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  1. You and your near eidetic memory. You're my hero. Some mornings I have trouble finding my phone.
  2. Considering that Omni has included alternates and even cues that weren't recorded in other releases, no. Jay: so you have the Omni score for WIllow, but can't read music. Do I have that correct?
  3. Music - there can be only one: Highlander After all these years, I ain't holding my breath for it. Too many damn lawyers and too complex publishing rights involved. Sheet Music - complete full orchestral scores to Kamen's Concerto for Saxophone and Concerto for Electric Guitar, Rock Band, and Orchestra. Re-recording: David Raksin's The Redeemer. When I heard it the first time, I went home and composed all night. I wanted to write something like it. I'd love to hear a clear, crisp recording. The others I'd love to pickup, I figure will be released in time or the composer has stated an aversion to having it released.
  4. The original release of Willow had its problems, too. As in it was too long for first generation CD players to play without skipping near the end. I had a friend who had his copy skip, so he returned it and got another copy. It skipped, and he returned that copy. The third one he finally tried on another CD player (mine). He got a new CD player so he could play it properly. A couple of years later, I started working at a radio station and found out that the problem was industry wide. I never did ask how long it took the radio station to figure out the problem was with the players.
  5. E-mail sent out from Omni: Great news Omni customers, If you live outside the US, Schott Music is now offering Tangled and How To Train Your Dragon from their website. Please click on the links below to order. You will find that the shipping costs are considerably cheaper ordering from them. Keep an eye out for How To Train Your Dragon 2 in the next couple of weeks. Omni is hard at work on some new books: A Streetcar Named Desire, Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan, and Dracula (’92). Omni will re-release Total Recall v2.0 over the summer. Check out Tangled and How To Train Your Dragon on the Schott Music website. --- END QUOTED MATERIAL --- Some good news for our European friends. Alex North fans getting a little love. I wonder what the reasons are for v2.0 of Total Recall... And all together now: KHAN!
  6. How about Horner’s reliance on that darn pan flute! A couple of times, okay, but he just kept jamming it down our ears. More than once, I turned off a CD thinking, “Dude, get a new favorite spice! Not everything sounds better with it.”
  7. Bat Out of Hell has been described as Wagnerian Rock and Roll. It’s what got me to listen to it the first time. And I’ve been a fan ever since. Useless trivia: Roy Bittan (piano) and Max Weinberg (drums) from the E Street Band contributed their talents to Bat Out of Hell.
  8. The printed score is the live-to-projection version. Changes were made to facilitate performances by “local orchestras”. For instance, also in Empire, at one point the original score calls for Wagner Tubas. Big city orchestras are more likely to have French Horn players who have their own Wagner Tubas, smaller orchestras are less likely. So the LTP score changed the Wagner Tubas part to French Horns.
  9. They’re now taking orders. https://neumation-music.com/products/krull-in-full-score (Hopefully, I pasted the link correctly.) Target shipping date: late December.
  10. Wait. How did you get the sheet music? I thought only the opening and closing tracks have leaked. Fantastic mock-up, by the way.
  11. Well, I doubt they'll have this alternate version of Battle in the Mutara Nebula: Battle in the Mutara Nebula.
  12. TWOK: 10,000 units. To warrant that kind of run, there better be a lot more than remastering and a Nimoy-less track. A lot more. Multiple dips: Cassette LP GNP CD FSM CD
  13. A couple of Horner tracks made it on the LP, so not completely unreleased. The Pursuit of D.B. Cooper and I Love You To Death might make for an interesting double bill on a single CD.
  14. Over on the FSM board, MV announced that JFK was in the works and when queried about it, MV indicated on May 18, 2016 that it would be out in 2017, or later. 2021 is later than 2017. Just writing…
  15. Neumation Music’s Facebook page for those who want the original source of the news. FSM message board thread It appears that The Day the Earth Stood Still is their first publication.
  16. I heard that North reused some material from 2001 for it. Nice flyer, but there aren't any catalogue numbers listed. Something to look forward to.
  17. My money’s on 1550. I think Jay’s got some inside scoop. Not the title, just the number.
  18. Per title: https://omnimusicpublishing.com/product/james-horner-sneakers-full-orchestral-score/ No e-mail announcement, just checked the website and there it was. Ordered. Didn't care for the default shipping to super-duper express for $40+.
  19. Alien3 will always have a special spot in my heart. I remember reading Opera News and it had a blurb about this guy who was going to score the next Alien film. That kind of blurb in Film Score Monthly? Sure, but Opera News? I was intrigued. A few months later I’m talking to a musician and he tells me about this fabulous score he was a part of recording. A score that was unlike any score he’d been in the orchestra to record. When I asked him to name the movie, he supplied, “The new Alien.” That changed me from a hard pass on seeing it to checking it out. Not overly fond of the film, but it didn’t stop me from walking immediately from the Fairview Theater across the parking lot to Tempo Records and buying the score.
  20. Okay, so the speculated list is Hook, HP4, and The Patriot. I’ll put in Brain-, no, Will-, oh wait, ah: a rerecording of David Raksin’s The Redeemer. Sure fire miss.
  21. That’s what I was thinking: I like the score and would like to hear more of it. It’s what I figure whenever anybody expresses an interest in an expanded score. Even Zimmer scores . Some people are averse to bootlegs.
  22. Sneakers? Orchestral with plenty of banging piano for tension. Has nice solos from Branford Marsalis on sax. and don’t forget the Vaughan-Williams quote... Krull, Cocoon, An American Tail, The Land Before Time, The Rocketeer, Legends of the Fall, Braveheart, Apollo 13. Nope. Sneakers. I’ll still pick it up. Probably not the first day available, but eventually.
  23. Wait, this dropped six weeks ago and only this morning I received an e-mail from Omni announcing the release? Damn. (More of a Really?!?) Ordered. Hope its success will lead to TWOK being released. Read the e-mail during a Zoom meeting and my face did not hide my reaction. Somebody got caught not paying attention to the meeting...
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