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  1. I am looking forward to hearing an orchestrated version. One thing you may want to consider is that with a keyboard you'll never be *exactly* in time. I'd recommend a free program like http://www.anvilstudio.com/ to help you. You can play the music with the keyboard connected to the computer, then fix up the notes on the screen (or just enter the notes into the computer directly). If you use a program you won't have to worry about mixing the different instruments manually. If you want to make a bigger investment (bigger than free, that is), a software synth would be a good idea. By the wa
  2. I would love to hear a fully orchestrated version of this theme. Do you have a software synth? Anyone have any comments on the piece I posted above, http://web.mit.edu/stransky/Public/st/7-23.mp3 or its thematic companion, http://web.mit.edu/stransky/Public/st/mitwe.mp3 ?
  3. I think this jingle is great! Do the horns make a little mistake 23 seconds into it? Because when that motif is repeated in the trumpets a few bars later it sounds clearer, with more space between the notes?
  4. The Gondor theme in "The White Tree" wouldn't be nearly as powerful without its buildup.
  5. I love that music! I also enjoy Gladiator, Shrek, and Narnia.
  6. I use the Edirol HQ Orchestral. It works pretty well for me.
  7. That's just the address of Boston Symphony Hall.
  8. He definitely signs things and takes pictures with his fans after concerts (at least he does after the Boston Pops concerts). I got my "40 years of JW film music" CD insert signed, and the concert program, in addition to 4 pictures with him. Try waiting by the stage door after the concert; you may be waiting upwards of an hour (he tries to wait before coming down so there will be fewer people left). Good luck!
  9. The "infamous quote" must be at 24 seconds in. I really love the ending of the piece and just wish that there was a nice JWesque gliss at the end (after your last notes and a very brief rest). Here is my newest creation. It's 3.5 minutes, definitely inspired by JW. I also make use one of the themes that I used in the piece "mitwe.mp3" (posted on page 7 of this thread). http://web.mit.edu/stransky/Public/st/7-23.mp3 Comments are definitely welcome, and encouraged. Also, some of my music was featured on CNN Headline News last Friday evening during a short documentary about some MIT students.
  10. The beginning sounds like a traffic jam: horns honking, police sirens wailing. I couldn't even make myself listen to the rest of it.
  11. Clint Eastwood should stick to directing and acting, which he is amazing at. I'm not a fan of his scores...
  12. We went down to Atlanta for the concert a couple years back. Shore himself conducted it, and it was great! He doesn't use a baton to conduct, just hands. Sissel was our soloist. Hearing the "Beacon Scene" (track 4 from RotK) played live was amazing. I waited around over an hour after the concert to meet Howard Shore, so that made the night even better.
  13. Yes, I'm guilty. The reverb was set at 127 out of 127.
  14. Hey gates, Can you provide the "Share this Album" link (it's a button you'll see in the album) from Facebook? Without that, no one can see the picture. I'm interested in seeing how it came out! -Scott
  15. Yes, I stayed around. He came into the north-east side of the lobby (indoors this time, even though the weather was much nicer) just before 11pm (an hour after the show ended). He signed things, talked to people, and took pictures with fans. He did not take "normal" people up to his dressing room tonight. Then he met a few more fans outside on the way to his BSO1 ride. I got two more great photos with him thanks to gates2 (plus the 2 from last week): http://mit.facebook.com/album.php?aid=2007...b3ae1&id=701533 -Scott
  16. Chris, it's very James Bond-y! Especially the first part. And I love the ending. Here is a little 3 minute fanfare/march that I just composed for fun (it is very different than the other piece I posted). There are two main themes. There are a few variations of the first theme, then a few variations of the second theme, then the first theme makes a brief return, followed by the climax, which uses both themes at once. The first couple bars might make you think "oh, this is going to be Indiana Jones" (I used a similar background at the start), but that's definitely not the case -- though, of
  17. Since he has a later concert that night, you may want to ask the stage managers what he will be doing. You should find out if he will actually be leaving before you go outside to wait.
  18. The best bet is to wait around the stage exit door (north side of the hall) after the concert. You'll be standing out in the cold (45 F), damp, misty (or rainy, depending on which day you go) weather for an hour or so before he comes out. The past years I did this, but he came out, said he was too tired, thanked us for waiting, and then left. This year, he spent about 10 or 15 minutes with the 25 or so "die-hard" fans that stayed. He shook everyone's hand, signed things, and posed for photos.
  19. The concert was great!!! Two encores (Indiana Jones, ET) in addition to the program posted above. 2 pictures of me with JW (one before the concert, and one after). Thanks to Kevin for taking them. http://mit.facebook.com/album.php?aid=2007...b3ae1&id=701533 I'm going again next Tuesday... PS Olympic Spirit is also known as the 1988 Olympic Theme.
  20. I agree, great work! More music is always better. By the way, I didn't find the snare drums to be to much. It seemed just fine.
  21. I'll be there this Thursday and next Tuesday. I'm planning on showing up really early to see if I can find JW beforehand (this almost worked two years ago -- he went inside 1 minute before I got there!). And of course, I'm staying afterwards, to see if he will take pictures / sign autographs. The past years he has been too tired.
  22. I wrote this "End Credits" cue for a friend's student film (an allegory of current political events, set in ancient Arabia -- hence the use of a number of augmented 2nds). The film premiered last weekend, and I composed this cue in a couple days the previous week. It is synthesized with the "Edirol High Quality Orchestral Synthesizer". http://web.mit.edu/stransky/Public/st/endcredits.mp3 I would appreciate comments! (I know there are parts that are a bit repetitive, but that's because I only had a couple days to write this.) I have enjoyed listening to the other cues posted in this thread
  23. My friend just suggested that maybe because he was nominated for 2 movies, they split the vote, allowing a distant 3rd place to become first place.
  24. "Gustavo Santaolalla has won the Academy Award for his 13-minute score for Brokeback Mountain." I am in shock!
  25. See the above post from NapoleonsGhoest for your answer.
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