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  1. Wow. what a great album: The Rise of Skywalker is beautiful! I adore that lovely BFG touch to it.
  2. I always have the feeling the trumpet players had pitch problems when the main theme starts in the diffrent versions of Main Title and End Title.
  3. Totally forgot how much fun "Prelude And Main Title (Alternate)" is!
  4. No problems here. I think 1:33 of CD1 track 2 is foreshadowing the theme of track 15 CD2 at 0:57.
  5. Do I hear the Force Theme in the alternate segment of "The Fortress Of Solitude"
  6. Why is it, that Angela's Ashes can't be expanded/remastered then. Or did I mix up something?
  7. Thanks for all your inputs. I will give the OST another try!
  8. Can you recommend important / very good tracks which could open the door for the LOTR music for me? I have all the recordings but have yet to find access to the music. Thankful for any help
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