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  1. The sound quality isn't very impressive but yep, I've got it. Not combined with the CD or anything, and the fact that it isn't on the CD in the first place is a travesty (are you reading this, Mr Williams?).
  2. That ending is great yeah. I recognised the music and smiled after just the first few notes The episode even has the Star Wars style 'zoom out' and credits font as well as the original '77 music.
  3. It's only because the raptor motif somewhat resembles the CE3K theme
  4. I prefer my music to be decent quality and to have the ability to edit the track if I want. That's the problem with these services - not only were the companies very slow in embracing the technology, but they are also letting desire for huge profit get in the way of consumer freedom. I'm buying CDs far more frequently now, and I bought both RotS and WotW very soon after release (on release for RotS) because I could download and preview them first. Scores simply are not a genre that I blindly trust - I always preview material before parting cash, but if I truly enjoy something I will always buy
  5. I'd say you'll enjoy it if you're a fan of, or at least like, Thomas Newman (who I am a huge fan of). So it wasn't good enough to expect an Oscar win? Neil I was hoping one of The Village, Snicket or Azkaban would win (I'm not playing faves with JW here - I would have been happy with either of those as they were by my 3 fave composers). It's years like this that I wish more than 1 person could get the oscar (and of course, that Kaczmarek had never signed on to Finding Neverland ) So to answer your question, yes it was good enough, but I preferred one of the other scores. Yes....but I can s
  6. I'll leave you to guess which option I've ticked, but I'll give a few of my feelings about the legal services/cds in stores in the UK. (this is a meaty post - read at your peril :roll: ) 1. The typical price for a soundtrack CD in a UK store (not online) is about £13-16, or $22-27 which I'm sure you'll agree is seriously overpriced. I've never paid more than £8.99 in store, and £11 online (for a pretty rare CD) 2. Of all the online legal services I've tried through trials/promotions or free through coke cans, most of them returned no or few search results for any of the major composers, and on
  7. Very little thematic material but it pushes atmosphere and emotion to the limit. I was expecting an oscar nomination (as it got), that's how good I think it is
  8. Ok, this is where I stop 'scanning' and hit the reply button. Why is it that no member of this forum can go 10 minutes without severely criticising Shore's work? I've always regarded the LotR music as a masterpiece, it's one of the scores that got me interested in film music in the first place (and hence introduced me seriously to JW). Is it because it doesn't quite reach the complexity of JW's music or because it 'stole' oscars away from HP? I've actually made an expanded verion of LotR with the same enthusiasm as you guys are doing RotS and I can't wait for the complete release, but it reall
  9. I use Hauppauge's WinTV Go for all my capturing - it's one of the cheaper ones but it's reliable and does its job well. It doesn't have the quality or features of the really high end, and doesn't have any digital in/outputs but I'm satisfied with it. I don't know much about Pinnacle except I know they're good as well. You have my recommendation for WinTV Go though NB, One good thing about WinTV is the latest version of the program that comes with it remembers all of your capture settings so you can record a TV clip instantly.
  10. Marshall Plan Pt 2 is missing as well. My CD1 Track 9 is called Marshal Plan Part II & Empty Rooms, just I suspect like the other double tracks that are joined in this bootleg.
  11. Sure do, including orchestrations. Common tracks are Buckbeak's Flight, Battle of the Heroes, Enter Lord Vader, and Tom Newman's Main Title to Angels in America. I often find the BotH theme going manically through my head over and over again, with increasingly 'immense' orchestrations, like at 0.35-0.55 in Anakin vs. Obi-Wan, and picturing myself floating fast along a river BTW, does anyone else find themselves conducting into thin air when listening in the privacy of their room?
  12. Well I heard the score for Spidey 2 was 'Lucas'd' as the movie was re-edited and also that there were possibly some creative differences. I'm far from an Elfman fan though so I'm positive someone else knows more than me
  13. That's exactly the version I have, only missing 'The Parachutes, Alternate' and 'No Way to Land' (which is easily found on soulseek in the same quality, although why it isn't with this bootleg anyway I don't know). It seems to me that there are clearly 2 bootlegs, the one you and I have in great sound, and the one with bad sound and many split tracks, but including 'No Way to Land' in perfect quality.
  14. Williams: Rescuing Sirius (Harry Potter PoA) Journey to the Island (Jurassic Park) Overture (The Cowboys) The Tale of Viktor Navorski, Finding Coins & Learning to Read, and Gupta's Deliverance (The Terminal) Virtually the whole WotW album. Virtually the whole RotS album (I really love both of those ) Other: 110 Freeway (Falling Down, JNH) Hand of Fate Parts 1+2 (Signs, JNH) Restored United States (The Postman, JNH) Ellie's Bogey & Good to Go (Contact, Silvestri) Forth Eorlingas (Two Towers, Shore) Weehawken Ferry (Cinderella Man, T Newman) Shawshank Redemption (Shawshank Redemption, T
  15. Oh well, I'll try and find it then. I suppose bootlegs like this with multiple versions are asking for trouble with missing, combined & renamed tracks
  16. Revenge of the Sith Jurassic Park Pretty much all 3 Potters Others: Gladiator (just about both albums) Lord of the Rings Trilogy Dante's Peak (JNH) Signs (JNH) The Edge (Goldsmith) Shawshank Redemption (Newman) American Beauty (Newman)
  17. I never get through a day without listening to something, Williams or otherwise. I usually have something playing most of the time I'm on the computer (when not watching or playing something) so around the 4th or 5th options Destiny, Canneloni, and the Tale of Viktor Navorski
  18. The one I have is the 27 track version, similar to the one listed above but a lot of the tracks seem to be joined, e.g. 'Downstairs, The Hostages' instead of tracks 1 and 2 from Disc 2. It's also missing a few cues such as 'No Way to Land', but these could be within one of the other tracks so I'm not sure whether it's complete or not. I found it on soulseek quite easily for anyone who's interested. I also came across one with terrible sound quality a while back (and I mean terrible - it sounds like it was recorded through some crap speakers from the other side of a room).
  19. I saw WotW yesterday and stayed for a bit of the credits. I think it launched straight into either Escape from the City or Attack on the Car (perhaps that track is a mislabelled end credits track), then a small horn bit segued into Ray & Rachel. Didn't stay any further than that but I think it was getting towards the end by then.
  20. Yep There's several bootlegs going around, and my one is nearly complete (or some cues have been combined) in great sound.
  21. Whatever I feel like most of the time. Right now I have a craving for the love theme and Viktor's theme from the Terminal, so I'm listening to a few tracks with them. Often a theme pops into my head for no apparent reason and I just switch to that track next. If I'm doing something busy though, particularly if it isn't by my computer, then I'll start it randomly and usually find I've worked through an album or 2
  22. I haven't. Was about to ask my brother until I failed to realise what he was doing 2 nights ago . I'll hopefully see it sometime this week.
  23. Definitely not. When OOtP came out, my dad kept borrowing it between me reading it and finished it before me LOL
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