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  1. The cynic in me wonders whether 'comforting choice' is the factor here. I don't see a lot of positive vibes for Chibnall's tenure around the interwebs (I would hope general feeling is closer to 'Chibnall ruined it') and maybe the BBC have picked up on that and decided Who needs to go back in terms of style.
  2. I don't understand where the convention Main Title From The Motion Picture <name> comes from at all. It's very redundant information. I'd love to say I have consistency with tagging/categorising alternates/film versions etc, but I just do what satisfies my inner geek on a per album basis. The most extreme example of my keeping the original tags is Sleepy Hollow. I decided to retain the 'alternate/revised/version#3' (etc, etc) suffixes on all the main program tags, but in that case it was more a recognition that the score is more of a collection of music at various stages of revision.
  3. I'm not intending to do either of those, just merely respond to them in a more justified way. Mistakes happen, and creative decisions disagreed with, and most other people here are happy with the 'that's really unfortunate... wonder if it can be fixed?'. You just go straight to swearing and caling something worthless. I just don't think that approach helps the situation, sorry. (as for why I may seem 'apologist' about it... I'm just thankful that some of these releases happen, and things can be patched/tweaked, but then I like tweaking things anyway. I agree it's not an excuse for propery shoddy work though.)
  4. I get that there are definitely issues with the set, but I don't think that swearing all the time and describing it as 'trash' is the most productive response.
  5. I hope it's not this arrangement - it feel that's having two implications; that the series isn't worth Shore's time for him to do the whole thing, and that McCreary doesn't get to compose his own themes. Shore as primary composer with McCreary helping him out where needed would work, and indeed may be necessary if a large quantity of music is needed in a short space.
  6. Most of that list seems to be complaining that the set is mastered gaplessly. The issue with The Cathedral sounds to me like source material problems, and yeah, the missing couple of minutes is unfortunate. It's not like it's unreleased though. Not one of those issues qualifies this set as 'trash' though. Reads more to me as 'I'd like to make some tweaks, and I'm furious that the producer didn't make those same decisions initially'.
  7. I completely agree that 'just a job' isn't a good excuse for creative mistakes, but I think it's dangerous to assume that just because it's Disney, they gave whoever did it all the time and resoruces they needed. I think that the more niche a product is, the more emotional consumers get in response to finding flaws, and we're at the extreme end of that. When I heard the editing flub in Sleepy Hollow, I was disappointed, but thought ok, someone's made a mistake in an otherwise great package - hopefully they can fix it and be more vigilant in the future.
  8. A little 'correction' to the end of the liners, which mention that the brief 'Dead Body' sequence after Introduction is tracked from The Story... (Revised). Well, if you try finding what's in the film in that cue, you're not going to find it I had a quick read of them today and got curious about that bit, as I half-remembered some music in that scene. It's actually from the 'original' version - I combed through the 'revised' version and couldn't find the high strings at the start, nor the plucked ones at the end, and briefly thought Intrada had made a mistake and left off a cue. In the film it's mixed very low, and has the bell tolling loudly over it, so it took me a few moments to ascertain that it was this take, but they used two sections - from about 0:15 (the shot of the guys running through the foggy street is at 0:19), and then segueing into the very end for the plucked bit (woodwind in the revised version). The other instance of tracking they mention is correct - this is the only one that had potentially pertained to a missing cue. For the curious, the tracking they don't mention is the horseman's motif from the end of The Tree Of Death is what we hear at the end of The Chase when the horseman flies off the carriage.
  9. I did until last month. I wasn't watching anything, then they did their price hike - I haven't missed it. I had a challenge to myself to watch all the old Disney animated movies, but I just wasn't interested enough to follow through. I watched Toy Story 4 and WandaVision, and after that didn't find much else so I let it go.
  10. Most sessions probably leak because no one cares whether the masses have them, but the newest, greatest Zimmer score, like JW score, carries a value that most don't have. And unfortunately Zimmer would rather you listened to a few hours of his 'jamming' sessions and experimentations rather than the score. I listened to a few bits of this - seemed largely the same atmospheric stuff, didn't really do anything for me.
