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  1. Does Willow have music that didn't make it to soundtrack? If so, how much? So much for being first to post this. Saw the e-mail, came here to post, and then got distracted by having to go eat cake. It was good cake. Worth it.
  2. I came to this forum on Monday night to read reactions to LaLaLand’s release of Searching for Bobby Fischer. Instead, I read the news of Horner’s demise. It sucks when your heroes die. I have had two epiphanies in my life. The first was back in the summer of ’85. (Thirty years ago, no that doesn’t make me feel old at all.) I was in a record store, glanced down to the ground, and saw “STAR TREK III” boldly printed in red. Being a good little Trekkie, I bent down and picked it up; it was the score on cassette. Not only was I a good little Trekkie, I was also a good little teenager with nothing but disposable income burning a hole in my pocket. So I bought it, not knowing what to expect. It is not hyperbole to write that it changed my life. The first time I heard it, I kept muttering, “an orchestra can do that?” Attendance of Concerts for Youths didn’t do it. Hell, I had seen the movie at least once a week when it was in the local theater because my sister worked there and I got in for free and it didn’t click in all those viewings. The timing was right, I guess. In 1987 I bought my first CD player because I saw that Star Trek III was listed in the lasted Schwann Opus catalogue (remember, this was pre-internet) as finally being issued on CD. It turned out that while it was announced, it was not actually released. After six weeks, I ended up buying Cocoon, Return of the Jedi, and a pop album as my first three CDs. It was custom in my high school band (marching in the Fall, concert in the Spring), that seniors got to conduct a piece of their choosing for the final concert of the year. It took two years of hounding Jan and the local sheet music store before she located “Highlights from Star Trek II.” I can remember rehearsing it, cutting the middle (“Kirk’s Explosive Reply”) section (bars 58-85), and the performances. That full score and the piano reduction of Star Trek III would help shape my views on harmony, meter, and orchestration when I started to compose. On July 03, 1990, I received a notice from 58 Dean Street Records in London that Star Trek III was finally available for purchase. Based on the volume of my reaction, the whole town probably knew how thrilled I was. The next day I called and ordered it. The reason I remember the day is that when I waiting for someone to answer the phone, I realized that it was the Fourth of July, and as quickly concluded that it was an American holiday, not British. I eventually received a degree in Music Composition. Never thought about composing for a living, it’s something I do to feed my soul. My best friend and I met because of film scores (we even met John Williams after a concert in ’90); most of our upcoming visit next month will probably be spent reminiscing about Horner scores. On a smaller note, my screenname is thanks to William Kraft. (The same Bill Kraft who conducted Carlito’s Way and Dead Again, among other credits.) He was giving a lecture and mentioned that composer should self-publish, but not name the publishing company after themselves. It allowed the composer to tell people who wanted a deal, “Sorry, you’re going to have to discuss that with my publisher.” and be able to “hide” behind the curtain of the company. That day I coined bruckhorn, combining Bruckner and Horner, the two biggest influences on my work. On Tuesday I gave my co-workers two earfuls of Horner: Searching for Bobby Fischer (later on Mon evening I checked the tracking and discovered it was sitting in my mailbox), Commando (in the same shipment), Gorky Park, A Far Off Place, Patriot Games, Clear and Present Danger (the CDs were in my car), Star Trek II, and, of course, Star Trek III. That evening, I stopped by my mother’s for dinner as I normally do on Tuesdays. And as is our custom, I brought dinner with me. She greeted me with “What, no black arm band? He was so young.” It has been thirty years since she started hearing his music blasting on my stereo. I put the food down, dropped my head, and wept. It sucks when your heroes die.
  3. I imagine that when the order is received by a human at OmniMusicPublishing, you would get a nice little e-mail reminding you that the title is not available outside North America. To have the website be able to sort which titles are available in which areas of the world might be cost prohibitive. Got mine ordered.
  4. BTTF at the printer and Silverado is in the works? Hopefully in time for Christmas for Mr. Broughton. Damn! I'm supposed to be in public tonight and I'm not wearing my boner pants...
