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  1. I'm absolutely aware that I didn't walked a new path here. But besides the 8bit sound the winner didn't too. I love it btw. I have to say I wasn't interested in the context of the scene to the series and it was my intention to only score whats on screen. So the whole drug thing wasn't important to me as no single take in that scene was from the guys perspective. Just curious, would you classify my track as generic? I tried to avoid sounding like a Hans Zimmer clone but maybe I failed!
  2. Interesteing video from Spitfire co-runner Christian Henson: I think there are some interesting comments too.
  3. Maybe it was the intention to send the message to nowadays composers, that it is important to break rules to succeed. It's a tough business and just following the rules doesn't help.
  4. What do you think, in a competition like this, is it important to knew the context of an isolated scene? Or does one have to work with what is on screen?
  5. I know that my approach of scoring this scene was way too old fashioned. But it's what I like listen to, so it was great fun to compose for an action scene like this.
  6. Today is the winners announcement:
  7. @Mic Very nice! I like the overall tone you chose for the scene. The finale sounds cool with the logo. Thanks for showing up here!
  8. I would recommend watching walkthroughs on youtube. Each of them have down- and upsides. Depends on what you are looking for.
  9. Will send you a PM. Every composer had to score the same scene, so no competition with Chopin at all.
  10. HBO & Spitfire Audio recently teamed up for a worldwide scoring competiton. It was a great opportunity to score a car chase. This is my entry: I posted a breakdown of the cue in the youtube video description. Please post your submission here if you also participated.
  11. But there's one picture on that page that shows you can activate every section seperate, no? I'm quite sure I watched a walkthrough video about it.
  12. I don't think so: https://cinesamples.com/product/voxos-epic-choirs
  13. I think Voxos by Cinesamples is good.
  14. Wow. what a great album: The Rise of Skywalker is beautiful! I adore that lovely BFG touch to it.
  15. I always have the feeling the trumpet players had pitch problems when the main theme starts in the diffrent versions of Main Title and End Title.
  16. Totally forgot how much fun "Prelude And Main Title (Alternate)" is!
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