  11. There is zero doubt in my mind that this is a deliberate design decision, which their algorithms and design teams have decided makes us watch more content, or in some way mutates viewing figures in their favour. For a company whose entire business mode revolves around retaining viewers and their subscriptions, there's no way in hell that this is a 'oh, we'll put it on our to-do list' thing. Also, for a business for whom the clarity and intuitiveness of their UI is critical, the idea they wouldn't be able to instantly throw a developer or two on something they needed changing is also ludicrous. I see it very simply: they want us to skip the credits and watch more stuff, every time.
  12. I hadn't listened to the Final Confrontation initially because well, it's a four CD set. Can't listen to everything in detail. Something is up with that section - the style of the orchestra does tend to get somewhat loose and chaotic at times, but if you listen to the rhythm from 5:55, something goes a bit weird. The original: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1zrnCX77rZNYM5Pn20SGnMEM_KlXgbjg8/view?usp=sharing My patching attempt (might not be entirely right... only spent a minute or so): https://drive.google.com/file/d/1DOKoE2p17fHl6hLlHbBeiIqk-WgVi-3c/view?usp=sharing
  13. I've often considered dropping Netflix, as I mainly use it for watching old TV series that I could easily just buy. And especially since they dropped Top Gear. I just don't watch many movies these days - music gets my attention more.
  14. Prime and Netflix, and I'm giving YouTube Premium a go with a free trial (if they roll out their premium 'lite' further, I'm very likely to continue). Also got Spotify as I actually use it loads, and the sound quality increase was noticeable.
  15. I recognise the issue, but I don't play music on my phone (i.e. in the car, where I'd notice it) enough to do anything about it. My primary effort is tagging for my PC, and the covert art app I use displays title and album. I correct genuine typos or mistakes, but where the producer has named a track something that doesn't quite make sense.... meh, I just leave it.
  16. (Original question) No, and it would be nice if we focused on the positive things. Same goes for those endlessly complaining about 99% of scores being rubbish, and lamenting about how so much crap is released (I'm referencing a prior discussion here). Just ignore the stuff you don't like!
  17. I believe Fierce Creatures contains the complete score, plus extra music specifically composed for the album. Quite possibly the only Varese 30-minuter that can't be expanded.
  18. I think you have very reasonable points, and like mentioned above, no doubt that when an issue is found, someone is thinking 'dammit, should've caught that'. On the Eiger issue I think it's a breathtaking waste of time and resources for Intrada to have to repress and mail out a replacement CD, in order to move a track index by a second. Just imagine the financial hit in repressing and mailing cost they take every time they feel obliged to fix some little issue because someone either doesn't like a choice, or made a small error. I'm not saying they shouldn't be paying attention to these things and taking suggestions on board for future proofing, but I feel QuartalHarmony's intial post above expressed feelings similar to my own. (I thought I'd seen it all until complaints recently about music included at the end a release because it 'ruined the flow' of the ending. Do the complainants realise how utterly impossible they're making the labels' job?)
  19. Nope: https://fileforum.com/detail/CD-Art-Display/1109367710/1
  20. I'll point out that listening on PC doesn't make album art unimportant:
  21. Well yes, in the 90s, but once I'd started to establish some sort of actual interest in music (beyond the typical stuff of the time) it was the end of the 90s and I was doing it on my PC. That my first score purchase was Sleepy Hollow is an indication of how much time I spent in the mp3 world of the early 00s. (I genuinely didn't realise that you were meant to buy scores on CD, like regular albums)
  22. PC by default, phone if I'm in the car. I don't do any fancy syncing though, I just plug in and copy when I get something new. While I understand people using a CD player, I just can't personally imagine the inconvenience of finding the CD and putting it in the player. I change what I'm listening to every few minutes in some cases - I need everything to literally be a click or two away.
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