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  1. Just ordered SpaceCamp together with Eiger Sanction
  2. It's agood thing if you can't hear it. It's really annyoing if you realize it...
  3. There is a minor volume dip. Just listen to the OST from 30 years ago and then compare.
  4. Just listened to the set. What about that annoying volume drop at 1.22 of Journey To The Island (Film Version CD1 Track 5) and Journey To The Island (CD2 Track 4)? Luckily this isn't present on the OST!
  5. The Hector video is edited! The Hooray motif also appears at about 2:53 into the piece.
  6. The piano is there but almost inaudible.
  7. Info: You can use "SPRING10" for an additional 10% discount at Spitfire.
  8. The first three notes are identical. Besides that the mood of the two themes is totally different IMO.
  9. Fantastic, I love SpaceCamp! But I'll wait with ordering until the repressing is done which corrects the faulty first pressing...
  10. I asked about the subscription. This is the answer: Good morning The John Williams tickets pre sale is reserved to subscribers of Filarmonica season 2022 (subscritions were possible till the beginning of the season, January 2022) Best wishes
  11. Some impressions from "Goldener Saal" at the Musikverein after sunday's concert. 20220313_134635.mp4
  12. Ok, that sounds promising. I really hope for a CD or Hi-Res download release.
  13. So we get a recording of the concert...on LP? Well...
  14. His phone was broken in two pieces after the bodyguard held him back. But that's ok IMHO.
  15. After sunday's concert at the "Hotel Imperial". 20220313_140648.mp4
  16. Here's a short snippet from sunday's concert last encore. Darth Vader.mp4
  17. Could somone post pictures of the concert program booklet please?
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