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  1. Just thought I would add to this growing list -- Giacchino also recently composed a new soundtrack for the Space Mountain ride at Disneyland, CA. The track sounds very similar to The Incredibles. Anyone here heard it yet?
  2. By the way -- the songs I have from last year -- they were given to me by MistaMusic :spiny: Just thought I would add that
  3. Right on! You planning on sharing your recordings with us? It was an awesome show! :spiny: I really enjoyed it this year! I went tonight -- we even got FOUR encore songs!! There were a bunch of people with lightsabers during the Star Wars part That was pretty cool!
  4. I got that site to work 8O If anyone wants those songs just PM me
  5. I think they are the same files -- I got them from someone else last year on this forum... The ones I have are Harry's Wonderous World Double Trouble A Bridge to the Past Witches, Wands, and Wizards Hope that helps -- is that www.yousendit.com? Never used that site before.
  6. I'm going tonight too! 8O I hope it's a good one - the program has not been posted on the bowl site yet. I have four HP mp3s from the show last year ... I would love to share -- I'm not sure how to do that...
  7. I saw that Olympic summary too - I have heard that song before but unfortunately I don't know the name of the song either. Sorry I couldn't help.
  8. I like to think of it as inspiration, not stealing... it's not like there are entire pieces rewritten into another and passed off as new music. (as far as I know )
  9. I remember there was a chorus in 1999 for Duel of the Fates - I wanted to go to that concert so bad - but it conflicted with my schedule. 8O I have been going to JW's concerts at the Bowl since 2001. Last year's was awesome - with James Earl Jones narrating! You record the concerts, eh? 8O Would you be willing to share?
  10. I agree! It was a wonderful program! I went to the Bowl on Friday night and I loved the concert!! The new shell is awesome - and I liked the addition of the screens. I think they are much better than the big screen they had a few years ago. I thought it was very touching that JW introduced his mother to the audience. I have never seen JW do so many encores before! We would get up to leave and here he came again to do another song. It was awesome! My favorite part of the show was easily Double Trouble - now I despreately want that version to listen to over and over again!!
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