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  1. A really good job. Thanks. This discography will be very useful for me. ACME.
  2. If possible with the different versions of the same work (score or non-score), including the works like conductor or piano solist non-composed by Williams. Thanks. ACME :?:
  3. It was in 1986: E.T. The Extra-terrestrial. I was 15 years old. I bought my first Williams on cassette because I didn?t have turntable. Later my family bought a Hi-Fi set and I bought again the same album on CD. Today I continue buying versions of this score, vynil or CD. The last one narrated by Michael Jackson. ACME essay for strings
  4. I would like to recomend the, to me, the best collaboration of Williams and a famous soloist: Quiet City by Aaron Copland from the Album Music for stage and screen. Tim Morrison and Williams never sounded better. Do not forget to Laurence Thorstenberg (English Horn). And also Gershwim Fantasy with Joshua Bell. A fantastic CD. Very, very good if you love the music of George Gershwin. ACME
  5. 10 Williams in no particular order Close Encounters of the Third Kind Saving Private Ryan Empire of the Sun Raiders of the Lost Ark E.T. The Extraterrestrial Empire strikes back Superman A.I. Jaws Monsignor 10 Non-Williams in no particular order Spellbound (Rozsa) -fantastic, I recomend the Spellbound Concerto for two pianos and Ondas Martenot directed by E. Bernstein) Legend (Goldsmith of course) An American Tail (Horner) Young Sherlock Holmes (Broughton) On the waterfront (L. Bernstein) The Lost Weekend (Rozsa) To kill a Mockingbird (E. Bernstein) Edward Scissorhands (Elfman) Brainstorm (Horner) Vertigo (Herrmann) I'm afraid: Horner has appeared twice. I believe I must go to see the doctor. ACME
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