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  1. What I'm amzaed is that some people have finished the book , 2 days after its released ! Blimey ! I'm only opn chapter 4 !
  2. you forgot Star Trek 2 and 3 and american Tails I wnder if he gonna do a complete score of Star trek 2 and 3 ?
  3. It is in every way to the great themes of the 70s and 80s. "Hedwig's Theme" is otherworldly. Too bad it was lifted somewhat from Hook. bullshit, total bullshit, Harry Potter is a better score than Hook. If anything sounds like Hook its that AOTC love theme Sorry joe but that post alone makes your opinion on Hook and AOTC completely unreliable. I mean that you cannot hear the hook reference in Harry potter, and (or better 'since') you are a Harry Potter ultrafan. Instead, you hear hook in attack of the clones, and you 'hate' both movies. Is is coincidentical? No, its just that in this matter
  4. rlv you must be the only one that gave a bad review lol You Pauline Kael you YOu fan boy ? :cool: seriuosly though bad reviews are healthy
  5. then its not going to be long isn't
  6. Dani would you know if they will release a full version plus How are you havent seen you in ages how comes your not back at the JC forum
  7. Well here I am I'm back for after 2 years did any one miss and whats new on this forum
  8. Does anyone know who does the soundtrack for this movie ?
  9. Looks like danni was watching too many Films whats with 1138 Greg...... Danni ?
  10. Hey all I was wondering if any of you lot has got Superman 2 soundtrack I can't seems to find it on the net !
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