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  1. They work as a concert piece intro, sure, but as part of the overall scene I think this version works better.
  2. You absolutely do. And there have been plenty of examples of your complaining about a release being too long, when it's pretty clear you just don't like the score, and good old 'how dare composer X not reconceptualise this for me!' gets the blame.
  3. Kind of prefer that to the film - it's a gentler introduction to the flight.
  4. I'm so close to doing the same... I so wish you'd tell us you're actually 12 years old, as that's your posting maturity level.
  5. I think the second score benefits the most from the unreleased music, but this is worth buying to get the entire score in great sound, and hopefully signal that we want the rest. I haven't seen the third film, so have no idea what is unreleased except the couple of tracks on the FYC.
  6. The Arnold approach is fine - I have no issue with Zimmer (or whomever's) minimal style. It's just that damned drone that annoys me.
  7. Me too. I liked every aspect of it more than the first, including Giacchino's score.
  8. Seems that we're generally waiting two days for 1st class deliveries from Varese, although them dispatching later in the day might be a factor. Not sure when the post arrives here, but I'm pretty sure I'll get it tomorrow.
  9. I was hoping (in a straw-clutching fashion) that isolated scores might appear on one of these 'ultra' releases.
  10. The other tracks aren't doing a lot for me, but that one is beautiful.
  11. If a Doctor Who release contains the Tardis sound, someone out there will want to hear this one!
  12. Fallout has some good bits, and I've grown to like a chunk of it, helped by the film being really good. NTTD could have some good bits - it's just that generic RCP drone that does that clip no favours. How can Zimmer pretend to be innovating when he uses devices like that?
  13. I kind of like the wailing effect - gives a sense of quiet panic to the scene. The synth drone bits less so.
  14. I think you're missing the point of the 'extras' section in Intrada's world. It's for bits that would interrupt the flow of the main program. If they put it in the main program, people complain. Omitted.... people complain.
  15. Ordered. Annoying being away when stuff like this is announced. I never actually got the first score on CD and then the FYC emerged - nice to have the whole score properly.
  16. That's what I mean - it's organised and polished in presentation. But content-wise, we're hearing very little for the first time.
  17. Same thing with the Raiders March/Schindlers List stories, and just about anything JW says in the average PR fluff piece. Most people have never heard them and would find them mildly interesting. It's only the crowd that frequent these forums that are tired of them.
  18. True, but we still lose the joy of hearing the bulk of the unreleased music for the first time. There's very little to discover. I suspect that most around here go crazy for expansions like this simply because they're 'official'. The Wild Wild West DE was an amazing release as all of the unreleased music was being heard outside the film for the first time.
  19. Oh, totally different for sure. I suppose an official release allows those who don't do boots to hear the complete score, but for those of us who've had the sessions for the last decade (or whatever), all we're really doing is paying for the sessions to be mastered with more polish.
  20. Zimmer's been known to do some highly irrelevant track titles (see King Arthur). But you're probably right.
  21. Indeed, we're just going by a comment Zimmer made, which may just have been his usual faux-modesty. It gets objectionable when Zimmer's name is purely used to attract buyers' attention, and the lion's share of the music isn't his. The more I listen to Varese's Wild Wild West, the more I wish the rules allowed Peter Bernstein to share credit, as it seems he did a lot of work on that score.
  22. Thererin lies the problem, if Mazzarro actually did most of the score, then 'Music by Hans Zimmer' is just factually wrong, and not representative of whose music you're actually buying. Zimmer gave Lisa Gerrard cover credit on Gladiator, and her name appears on about half the tracks in the metadata of my OST rip. I wonder if Mazzarro not getting similar recognition has anything to do with him having no name power....
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