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  1. I wasn't sure what to expect, but I definitely felt it wasn't going to be Wyatt Earp style. JNH seems to have largely moved away from big sweeping, melodic scoring for dramas. His scores for drama movies in recet years such as Pawn Sacrifice and Roman J Israel (that's a good film) really haven't done anything for me, but along comes what appears to be a gritty western, and it's more engaging. However, I tend to like modern westerns, such as the Magnificent Seven remake.
  2. I'm a minute or two in, and liking it already. Soft, textural and ambient.
  3. Oh, I'm not even talking about the inclusion of the OST on a second CD. Rather the original OST being the main presentation, with a few extra tracks to make it complete. Just seems the ideal way to please everyone, hence why this release strikes me as a good compromise way for you.
  4. Fair enough, that's your personal assessment, but it doesn't factor in to a general suggestion that the sound might be improved, as it often is. If one of the labels re-released some long OOP album wth the original program, and added a handful of tracks at the end for completists, would you buy that? Has Intrada's 'score/extras' model appealed to you as a concept at all? I picture you being someone who can't stand extra tracks even existing on a CD you buy (no matter how segregated they are), whereas really it's a way for the label to make both camps happy.
  5. Most expansions get some sort of sound upgrade? I don't know this score at all - I'm just assuming it will. No need to be so confrontational.
  6. If he says JW sucks, half the forum will take offence because he's being criticised in a public arena. Why else would there be a thread dedicated to pointing out celebrities who publicly praise him?
  7. It's not as if Thor is someone who insists a CD must be played in a CD player, and that bonus tracks are an unnacceptable interruption... he'a got a digital copy. But I suspect there may be a 'I don't buy expansions' motivation here.
  8. If they've only added one cue, can't you just buy the new one? You'll get better sound too. If you really don't like the added track, just remove it from your playlist. That's something everyone has to do when we're not interested in alternates/demos, etc. It's annoying that a composer chooses to put almost the entire score on a release, especally if it's arranged for listening as Horner does. If they're sufficiently happy with their work to release all but 15 minutes (and especialy if it's one continuous 15 minutes), just put the 15 minutes on and please their fans
  9. I saw the film years ago and enjoyed it. Goldsmith's score has a nice theme and some nice quieter material during the later parts, but that's about it; I doubt I'm going to be interested in having more of it.
  10. Yeah, the Skull theme does little for me either. I mean, the A-section is a nice spooky motif, but the B-section loses it, and it starts meandering. I don't like Irina's theme either. Ironically, I actually enjoy the second part of Journey to Akator more than most of the score, and that's not good. That's before you get to the utter snoozefest that is almost all of tracks 11-15.
  11. Some of my favourite scores are for films I've never seen. Anyway, TFA is way better than KotCS. The latter really only has a few highlights for me, and I have a feeling that even Jungle Chase wouldn't have the reputation it does now if JW had put the whole thing on the album to begin with. TFA isn't perfect, but there's more to consistently enjoy, and it's a better film by miles.
  12. That's the bit that confused me at first in the breakdown - I assume that's the bit with the low key version of Han's theme as they bring the <name of chemical stuff>. I thought... I'm pretty sure that's not on the album. Normally I'd have been disappointed that it wasn't on the OST, but I watched the film about a week or so after this announcement.
  13. I'm pretty sure that my last 3 CD purchases (Enola Holmes, Wild Wild West, and this) all had CD text. The only flaw being that all of the track titles had '<Composer> / ' in front of the title, which is a bit of a faff to remove.
  14. I find that most of this type of scoring could be achieved very easy just using some library music. Most typical horror/psychological scores like this aren't really adding much to the existing scoring world, IMO. What I'm usually after, in true Thor-fashion, is the highlights, where the composer's actually come up with something interesting for the odd moment here and there. Of course, which moments those are, are unpredictable, so you want all (or most) of the music to start with.
  15. Don't know where you're getting Hook from, but I think you've got the rest right - some really good stuff won't be ready in time for BF, and the first few months of 201 could be good. But you don't need a tentpole Williams score to make a good BF.
  16. Absolutely yes, if it's causing a ripping issue then a replacement is needed. I'm just talking about fussing over purely cosmetic problems.
  17. Yes, but it seems that some people go rushing for replacements at the smallest cosmetic issue, especially if it's a JW score. It doesn't have to be perfect.
  18. Meh, this sort of thing is why digital releases feel so much easier. CDs get scratched occasionally in the mail, and I have cases whose teeth are half-broken.
  19. I'd be surprised if #3 got the same treatment, as I understand the album is nearly complete as it is, and I think it plays really well. Definitely want one for #2, especially as someone mentioned that they thought that the FYC wasn't complete. The fact that Solo is getting a complete release so soon after it first came out gives promise that perhaps we could at least get a digital version.
  20. I have the Newton Bros' score to a horror movie called Hush, and it's mostly just ambient wandering, with a handful of highlights that drew my attention in the first place. Bly Manor is already available digitally anyway.
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