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  1. 10 hours ago, Koray Savas said:

    Powell’s percussion is the best part about his style. 


    Really? I've thought since SoloHTTYD 3 and Call of the Wild that his use of melody, both prominent, and in the supporting orchestration, is his biggest strength. I find it astonishing what's going on in some of his busier sections.


    16 hours ago, Thor said:

    people hate me, or are afraid of me. Or they have no interest in showing themselves onscreen.


    Don't worry - none of those! I just failed to remember when it was - I'd thought about coming along.


    Was still at the tail end of working at 6pm so I wasn't checking JWFan as much as I might have been.


    I'd also got it into my head you'd organised it for a Saturday, or something - probably a better day. We hold a family Zoom at 7pm every week, and the timing is to make it easier for my brother who lives in San Francisco.

  3. Passengers has a handful of highlights, but they're surrounded by a somewhat average score which functions well in the film (which I enjoyed), but not so much on its own.


    I adore the highlights in 1917, but I'd say that the action material is very much on the generic side, with only Sixteen Hundred Men really feeling to me like it does something special, once it's escaped from its Thin Red Line temping.

  4. I have no idea how to categorise the non-soundtrack artists I listen to, but I have anything from a few albums to a full discography from the following:


    Lana Del Rey

    Of Monsters and Men

    Imagine Dragons



    Mimi Page


    I also like a lot of Ludovico Einaudi's material too. The vast majority of my music is instrumental.

  5. 4 hours ago, Brundlefly said:

    For me The Mummy is the most disappointing Intrada release that I can think of.




    It's a slightly flawed release, but I'm glad it happened.


    I'm more disappointed in their Mummy Returns expansion, due to the apparently lousy recording of the final battle.

  6. 2 hours ago, mstrox said:

    Sample on Spotify, buy to support the artists IMO.


    Yes, 'sample' is the key word for me. Spotify really exists as a way for me to decide whether I like something enough to buy it.


    It's not even because of the pennies they give to artists (although that is a factor), but that I need to own my music on my own hard drive. I would never, ever maintain my music collection only on a streaming platform.

  7. It's really only YouTube which has any significant copyright 'police', and they just punish the uploader if they take something down.


    Even if someone embedded the entire JW discography here, the worst that would happen is that someone noticed, reported it, and the uploader's account closed, leaving a lot of dead links here. (I mean, if JWFan were the uploader, things could get messy... but you get the idea - we're just viewing something available on public Internet)

  8. 1 hour ago, bruce marshall said:

    I'm basically listening to these albums for FREE. Even if it's only streaming.

    Grey area.

    For instance, I can stream music For FREE on YT, but it may be sponsored or have ads between tracks.

    Holko' a WOTW is restore allows me to listen to the INTRADA album for free.

    I'm not looking to get anybody in trouble, just curious how all this works.

    Does this site pay ASCAP/BMI license?




    There's nothing 'grey' or ambiguous about Spotify. You either pay to listen, or listen for free, but get ads between tracks. Not sure how embedded players work, but that's their problem to handle. Either way it's completely legal.

  9. It would seem we disagree on Horner's Magnificent Seven, @Thor - I saw the movie a few years ago and really liked it, and  bought the score immediately after. I suspect what we're hearing is mostly Simon Franglen using Horner's ideas, but it still sounds very much Horner.


    The main theme I'd say isn't his best, but I find the action fun, and some very evocative underscore.

  10. Got bored this evening and thought I'd start using my Disney+ again, so I picked Frozen.


    Pretty good - standard Disney fare, but nothing very special really. I rather liked For The First Time In Forever, and Let It Go is a perfectly nice song, although I'm not sure it has that much going for it aside from the moderately memorable chorus.


    Beck's score was rather good, particularly in the later action sequences - one from which to pick a few selections.

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