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  1. Love the line, "If the umpire ruled me out on a bad call, I'd take the fake eye out and hand it to him." Now, that's arguing a call.
  2. Back in the '90's I worked at a Classical music radio station and one of the commercials I mixed was for a seafood restaurant. I used "Out to Sea" from Jaws. When I played it for my boss and the client, my boss didn't recognize it, but the client did. He laughed heartily, declared it brilliant, and we ended up using that music for all of his spots. And, yes, on more than one occasion, I have driven by the local high school with the windows down and stereo blasting scores. Yeah, probably had my head bopping to the beat, too.
  3. Baldwin thanks God for what He has endowed him with while the other stare in shocked silence at the photos of Baldwin on Twitter. Gee, I can't imagine how GLAAD got the idea to use the rainbow as its symbol... Hollywood blooper: another actor reacting to a bullet being fired before the round is shot. or, How many time do I gotta fuckin' tell you: call me MISS JACKSON!
  4. http://herocomplex.latimes.com/2011/06/14/superman-john-williams-score-left-richard-donner-thunderstruck/ Don't have computer hooked up to speakers at work, so I can't listen to it until tonight. Thought it might be of interest to this flock. Donner's 81?
  5. This Week's Images: People realizing how little some politicians know about their own country's history. Oh, God, please-- not another Lucas/Prequels bashing thread! Jon Stewart was right-- more Anthony than Weiner. Mr. Bates thanks you for this award. I probably would have had to change my name if I had not won.
  6. Told you I eat little bitches like Tom Cruise for lunch! Another disheartened Zimmer fan leaves the JWFan forum behind. Wait-- that can't be the JWFan forum: there are women it! Young Norman Bates is shocked to find out what "stroke the sparrow" is slang for.
  7. Your point? That just because a title goes out of print does not mean that an expanded release is in the near future.
  8. Wait! That's the same photo of a dick that I use when I post on Craigslist. A test audience reacts to Zimmer's latest score. With societal expectations concerning a black man alone with a white woman in a bedroom, Martin mulls how best to admit he's gay. Fucking math homework!
  9. Andre's first foray into gay porn did not go well. Sure you got to see her panties, but last year she gave me a pair. Who's the badass, now? Did somebody say, "prostate exam?"
  10. Let's see if I have this straight: if I wanted to tell the tale of how I saw a case study concerning Restless Leg Syndrome being relieved by sexual activity, I couldn't make that post because I don't have a site to link to in order to support my statement about the findings of the case study and quoting the discussion concerning what it takes for my mother to get her rocks off would be considered too sexually explicit. I like to thank the powers that be for giving me an excuse to have my sister conduct that conversation with our mom.
  11. [img=http://i.imgur.com/8lw8D.jpg] Wait... I'm getting some action?!? Bill must be furious. [img=http://i.imgur.com/ijLr2.jpg] Say hello to my little friend. [img=http://i.imgur.com/jc0Fm.jpg] Damn! Did something crawl up there and die? [img=http://i.imgur.com/h0M7p.jpg] Do you think this look de-emphasizes the mole? [img=http://i.imgur.com/cWjuV.jpg] Is this the best you could do to hide our pot use? [img=http://i.imgur.com/oxReb.jpg] It says here that Spock only gets laid once every seven years, while I get nookie every week. It's good to be the Captain.
  12. When I saw Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves (I'll take pretentious and pointless subtitles for 800, Alex), I went directly from the theater to the CD store and picked up a copy of Kamen's Sax Concerto (spoiler: doesn't sound like his score to RH). I've been a Kamen fan ever since. I'd love to get my hands on the printed scores for his concert hall works (Sax Cto, Gtr Cto, and Symphonic Poem). Here's hoping that one of our finer niche labels can do an expanded score of Kamen's Robin Hood.
  13. [img=http://i.imgur.com/hADev.jpg] There's not enough skin cream to fix that. [img=http://i.imgur.com/CGDBe.jpg] This makes being a "Red Shirt" sound really cool! [img=http://i.imgur.com/I3vBd.jpg] This is not what I meant by wanting to "ride a tricycle."
  14. ? Does it dance the hora? Seriously, yeah, it's time to whip out the lock.
  15. For my birthday, I picked up Ventriloquism for Dummies. Yeah, it was a light read, but the writing was wooden.
  16. Is it showing my age that when I first read the title of the thread, I thought it referred to the Fine Young Cannibals?
