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  1. Speaking of that . . . . do we have a release date for the book yet? 2 DVDs? I hadn't heard that. I keep checking Doug Adams' website and have yet to see official word on a release date, but all indications / hopes are that it will be this year. Nah, Miss Padme complimented his intelligence-- that's enough to get any man into a euphoric state.
  2. Gee, Mark, care to guess what the new Varese CD Club titles are going to be?
  3. Nick, To record, you're probably going to have to press the Play and Record buttons down at the same time.
  4. "I only know two languages: English and Bad English." The good folks at Concord seem to be well versed in Bad English or they are attempting to get into the next edition of Anguished English. If they will only be available in the box set, then they should not be released individually. Maybe they're trying to sound like Yogi Berra...
  5. 6 is Chasing Amy Hitch -- good to see you back. Hopefully in one piece. Okay, go get Mother out of the fruit cellar.
  6. This is JWFan, of course people are going to wank about them not be complete. And, if we find out they're complete, people will wank about the lack of alternate versions. And if it turns out the set contains that, people will wank about the lack of an extensive booklet (a la the Superman Blue Box set) or annotated score analysis that came with the LOTR complete recordings. And if the set came with something like that, people would wank about the lack of replica fedora and whip. To sum up, some people are just wankers. And if you are, then by all means, please commence with the wanking. And, yes, there are many of us who will be reading your comments and judging you on them, so make them spicy!
  7. Ghostbusters has not been ruled out; only Ghostbusters II has been. If it isn't Ghostbusters, I'm gonna guess Lifeforce.
  8. Probably better, quite possibly better, but not 100% positive that the sound will be better. Over the years, I have seen many comments on how there are parts of the 4 disc Star Wars box set that sound better than the complete score releases that were remastered a couple of years later. If you wanna have fun, track down some articles from the mid-80s debating what sounded better: LPs or CDs.
  9. Or they just don't make too big a deal out of this so only a few people really have the info. Has anyone suggested that the additional disk may contain the interview and additional bits of music? I mean, with one disc each and a half disc for leftovers, complete TOD and LC scores should fit on the set, right? According to the filmography page, Raiders is 89:42, TOD is 114:01, and LC is 124:04 with 5:01 of source music (times include all pieces listed on the page). Putting as much music as can fit on a CD (80 min), that leaves Raiders 10, TOD 35, and LC 40 (nixing the source music) and -5 minutes for the interview with Williams. Wait, minus five minutes? Uh, I don't think we're going to get complete scores unless they go to 2 discs per title. Oh, well. As to Miss Padme's quote citing October 14 as the box set release date, I'm gonna guess the person confused the box set release date with the Raiders solo disc release. The quote may be from the same person who wrote (if I may be so kind as to consider it writing) the press release. C'mon Vosk, it's King Mark we're talking about here! He's just being himself. And I wouldn't want him any other way. (BTW, nice to see you back on the board.)
  10. I figured the only reason it sounded that bad was that it was the best it could be made to sound. And, Jason, no fair stumping me with the Zevon lyric. How dumb did that make me feel? Last year I considered naming my fantasy football team the Fistfulls of Rain; I went with Porcelain Monkeys instead.
  11. Seeing on how I'm at work, I gonna guess Kenny's version. (If I was at home, I'd check, and I guessed Hamlet based on Merchant.) And it was my co-worker who figured out the "not-in-alphabetical order". She was the county spelling bee champion. And then there was one... but it's not be Agatha Christie. Based on a work by a British subject written before the twentieth century and its title is between Contact and Jaws. Hmmm, when was Horatio Hornblower written?
  12. If they are in alphabetical order, how is it that 9 is Jaws and 11 is Hook? Stabs in the dark ('cause I'm at work, for one thing)-- 10. Hamlet 17. Merchant of Venice 22. Sphere
  13. Raiders only being $9 is their attempt to get more money. If you only want the new Raiders, fine, but if you want the whole set, wait. I'd be surprised if a copy of it didn't leak on the 'net, someplace. I am curious about the report that TOD and LC will be issued separately. Yes the re-use fee problem, but that's not what gets me. Was the unofficial word that they would be released separately concurrent with the box set? If TOD and LC are issued individually on November 11, what would make me want to get the boxed set? No offense, but an interview with John Williams is not sufficient incentive. A few years ago, the James Bond film series was released on DVD in four box sets; the individual titles were released beginning a few months later. If TOD and LC won't be issued until next year, some time, that may be enough to get me to buy the set. This should prove to be interesting...
  14. Mahler. The first time I heard his Resurrection Symphony in concert absolutely blew me away. I was incapable of speech for nearly five minutes following the last note. Completely freaked out my date-- my mouth was moving, but nothing was coming out. And to think, about a week before the concert, I listened to it on CD and wasn't impressed by it.
  15. If he's 5'10.5", that would be 179cm. 5'7" is 170cm. It was eighteen years ago when I met him and I'd guess that the 5'7" is closer to his actual height. At 6'5", I towered over Towner.
  16. Call of the Champions (2002 Winter Olympics Theme) Celebrate Discovery Sound the Bells A Hymn to New England Jubilee 350 (for Boston's 350th birthday) I Love a Parade The Mission (theme for NBC News) and then there's his arrangement of the US National Anthem from films: The Slave Children's Crusade The Flag Parade Theme from Hook (the ~1:40 piece that was composed for the trailer) the concert version of the Theme from Born on the Fourth of July (starts with trumpet solo and then "segues" into the end credits) Prologue from JFK The last two (and Hymn to New England, for that matter) aren't marches or "traditional" fanfares, but might be nice to include as a change of pace.
  17. Thank you for the head's up; I'll keep an eye out for that. I saw him conduct Bruckner's Sixth with the LA Phil and it was the first time that the end of the finale didn't sound like it was tacked on just because that's what Bruckner does. I sat there and thought that they were playing too loud and had nowhere to go when the recall of the first movement would enter, but when they got there, they cranked it up to "eleven" and blew me away. On the down side, I didn't think he was able to get the coda of the first movement to soar like Celibidache.
  18. Possible replies: No, it's for when your mother calls. or No, it's for when Hitch calls.
  19. What-- it's not the video for "Never Gonna Give You Up"? Gee, I'm a little disappointed, Quint.
  20. I'd recommend going to your local library and seeing if it has a recording or two that you can check out. You might be surprised at what your local library has access to. It might cost you a few bucks, but considering that the Solti recording mentioned above is over $150 USD, would it be worth spending the few bucks to see if you liked it before you bought it? Also, consider DVDs. I worked at a classical radio station for ten years and never "got" opera when we aired it, but when I saw an opera, it was a different story.
  21. C'mon, ask a tuffy-- whatever happened to Sibby's Eighth Symphony? Oh, 1902. As to the Glis. -- I use Finale, so I'm just guessing, but I think your going to have to write out the glis. Check Sibelius' website, there should be a forum there for technical questions-- there is on Finale's; that's how I figured out how to do some things that I was having trouble with. Good luck, Jim.
  22. "He's puts one of your guys in the hospital, you put one of his in the morgue-- that's the Chicago way." "Never bring a knife to a gun fight." "You're mucking with the wrong G."
  23. I'm okay with KM being a dentist-- as long as he doesn't ask his patients, "Is it safe?"
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