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  1. Per title: https://omnimusicpublishing.com/product/james-horner-sneakers-full-orchestral-score/ No e-mail announcement, just checked the website and there it was. Ordered. Didn't care for the default shipping to super-duper express for $40+.
  2. Alien3 will always have a special spot in my heart. I remember reading Opera News and it had a blurb about this guy who was going to score the next Alien film. That kind of blurb in Film Score Monthly? Sure, but Opera News? I was intrigued. A few months later I’m talking to a musician and he tells me about this fabulous score he was a part of recording. A score that was unlike any score he’d been in the orchestra to record. When I asked him to name the movie, he supplied, “The new Alien.” That changed me from a hard pass on seeing it to checking it out. Not overly fond of the film, but it didn’t stop me from walking immediately from the Fairview Theater across the parking lot to Tempo Records and buying the score.
  3. Okay, so the speculated list is Hook, HP4, and The Patriot. I’ll put in Brain-, no, Will-, oh wait, ah: a rerecording of David Raksin’s The Redeemer. Sure fire miss.
  4. That’s what I was thinking: I like the score and would like to hear more of it. It’s what I figure whenever anybody expresses an interest in an expanded score. Even Zimmer scores . Some people are averse to bootlegs.
  5. Sneakers? Orchestral with plenty of banging piano for tension. Has nice solos from Branford Marsalis on sax. and don’t forget the Vaughan-Williams quote... Krull, Cocoon, An American Tail, The Land Before Time, The Rocketeer, Legends of the Fall, Braveheart, Apollo 13. Nope. Sneakers. I’ll still pick it up. Probably not the first day available, but eventually.
  6. Wait, this dropped six weeks ago and only this morning I received an e-mail from Omni announcing the release? Damn. (More of a Really?!?) Ordered. Hope its success will lead to TWOK being released. Read the e-mail during a Zoom meeting and my face did not hide my reaction. Somebody got caught not paying attention to the meeting...
  7. Creepshot Return of the Pedi Fatman Returns An American Fail Pillow Carhorse
  8. Star Trek III on cassette back in 1985. I’m so old, even my nose hairs have gone grey.
  9. Just as long as they’re not as obtuse as the clues Varese Sarabande has been putting out.
  10. This old fart would like a physical CD. It was announced the day after I started a vacation and was sold out before I returned home and finally got back online. While it’s been years since I read a physical book (them e-books allow for bigger font size for my bad eyes), I still prefer little silver discs for music and movies.
  11. Happy Birthday to the man who wrote the music that came out of my nephew’s mouth at the age of two. Star Wars, of course. But two— talk about getting them while they’re young. That’s how memorable his music is.
  12. I find it hard to believe that MV would have mentioned target release dates missed before the scores get released. A lesson learned from mentioning an expanded JFK how long ago and still no release...
  13. I received an e-mail stating that my order has shipped. As it needs to cross the pond, I’m not expecting it for 1-2 weeks. Maybe in time for my birthday. Still gonna have to wait until Apr 16 before fully digging in.
  14. C-SPAN (or C-SPAN 2) is probably the best bet for blather-free broadcast. Off to set my DVR...
  15. I started in the middle and listened to a few episodes (scores I was familiar with). I have now downloaded all of the episodes. I highly recommend them. The approach is amateur in the truest sense of the word: for the love of it. Very little techie talk (e.g.: chord progressions, use of pedal tones, use of modes) which usually comes from co-hosts. Heck, I think he misidentified a recorder as a flute, but I don’t expect him to point out the Wagner tubas in Empire. (Star Wars Oxygen didn’t mention it). And yet, with all I’ve read/heard about Stars Wars, there was something in his Star Wars episode that was new to me. That’s something, right? No, I’m not going to say what it was: you have to listen to it yourself.
  16. Williams Broughton Eidelman Elmer Bernstein (shook hands with him lefty to lefty and discussed conducting) Bill Kraft (worked a concert with him where he was conducting a piece— we would chat while waiting for the late arriving musicians) Raksin (taught film scoring for two quarters) Also swapped some e-mails with Mrs. Silvestri. Those are the names that immediately sprang to mind.
  17. Why stay up? They can’t be ordered until Tue. I’m going to bed now. For one thing, this is about the time I go to bed every night. And, I’m tired. If I were to try and stay up for a midnight premiere, I’d probably need to French kiss a light socket.* * Kids, don’t try that at home. (Of course, when I climb into bed, I won’t fall asleep until 12:30 — long enough to up when the titles drop.)
  18. How's the music? How's mix? How're the liner notes? The cover art? I could give a shit about it, but my bowels are empty. C'mon on, now. Eye on the prize. When I met Elmer after a concert, I told him I wished I had footage of him conducting, because I got tossed from my conducting class for wanting to do it left-handed.
  19. And not have it published by Hal Leonard? When was the last piece done by Williams that wasn’t published by Hal Leonard? If I’m employed at the time and it is Solo, I’ll buy Loert a copy of it and ship it to him in the UK. He’ll probably have to quarantine it for two weeks considering how poorly the US is handling Covid-19. Yeah, I’m that confident.
  20. In an e-mail that Omni sent out on Tues, it stated that coming this Fall are scores from “John Powell, James Horner, and Jerry Goldsmith”. In no way can that be construed as being in alphabetical order (though, they are listed in counter-alphabetical order). Might be planned release order. Schedules can change (dang artwork approval process). I agree with Jay’s prediction. No way it’s Solo, that would require approval by Williams.
  21. Raiders is a known entity— it sold x tickets before. They may have asked around for how tickets have sold (or not sold) and decided Raiders was the safer bet. Or: Raiders requires a smaller orchestra than Superman. Rights might be less. There are possibilities.
  22. HG: Has anyone told you how sexy you are in turtlenecks?
  23. It’s wishful thinking— A boxed set of all 9 films released in the first half of 2022. It would put paid to the Skywalker Saga, coincide with Williams’ 90th birthday (well, it’s something for the marketing folks to use), and it would be before the release of the next SW movie. Then release them individually in Q4 for Christmas sales. Or trilogy boxed sets for the Christmas sales with individual titles about six months later. Writing as someone who will in six and a half months be as old as his biological father was at the time of his death.
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