  17. After seeing Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves I went and picked up Kamen's Sax Concerto (the score album had not been released). And after seeing Alien 3, I went and picked up that score before going back to my car. Those are the only two times I can think of where I left the theater wanting to get a copy of the score NOW! I got Fellowship of the Ring before the movie opened and was impressed. With the titles I knew about in Shore's resume (The Fly, Big, and... and... well those were the only two scores to films that he did that I had seen) and knowing that he was the former band leader on Saturday Night Live, I didn't exactly have great expectations about him tackling that kind of score, but once I read a couple of reviews, I gave it a shot and glad I did. I probably wouldn't have seen the movie without having heard the score first. But, like Mark O., I'm usually more surprised in a bad way. While watching The Peacemaker, I thought after the opening sequence that the movie and score had peaked too early and had nowhere to build to. It was not the last time I had such thoughts about the then emerging crop of directors and composers.
  18. Way back when I was in high school my grandmother lived with us and she mentioned how much she enjoyed the music to Somewhere in Time and Out of Africa. This was a woman who didn't know the difference between Beethoven and the Beatles. I picked both up on CD and copied them onto a cassette tape for her. She played that tape so many times, I had to redo it due to the loss of integrity on the tape. She's been gone for five years. And, now, so is Barry. Which one do I dust off and listen to tonight? I'm thinking Moviola... I loved his argument about his contribution to the James Bond theme. Something along the lines of, "If you want to know who made that piece-- which one of us was hired to compose the score to the subsequent films?" (I think it was an interview in FSM.) It does have a certain logic to it.
  19. Sorry, but this post I cannot allow to stand. Some people would say that The Right Stuff is temp-tracked. I would say this score is stolen by classical music consistently. This is one of the most stolen scores ever written (copied) in film music history (with The Bear by Philippe Sarde). Even Horner did not steal so cheeky, that is unbelievable! Notes were not altered much, so you can hear Holst Planets (Mars and Saturn), Tchaikovsky Violin concerto, Mussorsky's Pictures at an Exhibition (The great Gate of Kiev), Debussy's Claire D'Lune and others. And he is so cheeky enough to steal themes from Miklos Rozsa's Ben-Hur (In Masters of the Uneriverse, there is also a lot of Rozsa). None of this notes in the entire score are original, all stolen from other classical composers. But Bill Conti said himself, that he did not like this work. I think because it is too much classical music. No originality. If you want to listen to that score, buy the real classical pieces as I listed above. Really deserved to win... Sorry, if I read something like this my bile bubbles up. (No hassle to Richard, I really hate this score because of being unoriginal and this one gets an Oscar. I should change my vote of Oscar mistakes) Oh. dear, I seem to have struck a bit of a nerve, haven't I? Please don't give yourself an ulcer, my friend, it's only a movie. In fairness to ckappes, I will go back and give it another listen. Perhaps the film would have fared better with the "rejected" score? Years ago I encountered an interview with Conti where he expressed what sounded like frustration towards Kaufman. It seemed the he fell in love with the temp score and wanted Conti to write a carbon copy of it. Conti said that some cues took several passes, each time getting a "make it sound more like Holst" from the director until Conti said that it was Holst and that they had to acquire the rights to it to avoid a lawsuit. He never mentioned the Tchaikovsky Violin Concerto. Of course, that was in the public domain at the time... As for the Debussy, it was used as source music when the astronauts were watching the fan dance, so I give him a pass on that scene. It was shocking to listen to the Empire Brass's CD that contained a 16th century fanfare that had more than a passing resemblance to the Fanfare from Rocky. Knowing of Mr. Conti's usage of Tchaikovsky and Holst (and somehow winning an Oscar for Original Score-- tell me those voters aren't musically illiterate), it didn't keep me from listening to Kunzel's recording of Yeager's Triumph in October, 1988 when Discovery cleared the tower and America returned to space.
  20. Heaven and Earth won the Golden Globe for Best Score that year. Biggest mistake ever by the Hollywood Foreign Press? It is quite possible that Jurassic Park was pulled from consideration to avoid possible vote splitting. I read that Randy Newman withdrew a piece for consideration from this year's awards.
  21. Of course the Academy frequently gets it wrong-- it's a bunch of musically illiterate people that will vote for a movie rather than its components. I once talked to an academy member who admitted that they voted for "Il Postino" to get Best Score because they wanted it to be an Oscar winner, but didn't think it deserved one of the bigger awards. I agree with Joey writing that Williams should have won in 78, 80, and 81 with Goldsmith taking a second statue in 79.
  22. When I first saw the title, I thought it was a show about NASA, or took place on Cape Cod.
  23. "No wonder the Dark Night rises." "... beating me..." "... in the hands..." Too many double entendres. My head's going to explode. Dammit! Now there's another one.
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