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  1. Potter was always better suited to a series - films have to cut too much stuff out, especially for a book as detailed as this.
  2. Ah, right. Whole thing seems a mess in the film anyway It's close enough for me - that buildup is great.
  3. I don't think this can be recreated just using the LLL set though, can it? Unless it's using DVD-rips or something. It was an initial assumption of ours that this was from the stems of course - could be from anywhere. But it's not easy to see where all the bits came from.
  4. I usually understand the desire to have a cue as composed, rather than a film edit, but not in this case. The film version - with whatever they did to the original stems, is indeed masterful. I guess it wasn't in keeping with the purpose of this set to include it, but it really should have been, primarily because we can't recreate it.
  5. I think it competes with JPIII as the best non-Williams score. Some of Davis' action scoring, particularly for the birdcage sequence, is amazing.
  6. I seem to be in a minority who enjoys Fallen Kingdom more than the first one. I love the gothic style theme (gloriously heard in World's Worst Bedtime Storyteller and Thus Begins the Indo-Rapture), and also the recording quality is light years better than the first.
  7. Really? I've thought since Solo, HTTYD 3 and Call of the Wild that his use of melody, both prominent, and in the supporting orchestration, is his biggest strength. I find it astonishing what's going on in some of his busier sections.
  8. I only have one full, legit album from Yared, 1408 (the other one is part of the Cold Mountain promo) which is a perfectly pleasant listen. Other than that, and the odd track from his rejected Troy score, he's not on my radar. I guess I'll pick this up from Intrada when they get it in stock, along with WotW.
  9. I'm generally a MacFarlane fan, but Neeson does not strike me as a comedy actor in the sense that's needed for Drebin.
  10. That's a huge number of pieces for a 'prelude'. Is this going to be some bit before inauguration (while all the news channels are wittering on), or during the actual ceremony?
  11. I'd likely order if I could. https://www.musicbox-records.com/en/content/13-brexit
  12. Some years back I noticed that if you line it up just right, JNH's The Great Eatlon works very well with the flying bird chase near the end of A Bug's Life.
  13. No, but evidently I haven't ordered a 2-CD set from them since their last update last January. Currently $25 for more than one disc.
  14. I finally decided that I like the non-OST material from War of the Worlds enough to buy Intrada's set. Then I saw their latest shipping costs for Europe... F**k me. I'm going to wait a bit for something else to come out from them that I want.
  15. Oh yeah, forgot about those. Anyway, The Axiom, Define Dancing, and a lot of music from towards the end, are the highlights, I'd say.
  16. From an ebay screenshot, looks like the FYC has a handful fewer tracks than the OST, so probably yes. It's a very fragmented listen.
  17. Don't worry - none of those! I just failed to remember when it was - I'd thought about coming along. Was still at the tail end of working at 6pm so I wasn't checking JWFan as much as I might have been. I'd also got it into my head you'd organised it for a Saturday, or something - probably a better day. We hold a family Zoom at 7pm every week, and the timing is to make it easier for my brother who lives in San Francisco.
  18. Passengers has a handful of highlights, but they're surrounded by a somewhat average score which functions well in the film (which I enjoyed), but not so much on its own. I adore the highlights in 1917, but I'd say that the action material is very much on the generic side, with only Sixteen Hundred Men really feeling to me like it does something special, once it's escaped from its Thin Red Line temping.
  19. I have no idea how to categorise the non-soundtrack artists I listen to, but I have anything from a few albums to a full discography from the following: Lana Del Rey Of Monsters and Men Imagine Dragons Ruelle Lorde Mimi Page I also like a lot of Ludovico Einaudi's material too. The vast majority of my music is instrumental.
  20. Why? It's a slightly flawed release, but I'm glad it happened. I'm more disappointed in their Mummy Returns expansion, due to the apparently lousy recording of the final battle.
  21. Yes, 'sample' is the key word for me. Spotify really exists as a way for me to decide whether I like something enough to buy it. It's not even because of the pennies they give to artists (although that is a factor), but that I need to own my music on my own hard drive. I would never, ever maintain my music collection only on a streaming platform.
  22. No it's fair enough, and not always easy to understand. I'm fairly sure that the only thing that could get JWFan in trouble would be hosting copyrighted materials directly on our server, and making it available. Spotify is right at the 'correct' end of the spectrum - it's a legal streaming service, regardless of how you access it.
  23. It's really only YouTube which has any significant copyright 'police', and they just punish the uploader if they take something down. Even if someone embedded the entire JW discography here, the worst that would happen is that someone noticed, reported it, and the uploader's account closed, leaving a lot of dead links here. (I mean, if JWFan were the uploader, things could get messy... but you get the idea - we're just viewing something available on public Internet)
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