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  1. Jane Eyre M*A*S*H Tora! Tora! Tora! And, yes, I have the gray hairs that go with my age. Considering how many movies listed I remember seeing in the theater, or played at the movie theater that I worked at in high school and college, yeah, I'm feeling my age. But it is nice to know that there are several here who can call me "kid."
  2. Show me a dangerous moron! [insert name of your least favorite politician here.]
  3. Yes, but what is in those missing eighteen minutes might be the most damning evidence...
  4. The Oscars are a weird popularity contest. I once had the chance to talk to a voter about it and the person said that they voted for best score that year by deciding to award the film an Oscar for something, but this person didn't feel that the movie deserved one of the "big Oscars" (Film, Director) that it was up for. Please, don't ever use the Oscars as a way to measure a composer. Remember, when it comes to Oscars, it's Menken 6 and Goldsmith 1. I wouldn't mind if Williams got nominated this year, but with the reception that that movie received, I doubt it'll happen. And, if it does get nominated, don't expect it to get many votes-- you never know how many votes might be thinking, Is this a movie that deserves an Oscar?
  5. It was probably due to the success of the LOTR symphony that has lead to this. No, I am not thrilled at the prospect of the narration, but let's wait for the concert reviews before we start crapping on it. As a thought exercise, I have ofter considered how a Star Wars symphony would be put together if the idea was to make it sound like a traditional symphony in the style of Mahler or Bruckner. (Those who have heard Kasif's Queen Symphony have an idea of what I mean.) It's Lucas, so I would be shocked if a recording of this wasn't released. First the audio (with microedits just to drive KM crazy) and then a while later DVD/Blu-Ray of the concert. As for the LOTR symphony getting released, I heard rumors of it being on the multimedia disc that's coming with the Music of the LOTR book next year.
  6. Twelfth Night (or What You Will) "Some men are born great, some men achieve greatness, and some men have greatness thrust upon them." Which camp do you suppose our dear boy Malvolio is in?
  7. I played both Bond and Mission Impossible in the Pep Band back in high school. Both were fun to play, but I gotta vote for Bond. It has nothing to do with the football team's reaction to us playing Mission: Impossible when they were facing third and long...
  8. Language is situational. Do I expect a cop to pull his gun and say, "Excuse me, dear boy, but could be so kind as to cease your forward motion?" Of course not. I expect, "Freeze" with a colorful expression to quickly follow. I love George Carlin's work and I'm pretty sure I've said all seven of his favorite words at one point or another, but I don't think that those words assist in substantiating the majority of points that are made on this board. For the most part, I think that using such language in an attempt to make an intelligent argument is counterproductive and demonstrates a lack of intelligence. With that being written, I got a good chuckle out of what Quint wrote above. Situationally, I was okay with it. Now if I could get a couple of you to stop writing "alot" -- that makes me cringe. It's two words, folks. (I know, this from a guy who freely uses gonna, otta, and kinda. And a little surprised that only otta got flagged by the spell checker.)
  9. Have fun with the interview: Do you agree that this set is more important than Christmas? What color M&M's does Williams insist on having in his dressing room at concerts?
  10. Jason, what else on this set would you combine? I'm not nearly as familiar with Last Crusade. All that information will be posted to www.indianajonesmusic.com tonight Basically, though, any cue that ends on a loud single note was probably meant to be combined with another track Thank you for doing this, Jason. I'll be sure to look for it tonight.
  11. Define "fake." The one that emerged about six weeks to two months ago (if I recall correctly).
  12. Amazon has pre-order price guarentee: if you pre-order something and the price goes lower than the price you bought it for, they'll charge you the lowest price that was listed before release. Still waiting for Amazon to tell me that my copy of the set is "shipping soon"... Did the "fake leak" shrink away due to it being revealed as a "fake"? I can't find that darn thing. (Found lots of copies of the DCC cd.)
  13. 26 seconds to be exact, and it's arguable the best and most important 26 seconds... it's the part where Indy's A Theme plays with Short Round's Theme in counterpoint. It's inexcusable it wasn't included. Not to mention that fact that we now can't properly join "Return To The Village" with the "End Credits" because its the FIRST 26 seconds of the End Credits that are missing.... and the same 32 seconds from "Return To The Village" are repeated on discs 2 and 5. But luckily we can at least do a clean edit of the first 26 seconds using the RPO re-recording. Sure it isn't the original, but it sounds pretty good and it isn't a DVD rip, so the sound quality change won't be noticed at all. It's better than not having it at all, which apparently is our current situation. That may be more difficult than you might imagine. I have not heard the RPO re-recording, but two different orchestras recorded in two different venues by two different recording teams and the likelihood of two different tempos and two different tunings (not all orchestras tune to A=440, I have been told that European orchestras tend to tune a little higher than American orchestras) might make the editing more difficult (though not impossible-- it'll just need a whole lotta patience).
  14. Amazon charges on shipment. On more than one occasion I've had orders broken up and I have been charged when the items shipped. I currently have an order of four or five items and while I asked for Amazon to bunch the order (and get free shipping), when I check on the order, it is schedule to ship each item indivually.
  15. Okay, I have tomorrow morning in the "When is the box set gonna leak?" pool. Is "Marion into the Pit" available from the normal quasi-nefarious sources and if so, is it called "Marion in the Pit"? For those of you partaking, hope you have a safe and fun Halloween.
  16. That's right-- King Mark has said that this box set "is more important than Christmas!"
  17. I worked at a radio station for ten years and saw countless CDs where the track times listed didn't match what was on the CD. We even had a way of typing in the catalog number into the computer and the track times provided by the labels were automatically fed into the station's system-- and there were errors there, too. Until somebody physically gets their hands on the set, I won't put total faith in any information presented. Yes, I am enthused about this set, but I ain't devouring every little morsel of data as fact. Go ahead and call me Doubting Thomas. (And, yes, Nick Parker, Doubting Thomas is from before your time. )
  18. Because spinning our wheels and wildly speculating is just so much more fun!
  19. Richuk is in the UK -- I doubt they preempted for American baseball.
  20. For one, it doesn't happen three times in a row. And the raft jump was done on Mythbusters.
  21. I like Ike, too, but when I say it, it's in reference to my high school music teacher.
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