multitasking, baby.
  10. Nope, already released last year. http://www.screenarchives.com/title_detail.cfm?ID=1088 Goes to show how uninterested I am in getting it.
  11. It might not be a Goldsmith score. Here's hoping it's not. Nothing against Goldsmith, but I agree with King Mark about Gremlins and STTMP being the list of Goldsmith scores that could be considered grail scores by many people. Intrada has already said that it isn't Gremlins and Goldsmith okayed the expanded release of STTMP, so I don't expect a complete version of that any time soon. The clock keeps ticking and soon we'll know. I wouldn't be surprised if the 1000 release is The Philadelphia Experiment.
  12. Eat with one hand and wipe with the other. And pray never to suffer from dyslexia.
  13. It looks like a judge's gavel to me. Considering the news from last week-- how about The Wall?
  14. It is possible that the reason for the track listings not being released yet is that the track names may require final approval from Lucasfilm. It could very well be hung up by somebody trying to decide if "Chaos Underground" is a better title than "Underground Chaos". They probably have until the neighborhood of October 20 before everything has to be locked down. I'm not expecting any news from Concord until then. Hoping for, certainly, but not expecting. And, another thing I'm waiting for is word on why I would want to buy the boxed set versus the individual titles. One on-line retailer (SAE, I think) has the new Raiders at $9. If TOD and LC are both sold for $19 each (which considering the cost of Raiders and Skull are currently getting, seems a bit high), then I can get the remastered trilogy for $47, roughly the same cost of the box set but without a second copy of Skull.
  15. Well, there's a picture on page three of the Intrada - Septermber 23rd Release thread that would fit in nicely here. It is a monkey beating a prone (and presumed dead) horse. EDIT - That picture is on page 4, sorry about that.
  16. Boy, am I glad I waited until my co-workers (and boss) were at lunch to see this. Other possible quote for the horse, "Please make the fanboys stop."
  17. Perhaps "grail" is a double clue. If so, that should add Excalibur and Monty Python and the Holy Grail to the mix.
  18. I was going to take a stab with that, but I couldn't figure out how spell the darn title.
  19. Okay, but this is also the website that elsewhere states that the boxed set will be eight discs. On the page linked by Mark, it says five. Sorry, but until I see something else from Concord (no matter how poorly written), I'm not going to get my hopes up.
  20. "Obsession" - Bernard Herrmann That's from Vertigo, right? (If I was at home, I could look it up.) I guess it's the De Palma movie "Obsession" scored by Herrmann. One of his best works, which needs a proper release, by the way. Ahh, my bad. I figured Hitch would be referring to his tale of obsession, rather than De Palma's, uh, remake. Good thing he got Bernie to do it. Maybe it'll be the 1,000 copy release that Intrada will have on the 23rd.
  21. Americal? Hmmm, maybe it's something in the air that causing the lack of clarity. Wait, there's clarity on the top line. Neil, what is up with them folk and did you make it out in one piece and of sane mind?
  22. Hey, something new to have us guessing about while we await word from Concord. If Intrada is pressing 5,000 copies of something, it had better be something that will leave a lot of us saying, "Finally!" Sorry, King Mark, but Family Plot does not fit that bill. I'm not even sure Spartacus fits that bill (and I would be quicker to pick up Spartacus than I would Family Plot). More likely Back to the Future, but I'm not willing to put my money on any guess. Remember how Intrada gave clues before releasing WarGames? Wait and see is the way for me. Oh, yeah, I am Spartacus. "Obsession" - Bernard Herrmann That's from Vertigo, right? (If I was at home, I could look it up.) And Hitch, I miss the banjo playing.
  23. I don't cower. My knee buckled, I swear. After three surgeries, it does that too frequently.
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