  5. Me thinks the announcement was made too soon. Some lawyer probably got a bug up the butt about something esoteric, or a PR person their knickers in a twist about the cover. "Can we change the yellow over there by one shade? No, just one shade-- only enough that my girlfriend with 20/10 eyesite will notice."
  6. Bear McCreary's Theme from "Human Target". As for how much of a man I am: 6'5", 300lbs. I block a lot of view.
  7. They haven't done much signing so far. No 3-headed yet. Not a fan of the special guest stars this go around. Some of the funniest moments of the ABC carnation was when they pulled audience members on-stage for songs or to provide the sound effects for a scene.
  8. If none of the footage is from Season 3, then where did they get the clip of Freeman with the lip catepillar? Watson with mustache might be a way of visually showing a passage of time.
  9. US laws state that a person, other than a president, has to be dead at least ten years before being able to be put on a stamp. And even then it has to get approval.
  10. I don't remember how I found out about this, but I do check out Canadian and UK tv. So I watched the first season shortly after it aired on the BBC. I find it quite fun, despite that the characters are dealing with (mainly) murders. The biggest laugh I've had so far is thanks to Watson. Sherlock: "You were a doctor." Watson: "I had bad days!" And I'm laughing again just thinking about it.
  11. Gotta make time to check out this site more frequently during tax season. (I do taxes for a living-- 60+ hour weeks.) Ordered this with IV and Batman Forever. At the midnight premiere, there was a costume contest that started at midnight (despite the theater opening at 11). Then the previews started at 12:30, followed by a Mr. Bean short, and more previews. Crowd was quite enthusiastic with its booing and I had steam coming out of my ears because it was 1 am before the film actually started. The Overture started and my beloved leaned over and asked me why I was smiling. "The music; it's good," was my reply to her. Yeah, it's based on the opening of Firebird, inverted, but still good.
  12. Fuck if I know. Not in a rush to get it. I'll combine with next Intrada order, whenever that is.
  13. "Winner gets to nail the new Uhura." "And the loser has to nail the old one."
  14. Love the line, "If the umpire ruled me out on a bad call, I'd take the fake eye out and hand it to him." Now, that's arguing a call.
  15. Back in the '90's I worked at a Classical music radio station and one of the commercials I mixed was for a seafood restaurant. I used "Out to Sea" from Jaws. When I played it for my boss and the client, my boss didn't recognize it, but the client did. He laughed heartily, declared it brilliant, and we ended up using that music for all of his spots. And, yes, on more than one occasion, I have driven by the local high school with the windows down and stereo blasting scores. Yeah, probably had my head bopping to the beat, too.
  16. Baldwin thanks God for what He has endowed him with while the other stare in shocked silence at the photos of Baldwin on Twitter. Gee, I can't imagine how GLAAD got the idea to use the rainbow as its symbol... Hollywood blooper: another actor reacting to a bullet being fired before the round is shot. or, How many time do I gotta fuckin' tell you: call me MISS JACKSON!
  17. http://herocomplex.latimes.com/2011/06/14/superman-john-williams-score-left-richard-donner-thunderstruck/ Don't have computer hooked up to speakers at work, so I can't listen to it until tonight. Thought it might be of interest to this flock. Donner's 81?
  18. This Week's Images: People realizing how little some politicians know about their own country's history. Oh, God, please-- not another Lucas/Prequels bashing thread! Jon Stewart was right-- more Anthony than Weiner. Mr. Bates thanks you for this award. I probably would have had to change my name if I had not won.
  19. Told you I eat little bitches like Tom Cruise for lunch! Another disheartened Zimmer fan leaves the JWFan forum behind. Wait-- that can't be the JWFan forum: there are women it! Young Norman Bates is shocked to find out what "stroke the sparrow" is slang for.
  20. Your point? That just because a title goes out of print does not mean that an expanded release is in the near future.
  21. Wait! That's the same photo of a dick that I use when I post on Craigslist. A test audience reacts to Zimmer's latest score. With societal expectations concerning a black man alone with a white woman in a bedroom, Martin mulls how best to admit he's gay. Fucking math homework!
  22. Andre's first foray into gay porn did not go well. Sure you got to see her panties, but last year she gave me a pair. Who's the badass, now? Did somebody say, "prostate exam?"
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