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  1. The Walgreen's is nice. I'd never seen/heard it before. Waiting for 2?
  2. Yes, it's the last track, called "Titan's Spirit." And you're definitely right (as confirmed by the 30 second samples on Best Buy). But I wouldn't buy the whole CD for just the 7.5 minutes of score. I may download that track from iTunes or something.
  3. Thanks for letting us know about Remember the Titans. Too bad the CD includes "songs" and only 7.5 minutes of the score. Here in Massachusetts we didn't get any Walgreens commercials, so I'd be interested in hearing the music to that as well. But that Home Depot commercial! It's amazing.
  4. Well, it's over. As I suspected during the credits of the Olympics there was a musical visual montage. There were two pieces, both from film scores, none JW, though. 1) Unknown 2) Unknown, but this music which concluded the montage is from the same score as the "anti-nazi" music that I refered to in previous posts. It's a dramatic, though simple, theme. Anyone know which score this is? In case anyone is interested, I have these recorded.
  5. During the Closing Ceremonies, Bocelli sang his song again. It's called "Because We Believe" ("Ama Credi Evai"), and was written for these Olympics. Hopefully they'll do a "let's review the moments of the games" set to JW's music at the end (still 40 minutes to go). I'll let you all know.
  6. In Ferris Bueller's Day Off there is a bit of Star Wars.
  7. I really hope that JW will be conducting this. I really missed him when he didn't come last year. The previous years' concerts were so great!
  8. I guess there was a problem with the links. I'm not sure what you heard, but try these on my own website instead: Anti-Nazi: link removed (should be Brokaw talking about an Italian hero) Home Depot: link removed (should talk about superheroes) Moderator's note: please use the PM system to exchange sound files
  9. Yeah, they're not JW, I agree. No clues about the first one? I'm almost positive it's from a film score. What's wrong with the Home Depot clip? It works fine for me.
  10. I've uploaded the two pieces of music that I was talking about. Any info would be appreciated, especially about the first one. I consider the Home Depot music to be the best TV commercial music I've ever heard. Anti-Nazi (from some film score): link removed Home Depot Commerical music: link removed Also, I listened to the samples of the Emperor's Club on Bestbuy, and it didn't sound like what they played at the end tonight...
  11. That's great! Any idea about the anti-Nazi music? (It's a soft brass beginning with snare drum, then builds to a string section, and finally fades back to the soft brass.) I believe that's the clip i just put up,but I got a clean version.I first heard it at the beginning of the women free skate. Get it here: link removed k.M.
  12. I use the Edirol High Quality Orchestral Synthesizer (about $300). It takes MIDI files and makes them sound as if an orchestra was playing it. It's quite great. I've also heard great things about the Mac program Soundtrack, which costs substantially more.
  13. I love Summon the Heroes. In my opinion it's one of the top things he's ever composed.
  14. The Return of the King! The beacon scene alone did it for me!
  15. I actually used the melody from the piano reduction of Across the Stars for my audition (on French Horn) to the MIT Wind Ensemble. The director, who is used to hear Mozart and Strauss horn concertos was very happy with my choice (and in past years I have used excerpts from the LoTR and other scores.) The director knows, though, that I have a strong passion for listening to and composing film music.
  16. Ok. I'll check it out. I also really enjoy the Edelman theme from Briscoe County Jr. that they play each time they announce upcoming events. Does anyone have a "pristine" recording of this, without voiceovers? (They didn't play this during the first night's broadcast, so I sent them an email asking why they didn't. Since then, they've played it everytime time they announce the upcoming events. Not sure if my email had anything to do with it.) And I do have most of the NBC music recorded (voiceovers, though, from the ladies free skate), in case anybody is interested in some of the music. I a
  17. Does anyone know which Horner score that was? The "some song" was by Andrea Bocelli. Also, which score are they using everytime they talk about that guy from Italy who helped defeat the Nazis? He will take part in the Closing Ceremonies, but they keep showing a preview of him with the music.
  18. That is certainly it!!! Thank you very much. Now I only need to find Williams' orchestration, since he supposedly orchestrated all of NBC's music. Now that I know what it is, here is a link with lots of info on it (including an LA Times article): http://www.fireflyfans.net/thread.asp?b=2&t=6855 -Scott
  19. Yes, during the credits of the closing ceremonies was indeed Dragonheart.
  20. I really would like to know what the theme was that they played every night during the so-called "Coverage Preview" (at the end of each night, when they announced the next days events) and also whenever it said "Coming up..." on the screen. The notes go like this (space is where the bar line is): CGCFE CGCAGF EFGCDE AGED
  21. By the way that theme has the following notes (transposed to C): CGCFE CGCAGF EFGCDE AGED
  22. Hi- I'm new here and wondering about a certain theme that I heard for the first time during these Olympics... It played every day at the end of the broadcast when they told us the events that would be on the next day. It also played a few bars during the night, when it said "Coming up...". Is this the new "Return to Athens" theme? Thanks, Scott
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